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  1. Big Box games: (ON HOLD) Exile (ON HOLD) Labyrinth of Time, The (ON HOLD) Speris Legacy, The Jewel Case games: $10 Cannon Fodder $10 Chuck Rock $10 Global Effect $3 Rise of the Robots (big box version, has CD inlay but no manual) (ON HOLD) Top Gear 2 (ON HOLD) Trolls Amiga CD games (all jewel case, may or may not work with CD32 - please ask!): $5 Amiga Format Disc 32 $10 Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon (ON HOLD) Oh Yes, More Worms (sealed) $10 Ultimate Super Skidmarks
  2. The 32X has its own power supply and an AV cord that connects to the Genesis. The power supply is easy to find, but you shouldn't pay anything at all for a 32X without the AV cord.
  3. $5 Lot of 3 empty boxes for Taiwan Cooper games (Fishing, Ice Hockey, Mr. Postman) SOLD Tac-2 Joystick SOLD Paddle controllers SOLD Keyboard controllers $1 Video Touch Pad $2 Flag Capture – box and manual only. Top flap torn, bottom flap taped. SOLD Funky Fish – reproduction prototype, complete, NM SOLD Quest for Quintana Roo – Telegames version, complete, almost NM $10 Smurf – PAL, complete, different box from the sealed ones that ClassicGameSource has for sale SOLD Approximately 85 assorted manuals and catalogs. Nothing rare, but there are only a few duplicates. $5 Adventure –text label w/ 1988 black and white manual (some water damage) SOLD Artillery Duel – single ender, w/ manual $5 Title Match Pro Wrestling – w/ manual SOLD Adventure Plus – hack by Steve Engelhardt $5 Fathom (end label peeling) SOLD Quick Step SOLD Spacemaster X-7 (sticker on end label) $3 Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (some damage to end label) $3 Super Baseball Prices do not include shipping.
  4. Does not include poster (not sure if it ever did). $20
  5. Includes box, manual and cartridge. Everything is in excellent condition. Box is opened but still in original shrinkwrap (the white line and stickers you see are only on the shrinkwrap, not the box itself).
  6. Hey guys! Sorry I won't be able to make the meet this weekend. Be sure to post some pictures afterwards.
  7. Loose carts: Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom (crease on end label) Cabbage Patch Kids: Adventures in the Park Destructor (small tear on end label) Front Line (w/ manual - not pictured) Illusions Space Panic Venture (w/ manual - not pictured) Victory Fraction Fever Popeye (end label coming unglued) Quest for Quintana Roo Shrinkwrapped games: Centipede Defender Beamrider Pitfall River Raid Boxed games: Carnival (complete; some writing on manual, box slightly crushed at top) Omega Race (sealed!) Subroc (sealed!) Super Challenge Football (complete with manual, playbook and 2 overlays; one overlay missing right tab) War Games (complete with manual and 2 overlays; near mint) Facemaker (complete with manual) Prices coming soon. All are tested and working. Any significant flaws are noted above. Shipping not included. Want List: http://www.geocities.com/metalkeir/wantlist.html
  8. $25 Supercharger and Phasor Patrol with box and instructions (Arcadia version - box is worn, taped on bottom). $10 Communist Mutants from Space (Arcadia version) $10 Suicide Mission CIB $2 Phasor Patrol cassette and inlay only. $2 Dragonstomper inlay only (no cassette). Take the entire lot for $42. All are tested and working. Shipping not included. Want List: http://www.geocities.com/metalkeir/wantlist.html
  9. Removed some more sold items. Some items have been listed on ebay, the rest are still available for sale or trade. http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZmetalkeirQQhtZ-1
  10. Lowered some prices, a few items on hold are now available again.
  11. I'd also like to add that the "major collectors" most likely put a lot of time and effort into building their collections without spending a fortune. Therefore, their perceived value of a game will be significantly less than whatever the going price is on eBay.
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