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  1. Yes, i have one or two in my ntsc closet, but have to look at the titles.
  2. He gave up collecting a few years ago, because he has become father several times and he lacks the space and the time.
  3. I will try to add the information on Tuesday. It was more important to me that all auctions are online. today i have no time to check all titles.
  4. I have put 45 different Atari 7800 games up on ebay. All titles are boxed. i combine shipping. see here: all games are sold. thanks for looking
  5. all systems? alone 2600 5200 and 7800 would be a lot of stuff
  6. The third one in this series is the blue "Action Pak" This is the "most missing" Title, at some collections
  7. https://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/Zahlen-bitte-1971-Geburtsjahr-kommerzieller-Arcade-Automaten-3856875.html
  8. Definitely a european P version. We have a dutch manual from Slot Machine in our Atariboxed Database, therefore it could well be possible that other european versions also exist
  9. nice price unfortunately these are very rare everywhere. best chance to find one is down under
  10. Congrats, with this purchase you have made the most difficult step to complete the HES collection. (Blister Titles not included) I missed the end of the auction. That would have been nice trade bait.
  11. Did I frighten you with my idea?

    1. xucaen


      Almost, but go on...

  12. lol, the domain belongs to me by the end of last year. i had registered both domains, because we had not decided on our projectname. I therefore do not believe that we are surprised by a project that took a long run. At least if the project has something big to do with the domain name. ok, maybe the name finding was only briefly decided. ... but i like to be surprised.
  13. Do you collect only US-Versions, or other ntsc and pal too?
  14. A photo of the boxes and carts would be nice, to see what series it belongs to. cartlabels with -> Skull Island or Spaceship scene boxes with ->Printed or glued title
  15. For sale: (pictures included) condition of all items is good Bugs Bunny $75 Cart / Instructions /Box (rip on the top left side) Backfire $15 Cart / Instructions Cat Trax $20 Cart Marble Craze $20 Cart / Instructions (Repro from Hozer Video Games) Power Off ! $15 Cart Qb PAL $20 Cart / Instructions Secret Agent $30 Cart / Box payment only via Paypal up to 4 lose carts or one boxed game $7 (registered mail from germany) If you have further questions, please contact me
  16. hi Marlosrob, welcome to atariage. you should have posted this directly in the Atari 2600 Forum, instead here in the rarity subforum. Maybe a moderator can move this.
  17. I can confirm that in some european Countries, a second b/w manual was inside the Atari Box with textlabel carts, in addition to the original black manual. here are some examples: Germany Netherlands Spain Italy There are some other companies with a six-language manual, but Atari itself ? hmmm
  18. Hello Jason, congrats, you have made a really nice catch. The PAL titles are all from Suntek and hard to find. Were there any manuals in the lot? I have seen only lose carts in the pics. Yes, the cartshells are the same as with Rainbowvision, only the boxes differ. The biggest difference are actually the logos on the front of the box. I remember a statusupdate post here two weeks ago. Another member has been annoyed, because he forgot to place a bid. This has happened to everyone, at least once. The forum on our website is for internal purposes only. Phil meant the Atariboxed Subforum here on AA. The PAL community is growing
  19. Hi Phil, thanks for your offer. We do not have this title in the database, as it is not a PAL title. The only NTSC Titles in our database are originals for reference to the identical PAL copies. I have to look, but I do not think that i have this title in the closet. ....but, of course. if you would scan it for us, maybe we can use it later If there is sometime interest in NTSC entries in our database.
  20. +1 Many thanks for the great game Sijmen. It is a nice Christmas gift for the community.
  21. No way! Better ask for completed companies, there is certainly more feedback and maybe with a little bit luck some nice pics too.
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