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  1. My first LCD handheld was Tiger's Double Dragon. I loved that game and played it very often.... until some batteries leaked and ruined it. Over the years I aquired some goodies (like Zelda and DK3 which I had since childhood) but sold them all about a year ago... just wasting space, I'd rather someone who appreciates them more than I did to have them. I did keep Bart Simpson's Cupcake Crisis and TMNT2: Splinter Speaks though, and I wish I still had that Double Dragon one. EBay prices are just TOO high though.
  2. I've always wanted to get good at Dodge Em, but I'm VERY lucky if I can even clear ONE screen. The AI is just brutal,... or maybe MY intelligence is just lacking... but that game is WAY more frustrating than fun. Going for a High Score? Fine Trying to clear 'X' number of boards? Get ready to buy a new VCS or Dodge Em cart; because your current one is gonna get broken when you finally snap and decide to show that while IT may be able to beat you at Dodge Em,.. YOU can beat it at fisticuffs.
  3. I believe you when you say that, no reason not to... but it doesn't answer how the Sega Arcade Classics releases were handled. SO does that mean the Sega CD versions of RoS and Golden Axe and whatnot WERE re-written as Sega CD games and AREN'T updated ROMs of the originals (updated as in they reference the new CD audio tracks/SFX)? EDIT Or perhaps a mingling of both... a ROM file that has been updated to be a 'Sega CD' game (Ported I guess would be the proper wording) and not just a Sega Genesis game ROM file that references a few new additions. In which case I'm still surprised people/homebrewers haven't "ported" other Genesis games like say, Altered Beast to have Arcade quality Music/SFX. Not that the world is clamoring for a better Altered Beast, it's just, when it comes to the work of Homebrewers, it's often done just to say you could do it, not because it was necessary or requested. I don't mean that in a negative tone, but I know it may that sound that way! I understand people want to strectch out and get practice/experience/have some fun But no, there have been NO Sega CD updates of Genesis carts by Homebrewers. That I know of anyway... And why not? anytime someone does a "Hack" of game... why not port it to Sega CD, and then Hack it? You have so many more options open to you then it seems. Maybe Porting to the Sega CD is a pain in the ass? Hence why Sega themselves only did it once?
  4. I've often wondered why someone hasn't found a way to load Genesis ROMs off the SEGA CD... The Pack-In Arcade Classics titles seemed to do it okay (however the fact Golden Axe has no 2 player mode makes me think that maybe these games WERE re-written as 'Sega-CD' games) And hell, IF that is possible, the SEGA CD should be able to load SMS ROMs too. (granted you'll have no Pause function unfortunately... but not all games need that)
  5. This is a frickin' long thread for only 1 year old... about a page a day!!! I've never cared about the Ataribox, nor know what it is. Still. I guess I picked the right time to check this thread out!!! Unlike the Knight Rider thread, I have no intention of checking back... HardWork... now THERE was a prophet (un)worthy of a thread in the triple digits of pages.
  6. Not to get Political, but All countries are having trade troubles/costs with the US since someone new became POTUS. It costs $115 Canadian Dollars here; which is equivalent to $150 American Dollars. I certainly wouldn't pay that for something that sounds like THESE things do.
  7. Like SO many great Genesis games... Ecco could have been an icon that beat Sonic... Only the creators of Sonic were smart enough to say, 'Hey, you know... maybe gamers will want to actually see the later levels?" Nope, instead a Comic Zone programmer (or two.. this had to pass muster after all) decided,.. "Hey,.. you know what would be rad? Lets make it so EVERYTHING hurts the player!!!" "...even stuff that the player has to do to finish the level,.. like opening doors???" "EVERY DAMN THING!!!!!" ".... O..K...., hey Tom... make it so the guy gotta punch a door 50 times, while taking damage, to open it" "What?!?" "Just do it" "fukkit, I get paid by the hour..."
  8. There's too many youtubers that have no knowledge... just the desperation to get 'famous'.
  9. I had this on C64... loved the shit out of it... couldn't believe that such an obscure license was used. Obscure to me at least... BC comics were only printed in the newspaper! Seeing a BC game was like seeing a Hi & Lois game!!!
