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  1. Hmmm... I'm not sure which side I take here... One thing I agree on what was said is: I must ask, if the seller is SO intent on making sure the buyer releases the Binary to the public, why doesn't he just do it himself BEFORE selling it? why hasn't he done it ALREADY? You know why? TO DRIVE UP THE SALE PRICE! Cause he knows once any Tom, Dick or Harry can get there hands on the code only HardCore collectors are gonna want the actual ROM chip... Whereas right now he has the WHOLE market, people who want the physical chip, AND those who want the data the chip is storing...
  2. I'm kinda new to this forum, and I'd just like to ask what the last competition was like? I mean, do we compete for scores... (i can't think of anything else we'd compete for!!!) And if it is for scores do we just take screenshots of our game over screen? And if THAT is so, how do you know someone doesn't just edit their screenshot with a paint program do give themselves higher scores? and last but not least, MUST we use Stella? I ask because I use PCAE and the main reason being that STella runs WAY too fast on my system... and I can't knock back the speed on it the way you can with PCAE...
  3. I know that my copy of Pac-Man came without any manual, it had the instructions printed on the back of the box... But it seems to me there were also copies of Pac-Man that DID come with a printed manual.... But that's the only one I know of off hand...
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    Yeah, I guess... I mean at $30 a cartridge you'd only have to sell 5,000 games to break even... and probaly a thousand or two more to cover Airfare/hotel rates for contestants... But still... even today, you don't see contests for even a FEW thousand dollars on $80 games!!!
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    Man... I just read the interview with Michael Rideout (the guy who won the chalice) and it he stated there that in both EW and FW he never found more than 2 or 3 clues... he just found the words in comic book without the help of the game... However for the EW contest he picked out the wrong words but for FW he was right... so he got into the contest as a finalist by fluke!!! And I must admit, I've read the comic books and the words aren't very well hidden, ANYONE could find them, with or without the game... My question is, Why would Atari make such a simple contest for such elaborate prizes?
  6. Master Builder - 8 (i've ahd this game forEVER and NEVER liked it) Double Dragon - 5 Dragon Treasure - 5 (yes dragon TREASURE the Sears knockoff) Actually on a side note... there's a local Zellars in town and they STILL have 3 copies of Double Dragon for the 2600 on display... for $30!!!! THIRTY! is it just me? I can't see it being worth that much... Especially considering in the next rack they're liquidating Dreamcast game for $9.99!!!
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    Yeah I beat WaterWorld The way I did it was at first when I ws tryign out different items to see what effect they had (which one let you skip action sequences, etc...) and as I was dropping and picking up items to test clues would pop up on the inventory bar. An example would be, drop the peasent's ring in room IV and down in the inventory you would see the Crown and th Armor... so you know at ONE point the Crown and The Armor must be left in the same room... and then I got the clue III and Crown... so I knew the crown must be left in room III.... with the Armor... and then I'd get a clue as to what goes with the armor... after getting a LOT of clues like that and keping track of where I got them I was able to deduct what clues to leave where and I just used common sense and started by leaving the appropriate items in room I, then Room II... so on to room 7 (or 0 techinally) but there was no flashy ending... however I can't remember what the ending was... it was about 6 monthes ago that I beat it... if anyone wants the solution I could probably beat it again... I lost my original clue sheets and whatnot... dammit...
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    Yeah I do... I loved how the comic book was incorporated with the game and how you had to do so much stuff from scratch, like map out the areas, figure out what items do and whatnot... Waterworld was REALLY fun... but EarthWorld and FireWorld have me stumped... PS: I know a lot of people frown upon the swordquest games, but I'm not being sarcastic or anything, I really DO love them... Well WaterWorld at least... but if the others turn out the way my friend claims them... then maybe they're not so great...
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    I've been a big fan of the Swordquest games since I first played one and realized I was playing a game with REAL plot and ideas... not just get the most points... or at least as much plot or depth as a 2600 title could have... I am the type of person that HATES faqs/walkthrus/cheatcodes/etc when it comes to games... i figure I paid for the game, i'm gonna get my money's worth, not take it home and beat it in 30 minutes... Anyway, the main point I'm trying to get at is... I've been working at them this last little while after getting my hands on a good emulator and the rom (Trust me, If my still Atari 2600 still worked i'd use it, but it don't and I can't get another one easily...) I was able to beat Waterworld without much trouble, gathering clues and whatnot I was able to narrow the items down to what room they belong in... but Earthworld and Fireworld I just can't wrap my head around... for one there are NO clues as to where I should put anything... I tried placing objects like they were used in the comic books but that didn't work... So as a last resort I asked a friend to read the walkthrus and tell me if he thought I'd have a snowball's chance in hell at getting anywhere... he said no... he said that it looked to him like there was no pattern or anything as to how to place items in the rooms for either of them... I've figured out what most of the items do, and I was even able to map out Fireworld CRAZY layout... but I can't get any farther... was my friend right? are the actual solutions to EartWorld and FireWorld completely off the wall?
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