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  1. Dave, I have a upright Star Wars vid so I'm not sure I can help with your cockpit query. I can give you a recommendation on Klov - not sure how to do it though
  2. The knock-offs or clones, as I called them, I more often encountered at the "mom and pop, hole in the wall" arcades. Space Invaders and Galaga were the two biggest victims of this. Never heard of Asp, Slither was definitely a rare bird in the arcades. GDI, maker of Slither, were from the Chicagoland area - which I reside. I never ran across a Slither, that I recall, but ran into more Red Alert (another GDI game) frequently. I'm arcade collector... it took me years to frankenstein a Slither together from squandered parts. Your last statement is why I love the Colecovision; a bunch of oddball arcade titles, some I still haven't the real deal - Exidy Victory.
  3. Pink, they were separate entities swallowed up by Gamestop. Interesting hearing other stores carrying Neo Geo as well besides the Babagges I mentioned especially Toys R Us. Anybody recall seeing Neo Geo games being sold at brick and mortar stores around the mid to late '90s? Reason I asked, the release date for the Metal Slug was in '96 - one of my favorites and up there for priciest. If I had a Neo around then, I would've gave that some serious thought purchasing one. My only Aes Neo knowledge at this time frame came from Die Hard Gamer periodical and the one trading ad where you can purchase Neo Geo games in this era.
  4. Never knew Funcoland ever sold Neo Geo... Only place I ever seen one for sale retail-wise was Babagges. I know they had a few games as well: Magician Lord, Ghost Pilots and King of the Monsters were the ones I recall.
  5. We frequented a mall that had a arcade called "Just for Fun" that had a TX-1. I remember being in the front entrance right when you walked in. I think I might have played once or twice, it reminded me of a glorified Pole Position which I wasn't really fan of - I was more of a Turbo guy. I guess the hardware was very problematic which made sense... I seem to recall it being down more often than working the few times I visited that place.
  6. Nice detective work - Columbo would've be proud! At least there was some closure here, I've tried contacted people on some rare prototypes (mostly in the arcade world) and never get a response And just to think if Kenner did go through w/ the video game idea and then... the crash. Safe to say, that '85 Kenner Power of the Force line would never came to fruition. (I do see a nice POTF Amanaman pegged on the wall.)
  7. We had one of these Pong clone toys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWGUUymg_cY
  8. Interesting on hearing this too... Some rare arcade titles made it into the Ti software library: Espial, Munchmobile, Sega's Blasto, Hustle and Buck Rogers
  9. Can't wait for this...
  10. Rom, has this display ever surfaced from any collectors?
  11. I really didn't find an exact release date either... just a general Fall window. I played the Vs. version first too. I believe my arcade got it around the summer of '86. I must have got the NES version sometime in the Fall that year.
  12. I posed the same question on another forum, and the overwhelming responses were as an "investment". I found it interesting that one of the owners of the auction site was actually part of the winning group of bidders. I wasn't aware owners can partake in auctions within your own company??? Seems kinda scheezy too me. I'm curious on this too. I have the majority of the black box series of games. Good chunk of these came from Kmart and Walmart in '86. I'm pretty sure none of these came shrink wrapped at all. So, was this shrink wrapping process contingent on the store you bought them from?
  13. Food Fight is another one worth some coin.
  14. Aladdin's Castle, Spring Hill Mall in Dundee, Il. had one of these I maybe played it once or twice bitd but way too advance for me at that time. True story, I was at arcade auction in Rockford area (Il.) this was around '88 or '89. They had two, maybe three for a hefty price of $300. God, I wish I loaded up back then - if only I knew how rare these are going to become My buddy might still have the auction sheet with the prices.
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