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  1. Hi guys, I live in Melbourne, Australia & need my Atari 2600 repaired. Not sure what's wrong with it. Something internal. Is anyone aware of any Atari specialist i might be able to turn to for help?? Kind regards, Ben Stacey
  2. Hey thanks for reply man! I know, that's what i thought but i have 4 ac adapters lying around & not one of them fit ... aargh! Off to the adapter store i go. Thanks all the same G!
  3. I know this question is lame but i'm finding it difficult to get hold of an ac adapter to run my 2600. What adapter did they come with & how can i get hold of one? Ps; I bought the console on Portabello rd, London for 50 squidlies & came without adapter if curious. Apreciate your help!
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