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  1. On 1/10/2020 at 8:08 AM, high voltage said:

    there's also Sega, Gakken, Mystigue, Xonox gatefolds.



    plus Konami, Video Gems, Playaround, Coleco

    (without brazil companies)


    does the german parker boxes count too ? ;)


  2. Hi Jason,


    nice find. Thanks for showing the cart in action. :thumbsup: This company is indeed not easy to find.


    i have seen this somewhere before, but i can't remember, if my 2in1 carts from this company have these lights too. i will dig them out this week. These were from the first batch of scanned modules in 2014 that we had uploaded to the database.  At that time we had not yet scanned the top label.


    lol, I have to dust off the box and have a look.



  3. Hi AlwaysOnPlanetPatrol,


    i saw your other post about your find. Congrats to that. :lust: The boxes are indeed in a really nice condition.


    i would be happy if you can provide some scans for the database.


    A scanned front and back of the box with 300dpi as jpg would be the best. No need to flatten the Box.


    Would you also scan in addition to the cart the toplabel? i prefer to show both.


    ... and yes you can send uncropped files to [email protected]


    i have to thank you for asking.

  4. sadly it is not worth a deeper search for information.

    it is just another Pole Position cart.


    .... but you could provide more information on the next request. ;)
    is it a red, or a silver or a gray label? is the "p" on the backside, or is the "P" it on the toplabel next to the title?
    this makes it easier for all who are willing to help you.


    best is a picture of the cart


  5. I think this is the right place to post it. If not, let me know and I'll move. Or someone in charge can move.


    Anyway, I have the manual for the 2600 version of Pengo in hand. Looks like this hasn't been scanned yet, which I assume means it's uncommon. Does anyone have any tips on how to best scan and add this to the database?


    Hi Dubis,


    many thanks for your offer.

    The manual for the 1984 version is scanned and in the database.


    scroll down to the bottom of the site.


    ... but I think you may mean the Atariage database.


    This has not been updated for a long time and is used more for a rough overview of the games.




    but if you want to contribute some scans, then 300dpi would be perfect

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