  10. Seriously... we live in the age of "The Net".... it's not some nerd thing that only geeks can figure out... If your an Atari Fan, you can find a friggin' manual and customize the game yourself.. What is the issue here with difficulty switches???????????????? WHAT????????????????????????? Play your 360/XBone/PS4/Switch/Etc... if you don't wanna do 30 seconds of googling to find out that the in Diff A Q-Bert drops Red Balls like in the Arcade version Goddamn laziness... fuck... You're seriously worried that people will be lost on your game if your incorporate difficulty via switches rather than a menu??? You do do know who your audience is right? I'm thinking not... Jesus... this is three edits now... this is pissing me off more than it should
  11. That's my history with Kaboom! Lose one bucket, and you might as well quit. If you couldn't catch all the bombs with 3 buckets to catch them with, what chance do you have with even LESS buckets??? LESS Chance, that's for god damn sure! Seriously, it's like SHMUP games that make you lose all your power ups after death... "What's that?, you couldn't accomplish "TASK X" with all those power-ups you had? well then here, try again with NOTHING to help you, you can do it!!!
  12. Here in Canada a lot of games had the multilingual packaging and documentation, but the carts must be NTSC 'cause they play fine, I have a couple.
  13. There is no "Slander". It's truth. Like saying the third TMNT movie was bad. It's truth. All previous ATGames versions of the Sega Genesis have been bad. Sure they might work fine, and hell, who knows, they could continue to work for a million years, even if they're physically built better than tank... fact is, they don't actually play Genesis games well. Someone who didn't play a Sega Genesis back in "the day", but is now picking up one of these would be all "Shit, no wonder the SNES is so well remembered, the Genesis what shyte!!!" But it wasn't. Playing a Genesis back in "the day" was NOTHING like playing an ATGames release TODAY. I remember thinking the same thing when the Smash Pack was released on the Dreamcast. My exact thoughts were "Oh my god... Anyone who has never played a Sega Genesis, but is now playing this collection... is not going to understand just how good the genesis was... they'll think it was a bunch of blips and farts and graphical glitches. The ATGames Genesis releases so far have been the equivalent of taken a 320x240 digital photo of the Mona Lisa, blowing it up, printing it on a dot matrix printer and then trying to sell it as a "quality reproduction". But hell Sega keeps letting them do it, and Sega themselves did it with the Smash Pack, So I ain't blaming ATGames for trying to make some money and create a job or two here, I'm blaming Sega and their entire history of making shitty decisions in the name of a dollar.
  14. I must say, the SMS lightgun DOES seem to prefer older CRTs. I have a tiny portable B&W set... and the SMS light gun is PRECISION on that screen. You know in Rambo III how when your fire there's like 3-6 shots that rotate where you fired? On this screen, some of those shots hit the edge, and some make the screen flash... not sure if you mean what I'm trying to say, but it's SO accurate, if my light gun is HALF on the screen and HALF off, then when it shoots the flurry of shots, half actually show up on the screen and half make the screen blink like you're not aiming at the screen. I've never been able to shoot so close to the edge as with that little portable unit... too bad it too small to actually be a gaming CRT (plus it's B&W!!!)
  15. Wrecking Crew Jaws House of The Dead 2 I officially hate the NES. SMB 1-3 are great classics, Zelda 1 & 2 are great as well, and Metroid, is also fun... I cant find another game on that system worth playing... Even when I think of the exclusive games like TMNT and Friday the 13th, games I enjoyed as a kid and have gotten good enough to beat... they are just flawed beyond reason... The ONLY reason I think they turned out the way they did was they had playtesters who were very good at games, and therefor they kept jacking up the difficulty with ridiculous things like randomizations and ridiculous respawn rates just to make sure these expert playtesters would need a month or two to be able to figure out and beat them, but then when they were released on the public... they were just... Ecco The Dolphins, good games made TOO hard for their own good.
  16. ALL previous ATGames Gennys have sucked. But I'm with you in hoping this time will be different... but I'm not putting those hopes too high!
  17. I've worked at a call center. I'd say that during at least 50% of my calls, people would have to tell me their job. Repeatedly. I don't know why they do it either Hey, my internet's been down for the last 4 hours, and I need it back ASAP. Did I mention I'm a plumber? My account should info should tell you that, just check it. I'm a plumber. REAL CALL
  18. You may notice in my pic that the LCD is NOT turned on... I only use that when I'm watching a a Blu-Ray disc or for the PS4 (which gets Very little use... I only play Friday the 13th, it's my sons, and he doesn't play it at ALL... he plays his GBA and DS mostly. And since Movies these days suck, I still usually watch my old VHS tapes rather than BluRays. Hell even Star Wars, (aside from special edition bullshit) I'm just SO USED to seeing the classic trilogy in 4:3 that the 16:9 version turn me off... I see everyhting so differently in those versions. Particularly RotJ... the scenes where C-3P0 is telling the story to the Ewoks, and The Emperor is force-lightning Luke... they look completely different when you compare the 16:9 version to the 4:3 pan&scan version.... it's night and day .
