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  1. I agree (in the sense of text/legal/code book or by 'definition') that a random number generator is not true randomness. Me and friends have had this discussion while comparing D&D to real life. Basically, since numbers are infinite, anytime you narrow a selection of numbers down, be it as small as [1 - 6] or as big as [1 - 1,048,576] when you compare it to inifinity? If you compared it to a shot at a bulls eye, someone might split hairs and say your bullet hole is actaully .001% off the bulls eye and in the ten ring. To compare it to our D&D conclusion, we could never roll enough dice to really simulate life. Therefor I say, unless we let a computer truly decide on it's own (or rather NOT decide and let it do it's first 'impulse' we'll say), with none of our input, what it does ISN'T random. It may be some crazy patterns that take great memory/recall/anticipation/observation/analysis/etc over what seems like an impossibly short amount of time... but just because a human can't decipher it's cryptic behavior right now, doesn't mean one won't in the future, or some other life form possibly. It was hard for humans to grasp the ideas of the very world around them once upon a time... When inventions like the wheel/gear were amazing, who thought the atom bomb would someday be a thing? When Billy Mitchell outsmarted a computer (in the days when computers were still magically genie things), who though that ??? ???? would figure out ??? ????? Just to clarify, I know the argument is going to be randomly choosing a number from any group is still random. And I agree with that, one could easily (and honestly) say they randomly switch sides as they chew. That's only switching between between two option, but it is random. However, when I entered a tavern, and something randomly happened to me, it didn't. It happened as one of X choices from a table in a book. There are many MANY things that were just as possible to have happened, but actually impossible, because they weren't on the table. You can say the ghosts move randomly, but they don't. They can only move in one of X patterns from a table in a datafile. Feels random to the mind though. Just as I don't understand how ANYONE can find patterns in Pac-Man, I know they're there. I just can't comprehend them. Doesn't mean they aren't there though. Therefor, just because no one yet has been able to comprehend something, doesn't mean it is incomprehensible.
  2. http://www.smstributes.co.uk/view_page.asp?articleid=242 These guys have quite a few scanned, and I'm sure would appreciate more. They DONT have ALF... I'd let them know, I love the SMS, but I personally hate those boards. A couple good folk, but man... anyway...
  3. Not really hoping for anything... more than a buck I guess! I've had DK3 since I was a kid (got it with Club Z points) and I don't really play it at all... so any money made is profit. Zelda I got for 2 bucks at a second-hand store around 2005. It was labeled as not working. I figured for that price, it's a fine paper weight. Sure enough, a little bending of the battery terminals and it worked fine. However now it's gone from "fine paper weight" to "working game" to "dust collector". So again, any money made is profit. I just hope they go to a good home and not some re-sellers inventory shelf.
  4. Are you interested in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe? I thought not.. well dig around this link and you'll also find a Zelda Game & Watch and Donkey Kong 3 Micro Vs System auctions starting at $1. Maybe Zombies Ate My Neighbors or Donkey Kong Country also starting at $1. More to come. Shit... I forgot to mention the good items in the topic title... ahh fukkit...
  5. Well I finally posted some stuff. I ended up posting mostly He-Man Toys!!! However here's something you guys may find interesting http://www.ebay.ca/itm/222545418738?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  6. Other than the occasional comic book advertisement, I never saw Atari 7800 stuff ANYwhere in the NES/SMS/7800 days (well... 87-89 I'm sayin'). When I started reading comics around '87 the ad for Atari games often confused me... I was like.. there's no Atari 7800! It's called the 2600! Any way I slowly realized it WAS a new system... ONE kid in my community, that I didn't even know personally, was the only one I knew of with such a machine. It intrigued me. Let's drop the 'shackles' and assume the 7800 was blessed with games that had whatever ROM size the developer wanted to put and would work, and a POKEY in every cart, maybe even a few with POKEY+ or something... COULD it have succeeded against the competition? No... we'd also have to throw out the fact of Nintendo 3rd-Party Policy. So COULD it have had some Great games? The SMS certainly provided a few shining examples of games that shouldn't be forgotten. I'd say the 7800 could have too. Wonder what they would have been.
