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  1. Mine would have to be the stage 4 boss (magician) from Kungfu Master (arcade) I’ve been playing this game since’84; I consider myself a pretty good player... after all these years I still haven’t found a sure fire pattern to beat him. My best is four dragons on this game - all lives lost on stage 4 and the boss himself. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. The Sega vectors are really underrated. Tac scan and Zektor are some of my favorites Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Not only the price comes from “Star wars” , but 2600 games released in ‘84 command a higher price tag Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. There is definitely a fine line not to cross. The example I used was just a query from a former owner who wanted to know if that was his former machine; I wanted to ask a question or two myself about the history of his machine. I'm "assuming" the owner was thinking I wanted to purchase his pin.
  5. Believe I first saw a Star Castle at our local roller rink; the Zayre we shopped at had one too. When I look back... I don't think I ever came across a mom and pop arcade that didn't have one. I really need to get my monitor fixed 😕 Out of all the heavy hitter of department stores from that era, Kmart and JCPenney are the two stores I never saw any games in. I seem to recall Kmart having those machines where you dispensed quarters in and get some trinket. The one with the mini NFL helmets was one I was highly invested in.
  6. Channel F boxes artistically remind me of that kids '70s program Electric Company.
  7. Wasn't that Nintendo (playing with power) tv commercial played heavily in '86? I mentioned on "finding out" from that article in Replay - think it coincided with talk of the new Nintendo VS. system arcade... I need to find that issue again. Now I do recall getting some of the "black box series" at our local Walmart and Kmart in '86. I'm thinking most of the NES owners did get their system in '87.
  8. Pretty cool. Had the Chuck Norris/Artillery Duel and Spikes' Peak/Ghost Manor Xonox double enders. The latter I have a lot of nostalgia for. Always wanted to get my hands on the Robin Hood and Sir Lancelot ones, don't ever recall even seeing those two on store shelves anywhere. Edit: came across this one
  9. For the most part, Ebay (WorldWide) for example... is really the only means of acquiring one since these weren't released in the North American market. Melody Chase was on Ebay few years ago. I was bidding on the auction when it was just pulled for some reason - sure he got an offer outside of Ebay 😕
  10. User Topdog has/had one I believe as well. To think about it... I haven't seen him around here lately...
  11. Stupus, did your items come from that auction win from Australia?
  12. Bill, there was a auction site in Australia that had Space Speller and Zero In (can't recall Chess was there - think that was loose) 5+ years ago listed. I was hoping it went unnoticed... you know how that went. Massive bidding frenzy...they didn't go cheap. There was a big collector here (was that you Stupus?) that took the boxed ones; I think Cmart was on this as well??? Apparently I was told Australia was a hotbed for Aquarius stuff at one time.
  13. Just wasn't sure if you're aware on pricing on the titles you mentioned
  14. Pretty confident to say you going to have to go way north on some of those titles - especially CIB. Melody Chase (which I'm after as well) might be close... I him-hawed on one CIB for 2 bills some years back - kinda regret it still. The few times I has seen the Extended Basic was in lots with the Aquarius model itself. Last one on Ebay was mangled up good.
  15. I voted "yes" as well but this part of your statement can be tricky. Regards to the NES at that time frame, I lived in the Chicagoland area (still do) at this time. I caught wind of the NES from a arcade operators publication called Replay - a big writeup on the NES. Around Christmas of '85... we visited a Venture department store that a NES on display. The one where it's enclosed in a plastic bubble displaying the system and ROB. There was no playable demo, just a display. Anywho, I scoured the Chicagoland area to no avail for one. I only tracked one down (my folks did actually) from relatives on the east coast in Feb. of '86. I didn't realize at the time it was released to limited geographic regions. That's the part I think it can be tricky...
  16. I played Jungle Hunt first... thinking it was at a drug store called Perry Drugs - for you midwesterners. King was definitely more ubiquitous at the majority of the Chicagoland arcades I visited. Hunt, I find more rare now due to the artwork, or lack thereof, being atrocious compared to the visually appeal of King's artwork. And who wants to play as an old dude in a pith hat?😂 Pirate Pete I don't believe survived the testing phase despite some erroneous information on the net. I mentioned this before, I only know of one cabinet in existence. Some boardsets have surfaced albeit they were conversion boardsets.
