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  1. I think you might be the minority on this one. I had both bitd; the majority of gameplay went to the football game, but the baseball game was no slouch. I always chuckle at the graphic used for the ump in baseball😀
  2. James Bond Stealth Affair might be not be only one of the harder graphic adventures, it might be the hardest I've played. I loved the first Legend of Kyrandia game... how were the sequels?
  3. Guilty... I still have the majority of issues I owned bitd, still missing some from the year '84 - which I thought the magazine switched to more computer related material.
  4. You'll love Countdown. It reminds me of Mean Streets which I played tons of. I'm pretty sure I played one of the Space Quest games before but couldn't get into it - might have to give it another go. I forgot to mention, I did play and finish the first Syberia game; played the second and thought it was a awful on the puzzles. Seeing this post reminds me of some games which were a pain to run with the SoundBlaster card. Stellar 7 was so damn finicky with that card, Rocketeer was another. Some other games I forgot to mention I played: License to Kill (pretty fun) SSI Dragonstrike, Wing Commander (my buddy Chad was a big fan), Neverending Story II, Price of Persia II, Nova 9, Grim Fandango and Battlehawks 1942
  5. Our family's first venture into pc gaming was a XT computer (that Laser one looks familiar) which I believe dad bought in '88. I think he used it mostly for work ,but we did own a few games for it. I recall playing Life And Death 1 and The Train - love that game! Now when it really took for me was in '89. My friend's dad, who had a obsession with aviation, brought home a Packard Bell 286 / 16mhz along with a copy of Flight Simulator 3 or 4 (whatever one was released that year) and a CH Flightstick. Around that time frame, I was friends with a kid whose dad was somehow involved in the pc world for work. I know at that time, he had the best spec'd computer and the newest game released - most were cracked of course. So we would borrow Msdos game or two, install it in my friend's dad pc and play the hell out of it. I recall Targhan, Revenge of Doh, Sinbad: Throne of the Falcon was some of the earlier ones. Then some of the newer hits were Loom, Secret of Monkey Island 1 and 2, Stunts, Test Drive III, Zany Golf, Tongue of the Fatman, Their Finest Hour, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (graphic and adventure), Code Name:Iceman, Secret Agent David Wolf, Ghostbusters II, Day of the Tentacle, Chuck Yeager's Air Combat, Legend of Kyrandia... I can go on and on. This kicked of my obsession with point and click adventure and WW2 flight simulators. I think it was around '91, where dad upgraded and got a 386 / 25mhz computer. Funny thing I remember getting Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade VGA 256 color version even before we had this computer. I bought most of the Lucasfilm games that came out then. Skipped over The Dig and Full Throttle for some reason. Dad was also really into the WW1 and 2 games. He got Dynamix Red Baron, Aces of the Pacific and Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe while I got my point and click like Robin Hood: Conquest of Longbow, James Bond Stealth Affair, Countdown by Access (underrated). Dad really got into Wolfenstein 3d when that came out... think he might have had the truncated shareware version before. Kinda checked out of gaming in general in the mid '90s, think the last game I really got into that point was Tie Fighter and the expansion packs. Was reinvigorated again with the advent of MAME and Callus - Capcom arcade emulator. This past year or two... I got addicted to that late 80's early '90s era of pc gaming - especially the point and clicks like King's Quest and Quest for Glory series, need to check out the Kyrandia sequels. I wanted to get some of my favorites games boxed. Stunts and Spear of Destiny come to mind. Holy moly - they're expensive. Anybody ever played Star Trek: Judgment Rites? That one looks fun!
  6. First saw one of these at a Aladdin's Castle mall arcades and the crowds of people waiting to drop a quarter. I would love to be a route operator at this time and have dozen of these in various locations. I always wonder how quickly earnings dropped off. I give Konami credit repurposing some of their older titles to newer ones with popular IPs. Case in point: Crime Fighters - Turtles; Devastators - GI JOE. I played Punch Out a handful times out on location; I didn't get into it as much as Super Punch Out though. My main gripe on both of these how they eliminate fighters in the higher rounds. Pizza Past and Kid quick on the first one and Great Tiger in the second one - not sure the reasoning there...
  7. I guess that depends where your are from and what kind of gamer you were. Personally, I think Ladybug and Mousetrap blow Pac-Man out of the water and I think the majority would agree. You really cant compare Exidy games even from Universal to a much higher production run from Atari. Mr. Do definitely held it's own on Dig Dug (remember it was also a kit game). Even Mousetrap and especially Ladybug I saw quite a bit in the arcades bitd. I do agree on Frenzy to Berzerk. I have to find that sheet which lists the production #'s from Atari, but I would bet they almost double the other aforementioned titles.
  8. Space Dungeon for the 5200 is a weird title for the system per se. As a arcade fanboy/collector, I probably seen a Space Dungeon maybe once bitd. and I'm from the Chicagoland area - HQ for Taito. It's definitely a title that fits the oeuvre of the Colecovision with some of it's esoteric arcade titles... Exidy Victory anyone???
  9. Absolutely a genius move on Coleco's part and a head scratcher from Ataris going with a paddle game from '78. The 5200 controllers were a big turn off for me. Looking back, I was never really fond of the Colecovision controllers as well. I found over the years that this era of gaming is definitely my favorite albeit was short-lived, I'll group the computer and the arcade scene as well. I have much respect for all the consoles from this timeline.
  10. Colecovison was no slouch either. Dkjr., Time Pilot, Mr.Do, Mouse Trap, Ladybug, Space Fury, Venture, Frenzy, Gorf. The two probably never heard or seen by most in the arcades that really shine are Slither and Pepper II. I actually like all of those Exidy title sans Victory.
  11. Pretty cool story... Frogger II is one of my favorites that came from Parker Bros. Hearing that were able to play a prerelease of the Ewok game would be a priceless memory. Being a Star Wars nut... I used to salivate over that catalog showing that artwork - but it was never meant to be - least for a while. Was hoping your dad would've brought that mysterious James Bond game home before we go that horrendous final version.
  12. Ben Franklins were a staple of many of midwest towns and cities I visited. If they didn't have one, they had a Coast to Coast store location. The one Ben Franklin store I remember the most had a killer selection of arcade games in the storefront and one helluva model section. Many, upon many, WW2 models were purchased at that store. Damn, I miss that store.
  13. Your last statement definitely rings true. Zookeeper, for example, was a game I saw at location a few times. My little hole in the wall arcade had one by the front entrance to the counter. Except for me and my buddy Chad, no one played that thing. Fast forward to the present, that game is 1.5k+. I remember that game could be had for $300-$500 range a few years prior.
  14. What's really weird is... I had seen Three Stooges and Qberts Qubes and Krull on location - just never the aforementioned
  15. I don't know if these are hits to some: Atari Quantum: Atari's last vector. Never recall seeing one bitd. Gottlieb Mad Planets: I live in the Chicagoland area (HQ of Gottlieb) and I don't remember this one. Game is incredible on the real cab. Wonder what the production # was? Williams Turkey Shoot: Another one I don't remember. This was "84 and a lot of these games are somewhat rare. Joust II: Never seen this one bitd. Bally Sente Snake Pit. Probably the best game for the system. I'll include Snacks n Jaxson and Chicken Shift
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