  7. I think THAT statement, particularly after a semi-colon, proves you can be nostalgic for something you never experienced, although I wouldn't have agreed before. That is, If watching The Andy Griffith Show gives one a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time Then by definition, that IS nostalgia, regardless of what year you were born. EDIT: Hehe... however a lookup of the definition of Sentimental keeps referencing nostalgia! Kind of a loop here... Would a 20-something today have a sentimental yearning for the days of Andy and Opie, or just a plain yearning? Do I have to look up yearning now?
  8. Not that it shapes my opinions of Doom on the 32X, but I would say both of those are pretty "back-burner" when I play Doom. Sure One is "The Best Weapon In The Game" and the other is "The Baddest Badass In The Game"... But really... I'm a big fan of Doom, I do a good play through on PC around once a year or two... then I give Doom 2 and 3 a try and wander off to some other game/series; However I NEVER use the BFG. Ever. I'd rather use those 40 cells for some quick bursts with the Plasma Gun. It ertainly doesn't make the game easier, because I find the only way to make it's ammo consumption worth it is to herd enemies together so you can zap 'em all with one good BFG blast; but that takes time and skill, and by that point the monsters are probably attacking each other anyway.... basically... BFG sucks too much ammo for what it does (after waiting a few seconds) when you're better off running for your life. Secondly... The MasterMind... I've always thought he was a letdown as far as Bosses go... he's cool looking... I love the sound he makes when he sees you, but he's incredibly easy After the fight with the Cyber-Demon I was surprised how easy he went down. If it weren't for the Baron of Hell and Cacodemon bodyguards he has, he would be a joke. So yeah, cool on paper and whatnot... but I really wouldn't miss an enemy I see only once the whole game and is too easy for his own good, or a gun that never gets used, except maybe to make the easiest boss a little easier.
  9. Well... I could get away with using an envelope if I did what I said I WOULDN'T do and just wrap a cart in plain paper... I'd want to protect it with some bubble wrap, anything... and that would pushing it beyond 2 cm, which makes it a parcel. And fine... lets say it's not a loose cart its sonic 2 in the case with no book... Even free... no one is gonna pay 20 bucks shipping for that. So I thought I'd bulk things together... Jesus... the shipping rates get even MORE ridiculous... someone would have to buy everything I have or just the MOST MOOOOST valuable to even think of coming close on shipping being reasonable. At least what I would call reasonable. I usually refuse to pay more than 15-20 bucks shipping on an item... and I've gotten some BIG packages... However I also see many other sellers with what I think are ridiculous shipping rates... $20-$40 on small items like a VHS tape or Sega Genesis game... they're probably fellow Canadians... because I must say I rarely RARELY buy from a fellow Canadian... all my good deals (and shipping rates) come from the US and China. China is usually free, however they afford that. No, I guess I'll have to curse this box of duplicates and random shit once more as a find some place to tuck it away before I finally throws it out in the bog.
  10. I've been a long time user of ebay however I've never sold anything. And after going through the process of trying to sell something, I wonder how anyone does... especially Canadians. First of all... EVERYTHING on ebay is with paypal. Only to receive money I need a business number. So I need a business number and file taxes on income because I wanna sell a duplicate Sonic 2 cartridge?? Second of all... being Canadian, Canada Post is.... beyond words. I checked online. I called Ebay. I called my local post office. Say I took that Sonic 2 cartridge, wrapped it in brown paper, addressed it and sent it off. (not that I would but say I did) Having no protective layers, just paper, it would be at it's smallest and lightest. 11 cm x 7 cm x 2 cm and about 1-2 grams. 18.81 Dollars Canadian. To go ANYwhere in Canada... even within my own province. That can't be right... that just can't... And about the business number... so... are there no "basement cleaners" left on ebay? is it all commercial businesses? The "old ladies cleaning out their son's bedroom" days are gone? or do these old ladies have a business number. Luckily my first sale went smoothly when I told him this was my first sale and I had no idea I needed a business number and that why I couldn't take his payment. No negative feedback!
  11. Like a p·u·l·s·e I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the most of us are. Very hard to explain why you're mad, even if you're not mad.
  12. Are there any Canadian EBay sellers on here? I wanna sell some stuff for the first time and Canada Post seems even crazier then when I'm buying things!!!

