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  1. To be fair to the old instrument in the ad, preparatory chromatography is used for larger volumes and generally simpler mixtures than analytical chromatography, like isolating the product of a synthesis from the reactants. I suspect this is probably still useful for cases where two molecules have similar boiling points but different polarities. -"There are dozens of us!"
  2. If you search the Marketplace section, a user named Yurkie does modded Colecovision systems. Not sure if others.
  3. I've got a Boxcar RS232 and an Anchor Automation Volksmodem in my TI collection that I would gladly trade for TI or other vintage computer carts (manuals are nice but loose is fine). Let me know if either interests you and I can PM you some pics.
  4. I hope you don't consider this a rude reply, but you asked the question and I think this will be the general consensus: $400 is an outrageously high price. But, its well known that if you post rare stuff on ebay at a very high price, there's a chance that someone for whom money is no object will decide they want it when they want it, and they will pay that price. Look around and you'll see sellers that do this with tons of games, reposted every time the auction goes unbought, hoping for that chance. And they do it because like I said, it works. You just don't get to decide when (or if) it sells. If you want to control when it sells, your only option is to list it as an auction, publicize it as well as you are able, and see what the going price is. A boxed copy went at auction for just above $200 recently, and a loose cart got no bids at $99. I doubt that this was a case of something valuable slipping under the radar. Its more likely that this is the current value for these games. Quite a good return on what they were bought for, but your fortune is in another castle. PS. Financial difficulties suck. I hope your game sells as listed and your other avenues of recourse are fruitful.
  5. Not an auction (and not mine) but it seemed too spammy to post this in the main Marketplace. Random find that I though would interest some... http://www.sciplus.com/p/WHITE-NYLON-NINTENDO-DS-POUCH_53588
  6. labrat


    I have had several successful trade/sales with Grig, so I guess I've been remiss in leaving him positive feedback. I've been happy every time, most recently on a nice lot of Commodore 64 carts I bought. Great guy to deal with, buy/sell/trade with confidence.
  7. Anybody? Kinda impatient but mostly I'm just not on AA so much these days.
  8. Aaaand they're gone. I have a bunch of 5-pin circular cable ends suitable for making video cables for the Atari 800 etc. Around 30 are these with a handful of another kind that has an option to screw into the housing of the female end. Edit to make them freely available to someone who will use them. Cost of shipping would be appreciated but not required.
  9. Do you have any extras to trade? I've got a bunch of carts I can dig out and I'm sure a few of them would be on your list.
  10. I'd like to add that if anybody has a cracked, ugly, or otherwise pretty worthless Atari 800 shell, please offer to send it to Barb. She needs a physical unit to perfect the fit, and there's several of us who want 800 covers.
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