  19. Here's my living room setup. Sorry the picture isn't sharper, higher resolution... but how many 'old' things can YOU spot?
  20. The only games I've ever found with dead batteries are GameBoyAdvance Pokemon games. Man they must have used the cheapest batteries they could, cause they are also the newest games to have batteries, yet THEY are always dead! Phantasy Star and Monoply for the SMS are probably my oldest batteries, and they still work perfectly. And they're older than the one in your Game Gear cart by about 5 years.
  21. XMas of '94 I got a Compaq Presario 433. (As well as Shining Force II, Streets of Rage 2, and Mortal Kombat II for the Genesis) It was a 486SX/33Mhz with 4MB of RAM and NOTHING else. Throughout 1995 I got myself a Soundcard, (no name SoundBlaster compatible) A ProAudio Spectrum 16 to be exact, and by the next XMas I had an external CDROM drive, 3X by NEC. That year I enjoyed (shareware versions of) Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and whatever else Wiz! had available. Plus commercial versions of AD&D: Dark Sun, Shattered Lands and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. Man I have always loved that game. The Librarian at my Elemtary school was nice enough to make me a copy of the C64 disks they had! and Dark Sun, while buggy, was still a great AD&D romp... still play it at least once a year or two. Plus I was picking up cheap Genny games, and seeking out people getting rid of their old video games since the PSX was making ANY GAME that was not 3D polygons a shitty baby toy. My "retro-gaming" desire, never died, never was born. I have always wanted to play my Atari, and Sega Master System even though I knew they were 'outdated', compared to my Genny and PC and those other kids Playstations (I really din't even know quite what the Playstation was... but i didn't care... my PC was destined to be my gaming platform of choice... or so I thought)
  22. It's a Role Playing Game, Duh! You play the 'role' of the Ghostbusters. Like Super Mario Bros... you play the role of Mario Mario (an unfortunately named fellow) Or Double Dragon, you play the role of Billy or Jimmy Lee Or Ninja Gaiden, you play the role of Ryu Hayabusa Or Burger Time, you play the role of the chef... wait, aside from Tetris-type games they're ALL role-playing games!?!?!!
  23. I want people to create art they like. Not art they think "I" or "others" will like. I realize this means being an 'artist' means a very low chance for 'success'. But,.. to me, that's the definition of art. You just create what you like,.. and maybe others will appreciate it; if not, fine, appreciate it yourself, and if you can't, why did you make it or rather why are you still standing behind it? That's Ready, Player One I believe Earnest Cline really wrote a book that he knew he himself liked, and hoped others would too, but is now being warped, changed, etc by "Hollywood", only "Hollywood" doesn't take the blame for problems with the material, for some reason Earnest Cline does. Sure he created it, but "Hollywood" looked at it and said 'Great! Lets a make a movie!', only obviously "Hollywood" didn't really think it was "Great" just some thing they could use to turn 1 dollar into 2, and if anyone has a problem with it, well hey "we didn't come up with it... THIS guy did!!!" I don't believe Earnest Cline thought this out enough... he was offered a huge sum of money and his instinct was to use his semi-successful piece of art to make exorbitant amounts of money, and he is now going to feel the lashback. Has he watched ANY Hollywood movie in the last 30 years? they don't try to tell meaningful stories with messages. They want to turn a quick profit. The book may have been a classic when re-viewed 20 years from now... Now all anyone will remember is a half-baked movie that relied on "member?" *EDIT I haven't seen the movie nor read the book. What I do know is the book got great praise, and the movie is floundering... and we all know which will be remembered. Movies are watched more than books are read, and the failures stand out much more than the successes. What were you thinking Earnest??? Are you a member on here?
  24. My childhood in a nutshell. I couldn't leave a comic book, instruction manual, drawing, piece of homework, etc... basically anything flat and paper; lying around unattended or it would be used as a coaster immediately by one of my parents or their friends. God damn them.
  25. There are plenty of lists of games, but does anyone know of a list that shows the actual unique games. For example, a collector could want both the Atari and Coleco published version of some games, but not every one wants to, and some areas it's foggier to tell if your buying the same game again or not. Areas like the Zellers, Froggo and Pando games. they often realeased other people's games with a new title (Busy Police by Zellers for example; and some titles are even unique to them here in NTSC-land but yet are still divided between them all, (Cruise Missile, Exocet, and Radar are all the same game published by each of those three companies under different names, I imagine it's originally PAL) I complied a rudimentary list, so far I'm at 398 Unique games.
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