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  1. That tank stick with a trackball looks like just the ticket!!!
  2. That was my next question! Any good arcade sticks for PC that can be recommended?... jeez maybe a flight stick... haven't had one in a decade
  3. So basically I should give up on the idea. This is exactly what I was afraid of when I seen so many models. That NONE of them are really great, they're all sub-par, and mainly good as a hobby if you want to put a soldering gun to use. I don't wanna have to tinker or whatnot. I just wanna buy one bring it home and it works. Guess my tax refund is going to a new PC after all. That'll run Mame.
  4. As the title asks,.. Really, what I want to know is amongst the many I've seen which model has the best games, compatibility, controls, etc.. Maybe they all suck like the Sega Genesis plug and plays, I dunno! I find it hard to trust online reviews, but I trust you guys. Basically I want the arcade style joysticks, but something I can plug into any TV and be able to put away when not in use. If they have SD slots to accept more ROMs is not a deciding factor. As long as it comes decently loaded it's good. I hate hunting down PCB ROM sets anyway, though most are fairly complete these days on good sites; point is, I don't NEED or want to be able to add ROMs, I'd rather it comes loaded with a good variety (and they work!)
  5. I AM playing 2600... Demon Attack, Haunted House and Superman so far tonight. Plus I gotta check on my Seaman (well, there are still 2 Gillmen yet, but the Seaman is coming; my first one died while still just a Seaman, I had things to attend to, hopefully this fella lives longer...)
  6. This is... amazing. I FINALLY understand Golf on the 2600. And I love it!!!

    1. jaybird3rd


      There's definitely something about the Golf games on the 2600.


      Have you tried Miniature Golf? It also looks as primitive as stone knives today, but there's a lot more to it than meets the eye. It's actually the game that I play the most on my Flashback Portable.

    2. BassGuitari


      Right? I never understood the hate for Golf.

    3. StanJr


      As long as the essence of golf is there, any golf game can be great. This is why Golf Power on the NES is a mess.

