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  1. Pretty cool story... Frogger II is one of my favorites that came from Parker Bros. Hearing that were able to play a prerelease of the Ewok game would be a priceless memory. Being a Star Wars nut... I used to salivate over that catalog showing that artwork - but it was never meant to be - least for a while. Was hoping your dad would've brought that mysterious James Bond game home before we go that horrendous final version.
  2. Ben Franklins were a staple of many of midwest towns and cities I visited. If they didn't have one, they had a Coast to Coast store location. The one Ben Franklin store I remember the most had a killer selection of arcade games in the storefront and one helluva model section. Many, upon many, WW2 models were purchased at that store. Damn, I miss that store.
  3. Your last statement definitely rings true. Zookeeper, for example, was a game I saw at location a few times. My little hole in the wall arcade had one by the front entrance to the counter. Except for me and my buddy Chad, no one played that thing. Fast forward to the present, that game is 1.5k+. I remember that game could be had for $300-$500 range a few years prior.
  4. What's really weird is... I had seen Three Stooges and Qberts Qubes and Krull on location - just never the aforementioned
  5. I don't know if these are hits to some: Atari Quantum: Atari's last vector. Never recall seeing one bitd. Gottlieb Mad Planets: I live in the Chicagoland area (HQ of Gottlieb) and I don't remember this one. Game is incredible on the real cab. Wonder what the production # was? Williams Turkey Shoot: Another one I don't remember. This was "84 and a lot of these games are somewhat rare. Joust II: Never seen this one bitd. Bally Sente Snake Pit. Probably the best game for the system. I'll include Snacks n Jaxson and Chicken Shift
  6. I took part in a discussion pertaining to the NES, most specifically around Christmas of '88. It was centered on NES Christmas gifts that year. Most of the responses were "new" releases: SMB3 and Simon's Quest - two big hitters in that time frame. What really surprised me was the number of people were able to get a copy of Zelda 2??? Remember seeing a screenshot of Zelda 2 in a Sears' wishbook that year, so I was hitting all the local stores having that mindset it was available. That was a big no (for me) and at this point, we are talking post Christmas and New Year. I was finally able to obtain a copy from Toys r Us or K&B, but we're talking around early Springish. I perceived that Zelda 2 was generally released moreso in '89 than '88, but I was proven otherwise from that talk. It worked out in the long run that I had Castlevania 2 to keep me occupied. Anybody else lucky enough to find or recieve Zelda 2 as a Christmas gift that year?
  7. Parker Brothers' James Bond is not going to win awards on gameplay, and it surpasses some of the games mentioned , but I just loathe this game. Even as a kid - I hated this game. I think I was more pissed because I got this mess instead of that cool ad where Roger Moore is traversing on top of a train.
  8. I never saw Galaxy Ranger but did see a Astron Belt at a Aladdin's Castle. Our local arcade had a Roc n Rope cab. My understanding it was a kit-only game; he had his in a Stern cabinet. This is one of those games I still can't get into no matter what kinda similar to Bagman. Couldn't get into even bitd much less now. This game was and still is great. For a while, my buddy Jason had this kit in a Thief cabinet. The one thing I didn't know is how many secrets/bonuses were integrated in the gameplay. Kinda off a rare game even back then...
  9. I would say nowadays some of these tech guys are a pro at diagnosing and fixing this stuff. I think the majority of us that experienced this first hand would agree... we can try out are best to replicate it but it will never be the same again. I never had a issue with the crowding part, I even don't recall too many arcades back then that were a violation of this except for maybe roller rinks were they had the real estate for spacing games. It's probably been stated here... but in that time frame, it was the magic of seeing a new game wheeled out on the floor. The first time seeing the anticipated sequel - DKJR.; the first time seeing that blue day-glow coming off a Tron machine. The newest offering from Atari, or my favorite manufacturer Taito. See, this is the stuff that we can never experience again...
  10. I know the owner of one of the Akka Arrh machines. Been a while since I talked to him, but I can shoot him a message for details.
  11. My little hometown arcade got a R-type when it was newly released. I was a decent player sans stage 7; stage 4 can be a bitch if you don't have the enemy "olive" patterns memorized. My buddy Chad was the better player of the two and used to finish it regularly. When our local Aladdin's Castle got theirs - we used to strut our stuff to other players. One of my friends still has the arcade cabinet I used to play bitd. I picked up the Master System version which I think came out a year later at Montgomery Wards. I still recall the hype for the secret stage! Alas, no secret stage in the arcade version. That same arcade got an R-type 2 machine. I actually like this one as much as the first. The one BIG downside to the sequel was the lack of stages compared to the first, it does make up for it in the audio department. I never saw R-type Leo in the arcades - pretty rare kit game like the sequel. I did play when MAME eventually and didn't really care for it. My understanding was the development team for the first two had no part in the third. Which it shows... doesn't really fell like a R-type game. I want to give a shout out to the R-type III on the SNES. A game to this day I woefully still haven't beat.
  12. There are a couple of interactive ones out there I guess can be qualified as games. I just fixed the belts that were completely dry rotted on one of the Sears units like the one my folks originally had. Popped in Raiders of the Lost Ark, was hardly watchable - I think my dad must've worn out that disc!
  13. I have a couple of them: Sears - I'm pretty sure it was Tank Plus; I do have another recollection of playing Gunslinger there too Sears Outlet store - First time I've seen Pitfall with a small crowd around. I think this was just a 2600 plugged in and not a kiosk unit Camelot Music Store - This one had one of those Imagic units on a Timer. Some games I recall on that were Oink!, Death Star Battle and Pitfall II.
  14. I played Taito Alpine Ski at lobby in a Perry Drug store in the early '80s. Very addictive gameplay! It's one of the Taito game cabinets I actually own in my collection. For those in the know, there's another variation of Alpine Ski called Water Ski. I'm still not sure if the latter made it to the states.
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