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  1. Been a while since I've used the Handy emulator but doesn't it support save states?
  2. Ugh, yes it does. Want to waste a few hours of your life in utter boredom staring at a tiny screen repeating the same thing thousands of times? Play the first level, about the same as the last level. Eric DeLee and I beat this shitty game a few years ago in the HSC. DeLee had the better score.
  3. Blue Lightning, Paperboy, Slimeworld, Awesome Golf-cause its awesome.
  4. I've got Tetris on my Razr. Tetris from 1989 on a Gameboy is far better. However, I'm not about to carry around my Gameboy wherever I go just to play Tetris. The games are sort of "good enough" there is nothing spectacular from what I've seen.
  5. Virtual Boy Wario Land. I can find all the treasures, go through the entire game without losing a life but have never been able to beat the final boss. Shame really, its a great game.
  6. Part 1 of your series brought back many memories. Part 2 makes me want to play so many games I've never seen nor heard of before. Awesome stuff.
  7. $10 an hour seems pretty cheap to me. How many quarters could I pump in to one pinball machine in an hour? Probably more than $10. If they had a liquor licence that would be just about perfect
  8. That score took me for bloody ever! My memory is awful and Toki seems to be all memorization. It would be awesome to see that score trounced.
  9. Pure capitalist thinking. Don´t you think that people with less money would like to collect games too? Do you think it is ok for some to earn on silly prices? Compared to the size of the Lynx community and collectors out there the price is way out of reasonable pricing. There are games out there that are so rare that a high price is justified - think of Entex´ Adventure Vision - a game that would justify € 1000 for the tabletop only. Huh? Sarcasm? I thought we lived in a capitalist society. If you want expensive things get a good education and a good job, then buy them. If you can't afford something, don't buy it. I can easily afford this $1100 game. I choose not to buy it. A seller may sell an item for whatever price they desire, it may or may not sell. Given the choice of earning say $40 profit or $400, I'll take the larger number every time. Why would you ever fault someone for making money?
  10. Speaking of crazy Stunts physics... check out this game play video of Stunts. Make sure to watch it where it splits to 4 screen and they show just how they managed to pull it off. Crazy! HA! The Indycar was the worst for stuff like this, once it hit top speed all sorts of strange things started to happen. It even had a glitch top speed that was closer to 300mph. When you were going this fast you basically couldn't crash. Thanks for bringing back some awesome memories.
  11. I suppose if you can afford it then why not. Seems expensive for just being a driving test. Probably cheaper to fly to Germany and get a real driver's licence. Edit: Yes in fact it is cheaper for me to fly from Toronto to Frankfurt than purchase this Lynx and cart.
  12. Still remember the first time I played Stunts in about 1992. It blew me away, along with all my friends. We used to trade floppy disks of the most insane tracks we could design. The physics were a bit wonky, you could be driving along at top speed and out of nowhere be 10,000 feet in the air. That was all part of the fun NFS Porsche Unleashed was a fantastic game and still is. No idea why they left out the 959, 928 and the 917.
  13. Woah that's expensive. I'm not sure if I'd consider this to be part of a complete collection? While very rare, what the heck do you do with it once you own it?
  14. Horst


    Any new Lynx game is exciting. To think such a failure (I still love it) of a handheld system can still release a new game every now and then is amazing. Good luck eh
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