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  1. So true...I mentioned the one I know a few times here already and he's still going at it. I would say he's doing "ok" , by no means making a fortune. He *had* an account at a college bar where he put a shitty Golden Tee conversion that made him some good profit for a while (think that was a 60-40 split) He eventually lost the account because the owner wanted the newest Golden Tee version available each year. He didn't have the cash flow to pull that move; I guess the next new operator did... Of course I would love to route games in the golden age but two games stuck out to me in that Jamma era that were killing the coin counters for months on end. The two games were Double Dragon and the first Konami Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game.
  2. I'm confused on the disconnect here. I know you're younger , but I lived in that era (17-18) to be exact. Yes some of the Genesis titles were ported over: Strider, Ghouls n Ghost and Forgotten Worlds. You can't compare PC 10 since that was just a timed Nes machine and the VS. is a different beast altogether. Two of my favorite arcade gamers were Atari 720 and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Did you try playing those on the NES? It's abhorrent! Hence my statement on the difference between home market and the arcade scene... You can make the argument of comparing the two in the mid '90s where I think the tech caught up.
  3. I really think you want to believe this in your mind but the reality was far different. Your first mistake is comparing the home market to the arcades - different beast. Even some of the home video games you cited were post '91. I understand your love for Marble Madness 2... but like I said earlier, I don't think it would've fared well in the arcades. Remember I was sorta helping my operator buddy at this time time frame, so I has some knowledge what was hot. Like it or not... fighting games were the up and coming thing. Neo Geo was getting attention as well. NBA Jam wasn't released till '93.
  4. I'll say this again... I would bet the entire house Marble Madness II would've tanked in the arcades in the early 90's. I had a good friend that routed games in the mid to early '90. Not only the scene shifted the the Street Fighter genre of games but also those classic Konami and Capcom beat-em ups like Turtles, Simpson Xmen and Capcom with Final Final, Knights of the Round and Captain Commando. If Atari was to green light a sequel for Marble Madness, should've been done in the '87 or '88 era when the game was somewhat relevant...
  5. I hear feel your plight Bill... My folks were devout Sears ' shoppers so I have a lot of nostalgia there as well. The one one elusive Sears game I'm missing is Sears Math Gran Prix. I noticed there seems to be a breed of new collectors with deep pockets out there definitely not helping the cause. I've been looking for this one for years and I was close till someone pulled a side move on eBay - grrrr. One day I'll get her but have to concede it will not be cheap.
  6. The little hole in the wall arcade in my small town had a Food Fight in the mid '80s. Really fun game but I was terrible at it. My buddy acquired that same cab from that op. years laters. At one stage of life it was a Ghosts n Goblins and then converted again to a Taito Crime City. Cab is in decent shape artwork-wise. Sucks you had to sell yours... it can fetch some serious coin nowadays. I believe all the artwork has been redone (marquee, bezel and sideart) but to my knowledge the big missing component is that unique joystick. (Your jaw would drop if you know how much $$$$'s that that latter item goes for.)
  7. For those who don't/can't login...
  8. Some closure here: https://forums.arcade-museum.com/showthread.php?t=298775
  9. Absolutely... I'm old school and prefer leaf switch over microswitch components for the joysticks.
  10. When my brother was living in San Antonio, he visited some of the locations in the movies like the garden. I think that mall sequence was shot in California. I have to admit, this is one game I still really can't get into. One Chicago area collector has a dedicated Agent X machine (before the C&D license) I put countless plays on. Wonder if I would have played it back then... I would have a different opinion???
  11. I'm pretty much throwing the towel on the rare ones at this point... We had pretty much had all the common ones that were purchased when the Aquarius was being liquidated (we purchased ours at K&B Toys). The only one I couldn't find bitd was Burgertime. Had to get that one in the late '90s via eBay. The one I still want to get is (boxed) Melody Chase though. I'm still not sure if this was released in the states (couldn't find it bitd). There sure are a number of eBay US sellers over the years that were auctioning theirs off... makes you wonder maybe some of these eeeeked through to some store merchants. Anybody else buy their Aquarius bitd new or liquidated?
  12. Polaris for the 2600 although the 2600 version adds a screen For the NES, I have to go with Capcom's grid box games: Trojan and Section Z
  13. First time I saw Donkey Kong was at a Zayre department store. They had this little nook by the food court area where they had this, Asteroids and a Armor Attack. Eventually they expanded the food court and the games moved to the front of the cash register area. Can't say I'm the biggest Donkey Kong fan out there - I'm the weirdo that prefers Jr. I never heard of Dazzler before...
  14. Weird thing is I grew up in Chicagoland, where Rock-Ola was based from, and the only game of theirs I have a vivid memory of seeing was Nibbler. One of the Chicago area collectors has a Rock-Ola Demon - very cool. One of my favorite by them was/is QB-3.
  15. While I'm not really a fan of Kangaroo, Arabian (a fan) used that similar horrible design for controls
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