  7. ? Certainly not outside the realm of possibility, but the dude must have really loved Sonic, hated Pinball, and never played ANY other Genesis game. There's numerous Genesis games worth selling your SNES over to make that choice (as one may have to as a regular income person in the 90's)
  8. to quote "That '70s Show" BURN!! Funny to think that now it's 20 years later from a show set 20 years in the past... any Hollywood types trying to cook up a "That 90s Show" I wonder? Maybe one already exists... I don't watch TV anymore... Edit: No offense Keatah, I like ya! It was just a sick ol' burn though!
  9. My one and only was a 7-1 Sports from Sears. All my others were Tiger, Acclaim and Nintendo G&W LCDs. My friend had a game with the same shell, only played baseball with LCD graphics and it DID have a play by play announcer, that from my memory, was as good as the "Sports Talk" games by Sega in the early 90's.
  10. I still remember years ago when GamePro magazine (or more likely it's offshoot SWATPro) had a High Score column. There was ONE that I always called bullshit on. Supposedly some kid scored 11 million points on Altered Beast. I don't recall the exact score I'll just always remember it being 11 million because, hell, even 1 million is hard to crack on that game. That is, assuming you clear each stage at fast as possible for the best bonus, you still only get 100k per stage... so he played through all five stages/looped the game about 20 times (played 100+ levels) including incidental points for enemies, which ain't worth much, a couple hundred each. The blue wolves are 1,000 points, but of course are rare, usually only 3 per area. And that's without having Neff run away ONCE so that he always gets the 100k bonus. The second time Neff appears in a level he's only worth 50k, and the third time, a paltry 20k. Missing Neff would mean having to play an extra level or two to make up lost points. Bullshit.
  11. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again... I had both Raiders and ET, neither with a manual. I never DID figure out exactly HOW to play either one. But I still had a ton of fun with them somehow. I'm not quite sure how. Just wandering around as Indy/ET, exploring screens.... trying to figure out WHAT to do. As someone said, I too am sure this sparked my love for Adventure Gaming as a whole. A virtual world to just wander and figure out. I almost solved ET on my own... I just never knew there was a "Landing Zone"! Indy, I never even seen half the game... But I still enjoyed the shit outta them. I've fonder memories of wandering clueless through the Middle East, some American forest, and the halls of Earthworld (SQ Reference) than I do of defeating the Qotile or driving off all the Mutants to reclaim a city in Defender. Those games were definitely great, but they didn't spark my imagination and creativity the way those other 3 did (Indy/ET/SQ) even though I had NO idea how to play them.
  12. I don't think you (or I) are the target market. The major selling point is "[email protected] OOP!!!!!" Shelf Fillers is who this is for.
  13. I had Master Builder as a hand-me-down growing up. Hated it. Nice little song. And the Zellers version of Dragonfire called Dragon Treasure. My friend though, had a Sears Video Arcade (the only one I seen growing up, not rare though I know) AND sooooo many of the Zellers pirate-clone games. They may be rare today, but everyone had a couple Zellers games around here (I live in Canada) back in the day.... and this kid I think had damn near all of em.
  14. I've never understood this quote. Damn near EVERY game released on the Atari had "hard to decipher" graphics, unobvious gameplay mechanics, and tons of game select variations that can be further altered with the difficulty switches. The idea that "most people" never read the manuals just seems unbelievable to me. How would you know you're supposed to bring a golden cup back the yellow castle in Adventure? How would you know what Game Variation to pick for Hyperwarp or Shields in Asteroids? How would you know that if you want to see Evil Otto in Berzerk you have to pick a certain Game Variation? How would you figure out the Hyperwarp or Smart Bombs in Defender? How would you know to use two controllers in Defender II / Stargate? How would you know you're supposed to find 3 pieces of an Urn and then get back out in Haunted House? How would you know what the other 'moving blocks' do in Maze Craze's many Game Variations? How would you know what all of Space Invader's 66(!) Game Variations are? Not even to mention games like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Riddle of the Sphinx, Space Shuttle... How would you know that you return all the bridge pieces, bring all the bad guys to jail, turn back into Clark Kent at the phone booth and then go to the Daily Planet to win Superman? Sounds a lot like ET. Growing up I had 9 game of my own that I received. The boxes were of course thrown away, but I still to this day have the manuals. Plus about 20 more hand-me-downs. None of which had manuals. And I had difficulty with them all. Berzerk I understood, but never knew about Evil Otto until AtariAge SwordQuest, Raiders, and ET I had fun muddling with but never figured out. Damn near every Activision game threw me... I just couldn't understand that the point of the game was to get the best "time"! Barnstorming, Sky Jinx, Skiing... you just play for a while, then it makes you stop... am I going for the longest or shortest time? I didn't know, generally in games the longer you play the better right? Dragster, once I figured out how not to blow my engine, it was still no fun, cause know one else could work the transmission for me to race against... and again, I didn't understand the "time" aspect. Master Builder... HAH! Basketball... if My cousin never told me there was a one player mode using the second joystick, I sure wouldn't have figured it out... The list goes on. My best memories are of my "own" games. Because I knew how to Play them I also had some Great hand-me-downs, but with no manuals, I couldn't enjoy them properly. People read these manuals back in the day. They had to have.
  15. Scattered... Everywhere. I like it. Sometimes finding the game I want to play is a quest in itself. Sometimes I find a game I forgot I had, that's always sweet. Just the other day I found and played Sky Jinx. Good times. *Edit: That goes for my game collection as whole.
  16. Bah... I'm in the camp that thinks TMNT is easy and Contra is hard! TMNT is 'easy' until the Technodrome.... keeping all four turtles alive in there takes a LOT of skill, memorization, AND luck!
  17. I played Kolibri for about 20 minutes then realized, Hey... this isn't an Ecco clone... this is a shooter! I was really expecting an Ecco clone, just playing as a bird in a world gone mad. I do like shooters, but the game not being what I expected; I have just never been able to dig into it... and I don't like any 'shot' power-ups I find!
  18. But there's no PC inside one of these consoles. Sega made some hard to emulate systems... The Sega Master System is probably the easiest to emulate, but it keeps getting ignored. An SMS-Mini should be easy to make; it would most likely be able to play Colecovision games as well, and the system DID do well in South America and GB/UK... so it's not like there's no market... just maybe too many Asian cheapo-units already out there. But I'm sure many collectors in those regions, and North America, would like an SMS-Mini, and the main thing about it is, it seems it would be easy to do rather than these failed Genesis clones. and not that it's a BIG deal, but why do the Genesis clones always ignore the Sega CD/32X? They had some good games too... oh yeah, they can't get the base Genesis itself right yet... a Good PC and GENS is really the only option right now, and I remember it was a long time before they had "every" game running "perfectly" on PCs. (note the quotes...) How about SegaSaturn... they ever figure that beast out? (Don't keep up much with emu these days) Even if you could/can emulate a Dreamcast, can't emulate the controller; or rather VMU, I guess have it show up on screen or something, but that ain't gonna work well for Sonic Shuffle (a classic, am I right ) and those are already limited. (ARE people out there playing DC via emulation?) Jeez.. i just noticed.... the Dreamcast is near 20 years old... that's about how old the Atari was when AA started, and both occurred around the same time... puts thing into perspective... a weird perspective... how many times am I gonna edit this... but I've wanted to ask this for a while: anyone else feel weird typing "AA"? I know we mean AtariAge, but that's never what I think when I read or type it.
  19. Granny droop? (Edit: That was my 1000th post... didn't realize till after... I like it)
  20. Actually WaterWorld DOES have a rhyme and reason behind solving it. The manual certainly doesn't explain it to you though! However, as you drop and pick up items, you are constantly getting picture clues on the top bar of the screen. Start writing them down, and possibly what you did to trigger them, (been a while since I played... maybe I will again...) you will soon unravel a puzzle; and when you do, running around and seeing the fruits of your labor pay off... it really was a fun play through when I did it, but that was over a decade ago now...jeez... more like 15 years... anyway I was in the mindset these games had logic to them and was trying to figure them out. Long story short, that was how I found AA here and learned so much more. In the end, EW and FW are just pointless Peesashitz, but WaterWorld surprised me when I actually figured it out. I wonder what the prices are like on EBay these days... I really would like to have it for my collection, even just the loose cart. EDIT: Holy shit... there's ONE listed... for 300 bucks!!! I remember them being listed complete with ALL the paperwork for like a hundred (....uhh 15 years ago...) and I thought that was crazy! nope wait, two... the other is only $180... phew! almost wasted some money there!
  21. They're not exactly a "new" band... This definitely has a "single" feel to it, I hope the rest of the album is better. I really like the video. Trent has always been known to be a gamer; he's been quoted that his 1999 album was delayed for as long as it was because of Quake II, and in a screenshot upload of his desktop from back then, you can see Quake II in the background! Polybius has hit the main stream... maybe?
  22. I was honestly trying to report Trademark infringement and I realized... you can't contact ANY business really anymore... there's never a 1800 number or E-Mail address like there used to be... Contact infor is limited to a set of Q&A and links to Twitter and Facebook!

