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  1. I have a few years on you but share the same logic. My buddy Derek had a 7800 around this era - thinking more of '88. I recall playing Food Fight (only arcade port on this system), Desert Falcon and some golden age classics: Donkey Kong, Xevious and I'm thinking Pole Position. I felt at this point ports the early 80's classics really getting long in the tooth especially ones done numerous times already. NES was getting ports of the JAMMA era of arcade games especially from the heavy 3rd party hitters like Konami and Capcom; I also had a Sega Master System at this time which was nailing some of Sega's monster arcade ports. Coupled with those two, I felt owning a 7800 would be futile.
  2. I'm not sure I understand your issues with instruction manuals. I do agree with your Swordquest point but that entire games series has issues within itself. I don't think Ghost Manor wasn't really that convoluted... especially if you figured out the gameplay of Superman sans instructions.
  3. I had a hard time finding it bitd. K&B Toys was the resource for me finding the Xonox titles for the 2600 and Colecovision. I don't think I ever found one till Ebay came 'round...
  4. Ghost Manor is one of my personal favorites by Xonox. Unfortunately, for some reason, they never opted to do a Colecovision port.
  5. NO ending... just reach black belt and that's it.
  6. Seeing those brought back some nostalgia... I had all of them; I recall the "O" being a bitch to find in the stores - it was the one I really was chomping at the bit since it had Dragon Spirit. Pretty sure I ordered it through some store from Die Hard Game magazine. I didn't know about the Japan exclusive, and of course, it has the sequel to Dragon Spirit on there. My favorite Namco title is hands down Bosconian. I dropped sooo many quarters in that sucker bitd.
  7. While Batman didn't have a dedicated cab albeit I've been told there were a few prototypes in the smaller Tetris, Schuzz caberet cabs, the other big hurdle is Batman boardsets are quite rare (1k) and very expensive. I believe the last one on KLOV went for north of $400.
  8. It was the second version of the standee I remember...
  9. I'm not sure if this carries over the 5200 port...in the arcade version to achieve a really big score is to visit ALL the rooms and make the treasury a secondary option.
  10. Thanks Save... I feel a buck might be too much still lol
  11. That game was a kit, so you saw them in different style of cabs - I do recall that panel artwork. I played this one quite often at our Aladdin's Castle. They had it in one of those Aladdin style of cabs. Taito must have some deal with Taito at the time.
  12. I echo Tempest's statement... Someone mentioned these were $9.99 new? I thought they were $19.99 new??? I got ripped off even more! I recall K&B Toys was the place to get Mythicon games, I seem to remember they had some sort of shelf display advertising the games themselves.
  13. My buddy unearthed this from a recent move. This is the same one our local arcade had hanging above their 4-slot.
  14. I’m not sure on Atari’s 4x4… Bally’s BMX was supposed to be ET but couldn’t finalize the deal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Thought I would update this... I did find the owner of this display Rom Hunter has on his Atarimania site. The owner is probably the most prolific collector of Indiana Jones merchandise and memorabilia. I did ask him a few questions on said piece. He mentioned that he acquired from a individual who resided in the U.K. He also stated the fellow worked at a gaming store in the '80s. I guess it's a cardboard shelf talker with Indy and the ark attached to create a quasi 3d effect. So at least we know the origin is from the U.K.
  16. Now that is a awesome piece! I have the hanging display mobile and the smaller counter display but not this.
  17. I posted on this before... this is one of my top tier games for the 2600. Despite my fanfare here, it does have it's issues: - Some items are sorta useless. Gun is redundant especially if you have the whip. Hourglass is basically has the same m.o. as the Ankh sans the instant mesa warp. - Some areas/rooms are not used or incorporated enough. Spider room is the big one here. Sometimes I go outta my way just to visit this room. Valley of Poison is another area not well used. Especially true if you're good at parachuting. *It's to note: I believe some of these might've been used for the infamous J.D. easter egg that was subsequently removed. My understanding no prototype carts have been found with this feature still included. - The big one here (as mentioned above) is not accumulating the full amount of adventure points because of said removal. I would love if someone did a hack of this to accommodate the removal of points being key to reach the highest point total. There's a certain charm to this game because of the replay ability factor. I've seen countless videos on Youtube and each one has their own little twist on the order of rooms they visit and their inventory selection. This video I have linked is probably the most thorough and fastest completion I've seen done.
  18. That issue is quite common with those joysticks. This place has all your needs. Arcadefixit.com
  19. I didn’t… I got mine in Feb. of ‘86. I reside in the Chicagoland area, I read somewhere that this specific area was the next “test” launch. Like others stated, I think ‘87 was the big year and was more accessible. I noticed something about the Colecovision arcade ports. It seems Exidy was the only company that Colecovision had the licensing for the majority of their library. The Coleco red box box games for the 2600 just migrated over to the Colecovision - I never noticed that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Screwed that up…. I would say flops would be the wrong terminology, lesser known would be more appropriate. Comparing companies like Exidy and Universal to Atari is a little unfair. Atari was pumping out 5k run out of most of their catalog, the latter y would be around 1k. I loved the fact Colecovision did tackle some of these lesser known arcade titles compared to releasing the same game over again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. I was thinking about this the other day. I recall getting the Master System of Shinobi at a Kmart by Dads work; the other Kmart we sometimes shopped at, I never recall seeing SMS games there, they had Genesis games though. Sears was the same way, one had pc games - no console stuff, but in the other mall… one store was selling Ps 1 games when first released. I wonder if this was a store by store decision. We didn’t get a Walmart here till the summer of ‘86, it was all NES centric store. Anybody recall if Walmart or Target, for that matter, sold Sega products? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. I wasn’t enamored with the launch titles initially for the SNES. I think at this point in time for me I was Super Mario Bro’d out. I rented the system once or twice as new titles came along… Super Castlevania, Final Fight and Gradius to name a few. It’s when Super Ghouls n Ghosts was shortly released that I caved and purchased one. I was a big Capcom fanboy circa this era. Might’ve picked up UN Squadrun too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. CC, you have to sell me on this one. Many cite this one as being the worst in the Imagic catalog - including myself. I had this one bitd and really didn’t care for it back then. The potential is there for good gameplay if you drop the timed aspect and make it more action oriented. I find the lesser known titles for Imagic being more fun than the popular ones. Love Laser Gates and No Escape. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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