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  1. "Buttocks" lol I bought SuperCross3D on sight the day I saw it at Electronics Boutique; I thought I heard it wasn't supposed to be released. Can't wait for the Super BurnOut show
  2. RJ

    Shark Byte

    Is this one of those times where the old saying "if you can't say something nice..." comes into play?
  3. I saw a FB notification to "like" Retro Obscura Remastered podcast, so I got the impression they were new- but upon looking to see how many eps. they had, I learned they didnt get too far along. So I decided to re-listen to the old RO podcast eps! I recall one show had a funked-up version of the Pressure Cooker theme (which I mentioned here oh so many years ago).
  4. My boys watched Wordgirl & that talking dog cartoon in an hour-long PBS block after school. They also used to love Arthur. PBS was the only station we could leave on knowing there'd be nothing we didnt want them to see. The only enemy I recall is a butcher that shot meat from his hands(?)
  5. For lack of anything better to do (& Im AT WORK), I went back & reviewed the earlier pages of this topic. Wow, we certainly didn't pull any punches, did we?
  6. Anyone been lately? Decent arcade? Any classics?
  7. Heard about "GenX GrownUp" on Ferg's latest GBG ep. Good voices & rapport (2/3 of em were childhood friends) but there's a lot of disingenuous, fake "news anchor"-type chuckling.
  8. Ok you asked us, now I'll ask you: Dafuq's Plotbot?
  9. The local NBC affiliate sports guy wanted pics of arcade collections for a short report that just aired on the 10pm news. I sent him pics earlier today thinking it was probably too late but I made the cut! Also he mispronounced my last name lol
  10. Wait, what? You don't see or hear the word "Homer" & instantly think of the Simpsons?
  11. Awww, no Homer Simpson "D'OH!" sound effect at 33:35?
  12. Was that REALLY a characteristic of Gary Burghoff's role on M*A*S*H*? I knew I hated that show for a reason, now even more so.
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