    1. GoldLeader


      I guess they want you to FOLLOW and LIKE them but not contact them.

    2. Keatah


      If they pay me, sure. Otherwise not interested.


      Not when they essentially tell you they don't want to talk with you.

    3. Torr


      That really is the message.

      Don't call us, we'll call you.

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  23. atari181: I've gotta ask (because I've been meaning to forever) what the heck is your avatar picture?!
  24. Atari games were ALWAYS referred to as "tapes" by people I knew back in the day. And since those things in Dad's old truck were called 8-Track Tapes... it only made sense that the Atari ones were Atari Tapes!! Games or Tapes... never carts... By the late 80's and NES was starting to get common, SOME people would call it a tape, but most people just called them "games". I've never heard anyone refer to one as a "GamePak" (How do you not pronounce the "C"? Or rather, what does the "C" add in Pack?) It wasn't until my uncle gave me his SMS and was explaining these fancy "8-Bit Mega Cartridges" and how important it was to keep them in the box. Games were "Cartridges" to me from that point on. Funny side story, my niece (born '97) who grew up watching Disney VHS tapes all the time, referred to ANY VHS tape as a "Disney Home Video"; until she was about 8, and then everything was DVDs and she called them that. But if you ever watched a Disney VHS from the 90's+ you know that during the opening previews you heard the term "Disney Home Video" about 63 times in 7 minutes. Always made me giggle, like she was a spokesperson for the company or something. "I can't wait for Cars to come out on Disney Home Video!" "Oh Look! A Star Wars Disney Home Video!" Side Question: When you went to rent a movie did you call it a "tape" or a "video"? Myself.... right from the beginning.... no matter the format, it was always a "Movie". Even to buy a blank VHS tape, as a kid I called it a blank movie!
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