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  1. IIRR the silver "ATARI STARS" poster from BITD noted that RealSports Tennis uses the trakball.
  2. NNNNNNEEEEECROBUUUUUMMMP!!! My friend Greg told me about in 6th grade. My story is on Ferg's Atari 2600 Game By Game podcast: Adventure episode #15 (23:30)
  3. What other games besides SB were part of the postcard ad campaign?
  4. Wii Bowling did NOT LITERALLY bring a bowling alley into your house. POIDH. Also not sure why this was posted in the 2600 forum.
  5. Wow, such a dedicated fan- he's made no other posts since this sale thread 🤔🤔🤔
  6. I can also stand behind the DualStick, currently own 2 for cabinets each run by a Playstation 2. Never had a bit of trouble with either. I had a TankStick for a project but XGaming informed me the trakball only works INTERMITTENTLY with a PS2 & they don't know why. & it DID only work about 1/3 of the time. I sent it back. Also, my .02 on the 1Up mini cabinets- they suck. No self-respecting arcade game fan should own one. They're an affront to the hobby. Might as well have an inflatable girlfriend.
  7. I forgot about this until I got a notification email just now. Wow, eps. are few & far between.
  8. Last night starting on Medium (as usual) I got 2-3 sectors in past the 1st Mukor encounter. That's the best I've done yet. Oh & for Machine debating a purchase, Blasteroids uses a spinner control rather than buttons to rotate the ship. I rarely use transform but I discovered the smallest ship is ideal for blasting the tan geometric faceted asteroids.
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