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  1. Polybius is an urban legend & was not made by Atari. Apparently it drove the player(s) insane over time.
  2. Yes I finally just got around to playing everything today, Victory will take some time to master🤣 & I thought the SAME THING about room to attach the stock contoller to the Roller port 🤣🤣😳 & apparently the CV Roller ball itself doesnt yellow with age? Mine's super clean like yours 👍 I hadn't played it (or Zenji OR Slither!) back in the day, I guess thats why I stay away from "new" retro/classic games & homebrews- there's still too much great stuff from the past I havent gotten to. Heck even the pause music during Slither & Victory was fun to hear
  3. Another flawless transaction here! I finally got around to try a bunch of CV stuff bought from his sale.that I received last week. _Bill had great all around service & was a pure pleasure to work.with. Do not hesitate to deal with Atari_,Bill!!!
  4. This gets even MORE fun- 5 or so yrs back I bought all my boss' "Atari games" for $50 which included the plastic TV console caddy...& unbeknownst to me, he must've owned a Colecovision & the Atari expansion module cuz CV carts were mixed in w/ the Atari games! Beamrider, Quest for Quintana Roo, War Room, Illusions were some noteworthy titles. He hadn't mentioned a CV, it's funny how everything is "Atari" or "Nintendo" to non-hobbyists. Well I saw the Roller Controller manual in there too, & the Slither cart (which requires the Roller) so I asked if he still had the Roller. Weeks became months of pushing & prodding from me & empty excuses from him: "I think I know what box it's in, in the garage", "I didnt have time to look today", "garage cleanup is.on my schedule", etc. So after _Bill & I finalized the deal this past week, I told my boss "screw you I finally got that trakball" 😂😂😂 Also funny was he still had the manuals for some games, & he kept his Decathlon records & his high jump was some insane height & I was teasing him about cheating 😂 David Crane included HIS own records for the events & said "look man, you even beat the PROGRAMMER's score!!"
  5. Which is odd b/c while negotiating the deal, I mentioned to _,Bill a collector book (image below) from yrs back (he also owned the book so he knew what I meant) that mentions the Victory ROMs are ALL corrupted/dont work. I've had it a few times in the past & always never worked. Maybe you had the CBS version (which was just fine)
  6. (*transporter noise*) "You cant catch me!" "Yeoww-woo!" (Same audio as the Gauntlet II thief)
  7. Ordered, & rec'd from AA member Atari_Bill this weekend- CV Roller Controller in fabulous shape, + a working* Victory, Zenji, & Mr DO! *All Coleco Victory carts were said to have left the factory w/ corrupted ROM & none are supposed to work, but this was tested before shipment & said to work fine, so.🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  8. In Zenji, are all levels the same each time you play? That is, once you beat the 1st few levels do you still have to play thru them every time, effectively making them a waste of time? BITD games didnt always incorporate a.level skip option.
  9. Works with Atari 2600. 7800, & ColecoVision carts, & audio cassette cases!!
  10. Now there's a sentence you don't see every day.
  11. Heya anyone got this poster FS/T I'm iinterested
  12. (31) 1-gallon Ziploc bags of used Lego @ $1/bag. Previous owner was a young kid so at least 2 bags worth were chewed/gnawed parts, luckily easily replaceable basic bricks. His dad must've mixed a few of his Classic Space sets in, 4 of those have been ID'ed in there. 60+ sets in all, mostly newer City & Marvel sets. I literally cried for joy.
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