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  1. Last night starting on Medium (as usual) I got 2-3 sectors in past the 1st Mukor encounter. That's the best I've done yet. Oh & for Machine debating a purchase, Blasteroids uses a spinner control rather than buttons to rotate the ship. I rarely use transform but I discovered the smallest ship is ideal for blasting the tan geometric faceted asteroids.
  2. Blasteroids has raster graphics (rasteroids?) so it wouldn't go with your 2 in that sense. If you want to stay vector I'm thinking Space Duel. The boss battle against Mukor (a big green cacodemon-type monster) is relatively easy, just gotta blast his enemy-spewing protuberances- which are mini versions of the game's enemy ships (I think shrunk down to make Mukor look huge). & the gameplay backgrounds are actual NASA photos digitized by ILM. & there are tons of variables, powerups, & enemies- even 4-5 different kinds of asteroids! What Im doing currently is coining up x5 & seeing how far I can get on that. Once I'm able to best the game on 5 credits, I'll drop down to 4, & so on. BTW my monitor is experiencing slow horizontal collapse at the bottom 1/3.of the screen
  3. Make sure this didn't happen. Thats the underside of the power supply.
  4. Oh BTW once I got it into place there, the next day the BLUE came back to the screen! Was told probably a bad solder joint.
  5. Hey all I'm in dire need of stuff to put on my gameroom walls & Im thinking the artwork mentioned would be ideal (my gameroom leans Atari) esp. any featuring robots, since that's one of my themes.
  6. You guys doing Vindicators anytime soon?
  7. Gave it a good home 👍👍👍
  8. Found the problem 🙄🙄🙄
  9. Also, fuses are checked & fine. Coin mechs & marquee not illuminated (& were not illuminated on site). Also on the HouseQuake audio board, of the 3 red LEDs, the 2 nearest the heat sinks light up, but not the 3rd.
  10. Hey arcade aficionados, got a sweet score on a Blasteroids a few days back, played fine onsite but monitor has a bad blue transistor...anyway I unloaded it & it worked fine in my garage, then I got it inside & down 12 stairs with a minimum of bumping (I was careful), plugged it in & no dice. Monitor comes on but no display/game screen, & when I jiggle the entire machine (it's on casters) I briefly get some intermittent "garbage"(?) flashing. Experienced friend of mine is thinking bad power supply, it's a HAPP Power Pro (not original) if that helps. Unsure how to check voltages on it as it has no exterior connections. TIA!!!!
  11. RJ


    Sold him my 800XL system & everything I had for it. He's out East but we coordinated the plan with great communication & he did everything as promised. I met his daughter locally & he will get the items from her. A pleasure to do busines with him!
  12. Didnt see/find a follow-up post- how did this turn out?
  13. Wow ppl sure like to drag their feet
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