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  1. Sega Marine Fishing WITH the reel controller. I'm not kidding.
  2. Oh the Japanese find the Hang-On motorcycle inappropriate but they'll play Boonga-boonga. Oh BTW SEGA also made a version of Hang-On strictly for the Jamaican market & surrounding area called "Hang-On Sloopy"
  3. Great, more pandemic talk in a Retrogaming podcast. Just what we all need, because we dont hear enough about it.
  4. Why is this posted in the Arcade section?
  5. Arrived today! On a quick flip-thru it seemed there was a 70/30 text/picture ratio but now I see there are more photos than I thought. (Please excuse the vomit-inducing tablecloth)
  6. Awesome, that was my reason for posting, to get the word out! Get a chance to start it? Those 70s arcade games are attracting me more every day
  7. Anyone order/receive theirs yet? Post a review!
  8. Anyone order/receive theirs yet? Post a quick review!
  9. Stopped being scanned/tracked once it departed Portland OR. Thought it sat there for a week. I didnt think I'd ever see it but it arrived yesterday. Fun game, humorous little touches throughout both game & manual
  10. Probably in rubles
  11. https://www.creativeboom.com/features/atari-design/
  12. https://www.creativeboom.com/features/atari-design/
  13. Well, since we're showing our Atari cocktail trackball game scores...& if "today" was last Sept 12... 😜😜🤣👍
  14. Good news! I got to Day 5 on the GBA version just now!
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