  17. TB, I recognize your handle on Klov. I was looking on the topic of unreleased arcade games on RGVAC and on the Klov forums for a little more history on some of these. The two you mentioned before: Exidy Vertigo and Bouncer are believed to be in the hands of private collectors. I know the former definitely has. (I'm sure you probably knew this already.) Now I'm not sure on Birdiy what the current situation is... didn't even know it existed honestly (decent game). It's interesting how much stuff we think is "lost" only to be shown a snippet proving otherwise. Two examples of the top of my head were the Dracula Hunter pcb on Yahoo Japan auctions years ago. I'm assuming the winner of the auction did put a gameplay video on Youtube. Universal Mrs. Dynamite was a shocker to me. Another one I thought was long gone only to filmed in someones private arcade I believe in Canada??? I guess my point is there is some monster collectors out there that live off the forum grid. I heard of two monster collectors around the east coast that would make your jaw drop with some of their *private* inventory. Again, I stress the word private. Heard this from another Chicago collector I know. Who knows how many more, even overseas??? The sad truth is some of these guys really don't want to be bothered. I been trying to track down an owner of a rare Taito game with no luck for over a year who ostensibly lives off the arcade grid - so to speak. True story... relates to the pinball world but is a good example, I caught wind of an owner who had a very rare Gottlieb pin in the midwest. I shot a message to the party who took the picture of said owners property - just wanted to ask owner some questions (NOT looking to buy) pin question. Kid you not, The second hand party replied from the owner paraphrasing "he didn't want to be bothered." Just wow. I know there's exceptions like the actual programmer of that Taito Black Widow or someone involved in the creative process of a game. I really want to thank these collectors and enthusiasts that do bring these rare examples to shows; Doc @ GG who puts these rare birds on the floor for the public to play or the one Supergun mentioned on this topic. I'm bouncing 'round here... but to your last point relating to these unreleased games being fun. I'm more inclined on the history than the gameplay itself. Moreso, if the game did reach the test phase with the accompanying artwork. Taito Black widow is the perfect example here. That's the part for me that trumps the gameplay aspect on some of these prototypes...
  18. Besides Atari System 1's Indiana Jones and Roadblasters, Marble would be the next one I put some time on. I must say I was never really good at the arcade version - did beat it on the NES eventually. My biggest issues with MM on the arcade platform are # of level and the ending < meaning it has one. I've seen Youtube vids with the game completed less than 5 minutes. * I know it took a lot of practice to get to that point Out of the five System 1 games: Roadrunner, Indy, Roadblasters, MM and Peter. Only two have and ending: MM and Roadblaster. I think in the latter game it won't let you continue on track #49 and #50 - not sure on that entirely. What I would have done? - Gameplay starts over with different and harder enemies on each course or maybe lower the time for players - not sure if that would affect good players - Rom update with new courses and enemies once the earnings started to dwindle. Strike when the irons hot - MM2 released on The Atari System 2 platform - year or two later and not some six.
  19. When I visit Galloping Ghost arcade, I try and mean try to get a good game in. I know it's trying to go for that feel of piloting a ship, it's the sensitivity of the controls is just a big downer for me. Almost a point of being more frustrated than enjoying the game itself. The Trilogy version, also made by Sega, is leaps and bounds better albeit its a "on the rails" style of gameplay.
  20. Neo Geo for me too. The first time I saw Neo 4 slot with Magician Lord - was blown away. Eventually I saw Babbage's selling Neo Geo games, mouth was drooling 'till I saw the price of said games! I'm thoroughly impressed you got a AES unit in '90.
  21. There was a reboot issue, some sprite glitches and a snafu with collision detection - sounds like all were fixable. I should've worded that better, the game might have been dumped; mame team hasn't received anything. This was the latest I heard a couple months ago. Didn't hear a second pcb was found - really hope that's true. I did shoot another correspondence to one of the MAME members. I'll post here once I hear the latest status
  22. Thanks for the insight on that. I forgot about that Gremlins game. Judging by the scoring font, it looks like it was originally be part of the System 1 lineup - take it anyday over Peter Pack Rat <blah. Too bad... with a little polish and another level , gameplay looks solid. My list of prototypes I wish were released: (some are on Mame) Taito Black Widow - NOT the Atari version still not dumped Gottlieb Arena/Argus - Both of these games rock, especially the former Sega Battle Star Exidy Top Gunner Cinematronics Freeze - this game is super fun Atari Gremlins Atari Roadrunner laserdisc version (they considered Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom as well) - that would've been badass Rock-Ola QB-3 marquee was found My most wanted... besides that Taito Black Widow is Kungfu Master 2. Not sure what the status is now. Despite rumors on the web, I contacted one of the members of the Mame team and the game is NOT dumped.
  23. I believe it was Tempest. Like Supergun mentioned, timing is key (like most prototypes). I don't know people that were clamoring for a sequel to Marble Madness in and as late '91. Not sure why they didn't push for a sequel in the Atari system 2 lineup. Atari did some weird stuff in that era...
  24. Watch Ninja III the Domination if you haven't already.
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