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  1. Let me know if you after international scans then e.g - I think i have different warranty cards also.
  2. I will scan "My Golf" for you shortly, if no one beats me to it.
  3. I would just like to say what a great effort you have made user 42. That is a great collection of manuals and other info. I dont know if its just my download but I couldn't find the "My Golf " manual by HES, or alot of the soft cover " inside the cover " versions e.g Enduro below.
  4. Yes both are PAL. Stargate has a P on the back of the cartridge and an original Australian price sticker.
  5. Here is a gray 1986 Stargate and a silver Vanguard box.
  6. Does anyone know if this is an original Atari box. It seems to me way to basic for something Atari would do. It is on Australian Ebay for a huge amount.
  7. Can you try the console on another t.v. I sometimes have trouble getting the colour on one of my t.v's, but get a great colour picture on another.
  8. Wow ! 444 games ? Great. This is a PAL console, isn't it ? (Australia is PAL, isn't it ?). This one looks like mine very very closely. I'm pretty sure it's the same maker. How do they do 444 games ? (256+128+64=448). Are there really 444 games ? Yes it is PAL. No there is not really 444 games, the 284 and the 128 positions both seem to have the same 128 games. The 32 position has 32 so this makes a total 160. They seem to have placed all sorts of game numbers on these consoles, but i wouldn't be surprised if they all had the same 160 different games. Even though they have been a bit creative with the game numbers i am very happy with the console in general, and find it a great way to play many different games easily. I hope you can get yours sorted out.
  9. That looks like one of my consoles, but i have no clue to who made it.
  10. I'm not sure if you have or want these scans. I have also included the instructions. You have just got to love the spelling , ARLSEE BATTLE, COMMBET, YOUFO e.g. I also like how instead of giving the dip switch settings to get each game they just give a brief description of what you will see on screen.
  11. No sorry, i'm very disappointed i lost it though.
  12. Talking about unknown games, i am just interested in knowing who make this cartridge. Unfortunately i was out bid on it.
  13. Don't know how close you are to Dino, but he's willing to help if he can. I think we are very close. I will wait to see what he says, seeing he would be doing all the work.
  14. I have a few games on that list, but no way to dump them.
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