    1. Torr


      There's got to be at least one person here who use EBay to sell stuff AND is from Canada... do you REALLY have to charge people 20 bucks shipping for something the size of a matchbox and is wirth $1-$2? I'm not exaggerating. I Wish I was

    2. Siyahamba


      Yes, and that sounds about right, unfortunately.

    3. AtariLeaf


      I just shipped a small package to the US and it cost almost $20 and it was very light. I suppose I could have gotten it cheaper but I wanted tracking.

  13. The Nuon's capabilities make it seem like the it would have been the ultimate engine/os for running a Special Features Disc. If they had focused less on the gaming aspect, but more on the "Special Special Features" (that may also have a game inside, so maybe buy a game controller too!) Then they may have succeeded as Patent Holder of a patent all the major companies want to use on there "Special Edition" DVD sets/editions. And then there would have been bickering of how the budget DVD players would be incompatible with the Special Features Discs (Although the Movie Disc would still play fine) And since half the population would probably have a budget model, DVD makers would be less inclined to make Special discs And then when they did they would be overpriced... blah blah blah... Only history could tell... but it can't, cause it didn't happen that way!
  14. Guess I shoulda had a Smiley or samething after the 'yes'. I myself sure don't enjoy it though... and I really dont see how anyone can... all the filters and effects ARE cool, but trying to cycle thru about 20 filters, with multiple options within each filter, on 3 different video feeds that keep randomly changing/alternating in real time... is just a really wird hassle that I don't see anyone enjoying... it's like an overworked film editor's nightmare come true. But hey, I like Swordquest.... so yeah... take that YES answer pretty flexibley! oh... and the song/bands that were used... that's GOTTA be a big part of it... because if there was a makemyvideo thingy for a song I really liked... I KNOW i'd give it some play, cause even if I fail continuously, I'd still enjoy listening to music while I played!
  15. Yes. Because doing video edits on the fly in real time with a humongous menu would have been a decent idea for an arcade game. But on a console, you should have been able to pause or something; move around a time scale, have SOME decent control over whats gonna happen when and what's actually going to be playing video-wise!!! Well really, have both modes... an Arcade Mode and a Free Edit Mode. A free edit mode would have given them SOME value... the band choices are pretty bad... even back then I had no interest in any of them. Having 3 bands with one song each on a game disc would have been better.
  16. I really like them both. I'm also a Sega Fan-boy from "The Day".Genesis is my favorite system, and those 2 add-ons really do make it complete. Altogether you have a very sweet system, with a load of games to choose from. However I gotta say, I myself, nor anyone I knew had a Sega CD or 32X to beef up our systems back in the day because they just cost too damn much. Modern day, what with Emulation, or a nice income to support a hobby which has sources to fill your wants and needs everywhere it can be fairly easy to find the titles you want to play, and the system to play them on. Too many of us missed out on Virtua Fighter, Lunar, Night Trap, Sonic CD, a version of The Terminator that lasts longer than 12 minutes, Midnight Raiders, Panic!, Thats just off the top of my head Hell, even Virtua Racing because the Genesis version was too damn costly! Meanwhile the SNES fans were lucky enough to just have to wait for a good game to come out, not wonder if the next cool title was gonna need the add-on that you know mom and dad aren't gonna get you for Xmas. Also, the whole 32X/Neptune/Saturn kerfuffle... yeah... long story short (unless this thread gets busy, then I may elaborate my thoughts) had there been no Saturn at all, and the 32X been really focused on and taken seriously, I think it could have done VERY well.
  17. I'd compare it more to the Ford Model T. It was the "first" home console, it was a product that people ween't sure would catch on. You have to have "been there at the time" or be interested in the history/chronology/evolution of video gaming to appreciate the VCS. By the NES... then you hitting the 30's + 40's, functionality and practicality have been optimized, so now they can focus on aesthetics and bells & whistles. I'd consider the 16 bit generation the 50's style muscle cars... Optional CD-ROMs like customized engines; using specs and jargon as selling points... I'm kinda rambling.
  18. What I'd like to see in an emulator, although I'm not sure it's even possible, but it should be, is an "overclock" mechanism. Mainly, for the reason of giving the 3D Polygonal titles on the Genesis a decent frame rate. I can't help but think that with overclocking these games would play much better. When sonic turns around there's only 2 frames because that's all that's programmed. When I turn my helicopter around in Steel Talons, there's only 2 frames because the poor genny can't draw all the frames of animation as the helicopter rotates... unless maybe I find an open field with no enemies/hills/terrain/basically no other polygons at all. I don't expect the games to run smooth as butter, but even 15-20 fps would be bearable compared to how most run now... most... there are some good ones. And then the good ones, (say Abrams Battle Tank or LHX Attack Chopper) would now go from running decent enough to running REALLY smoothly. A man can dream... a man can dream
  19. I know... and the bit about Spielberg expecting a Pac-Man clone... I don't think it would have been frowned upon by anyone at Atari either. But he WAS ambitious enough to essentially, as he asked Spielberg about why didn't he just copy another movie, want and try and make the game a unique, memorable, enjoyable experience like the movie was. But, and you might already know I'm not the biggest fan of him, that goal WAS the problem. He has too much strive, or not enough skill, or a bit of both. Yar's Revenge came about because he couldn't get Star Castle to run right. But he DID manage to jam a square peg in a round hole. I have nothing against Yar's Revenge, It's just good in my opinion... now my dad... he doesn't play video games... if you ask him about them, he'll know who Super Mario is, and he'll tell you lots about Yar's Revenge. He loved it circa 86-87. ET suffered because of it. Even when he talks about himself, he's just too confident about himself, his accomplishments/knowledge/etc. He's his own biggest fan... Whatever word there is for that.
  20. Sega's Not! Sega's like the cool uncle.
  21. eh... been talking to yourself long enough I think, I might as well chime in! Personally... have never played it 2 player. The CPU AI is SOOO broken... I wonder why they even put it in. (to reference the Video Olympics thread... even an AI as simple as THIS would have been adequate) Because I must say I do enjoy to play this when I'm doing my "flip thru all the carts and play at least half of 'em once". I always KNOW that I'm going to win... i just play it like a high score challenge... how MANY runs can I rack up in 9 innings. How many runs can't I prevent them from getting? Will I shut them out this time? And I like to play the variation with 3 fielders widely spaced apart, Diff A.
  22. I'm Sorry, I wasn't aware of it being talked to death, I'm new to the site and excited about Atari is all. ^That would have been friendlier response. (and hopefully true) We're (almost) all pretty nice here... but an attitude like that this early... hmmmm
  23. If you like the old-school Heroes of Might & Magic from the DOS days you gotta check out King's Bounty. It's the game that became the original HoMM series. I remember learning about this game back in the day when me and my buddy were hooked on HoMM 1&2 and then he found King's Bounty for the Genesis... I was very jealous, and have never seen the game in real life again since or anything relating to it. Never seen it advertised in a magazine, a review, codes/strategy nothing. Never see the original PC version get re-released either... just the HoMM series.
  24. The classic gaming tropes thread got me thinking about something that isn't really a trope, so much as just a general misunderstanding, and something I want to clear the air on. It may seem small, but it's a big deal to me every time I hear it. It's a lie that NO ONE stands up and says, "NO" to; the way so many of us do when we hear "ET killed the Video Game Industry until Mario came along and saved it". It's just not said anywhere near as often. But anytime this game is mentioned, you're sure to also hear something along the lines of... *drum roll* Alex Kidd in Miracle World is a good game but they screwed up by making the boss battles random scissors/paper/stone matches. They did not, and they are not. Sure some will say that the bosses throw the same sequences of hands each time so just memorize or write 'em down. This is true, but is only half the story. Let's say you're on a fresh playthrough, or you haven't played in a looong time and looking up cheats online is not an option. There are 6 stages where you fight a Janken Master, plus the final Stage where you fight the King Janken (or whatever his name is) for a total of 7 janken matches. Match 1: I'll agree, this is totally up in the air... but it's also level 2, if you get a game over you don't have to play THAT much over again. Also, it's level 2 a level you're going to play a lot of as you practice and master the game, so it shouldn't be long before you remember to throw Stone, Scissors. Match 2: From this point on, you're fairly deep into the game so reseting because of some bad janken hands does seem unfair, but WAIT... there was a Telepathy Ball to be grabbed. An Item that lets you see what the boss is thinking. However, they are fully aware of your telepathic powers and are clever enough to keep changing their minds until the last second. So now the boss battle is test of reflexes. You must be ready to flash the symbol that beats the one he's thinking of RIGHT when the music ends. And even if you miss the Telepathy Ball, Match 2 & 3 might be tricky, but there's another to be found before Match 4, so there's still hope. After multiple playthroughs, you will undoubtedly start to remember the patterns by heart. However even if you haven't played in 5+ years and can't remember ANY bosses patterns... just grab the telepathy ball and be quick on the d-pad draw! Am I the ONLY person who realized this is how it works? You have to use the same strategy (key word there, strategy, not random chance) to avoid going broke buying items in Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle. Or did people not understand how it worked there either and thought buying items was also by random chance in that game!!!
  25. Holy smokes dude... a color scheme like that and a little graphic hacking could make a cool RotJ/Endor Battle themed game! Code hacking could really bring it forward... speeder bike vs hang glider physics, swapping vehicles between levels or as an option before play... AT-STs mixed in... maybe even some ground foot soldiers if possible... Too bad Disney would shut her down pretty quick.
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