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  1. It was my pleasure, watching live will definitely be a new fun thing I'm adding to my weekly routine. Watching you guys actually inspired me to play my 2600 after. That's so cool I didn't know you have the developers on the chat, will be sure to interact in there more next time. Great work. 🙂
  2. I watched your livestream for the first time yesterday, made me glad to have a Twitch account, it was so much fun!
  3. It looks like a very fun, intricate game. I commented in the Facebook group but I love the artwork of the overlay on this one as well! Looking forward to playing. That's great that the overlays are scanned and will be available for printing! This will be a great resource for anyone who may have the cards but not the overlays or who may want to print new overlays to prevent wear and tear on the originals. Thank you for all your hard, great work!
  4. I bought these 2 KC Munchkin games from Michael at Good Deal Games, and as you can see from the case and extras (from KC's Escape), it's top notch stuff. Michael was super nice over email and shipped the games really quickly. Will definitely be a repeat customer, and if you're an Odyssey 2 fan as well, I recommend these.
  5. Agree! Michael is a very nice guy, I've only had email interactions with him but hope to meet him at a future convention. Definitely can say buy with confidence and support his store. Lots of great homebrews for various systems.
  6. Mine just arrived, I snuck a few rounds with it as I'm working, but WOW this is GREAT! Can't believe I've held out on getting a Harmony for so long, this is amazing. I may hardly get any sleep tonight. 😉
  7. I just bought 2 Odyssey2 homebrews from Good Deal Games recently. The turnaround time is really fast as is shipping, things are a little slower now as they go to the post office a bit less often due to COVID19. But still with all that it was super fast. As for the Odyssey 2 games I have, I say the labels and case design look pretty good quality to me. They're also great about returns if you decide you don't like a game for any reason. A few months back I bought a 2600 homebrew there, the quality of the label seemed good to me, but for whatever reason even after them sending me a replacement game, the game would always show a rolling image on my 2600 so I was able to return both copies for a refund. They're great to work with.
  8. I was just playing Pac-Man 4K, which I hadn't in a while, and was blown away by how great it looks, sounds and plays. Very much looking forward to Aadvark when it arrives, the box also looks amazing. Funny enough, this thread and the store review is what led me to finally get Aadvark, so you might be right. 😉 Oh I'm also expecting the Harmony cart today as well so I feel like I'm doing a good job catching the bug. In$piration!!! Now that's very accurate. 😂😂😂 Sweet, I actually wasn't aware of ZeroPageHomebrew, also love that I can catch the livestream tomorrow, nice! I will and you too! 🕹️
  9. The only homebrew I own for the 2600 is Pac-Man 4K, until now as I've just ordered Aadvark, inspired by this thread.
  10. Looks great Zach! Very unique. I can't wait to play this along with the rest of Game Pack #3.
  11. Awesome!!! Thank you for the update, looking forward to this. 😁
  12. Just ordered one after looking at the Harmony for months and wondering about it, thank you for offering this sale! Looking forward to lots of game time on my 2600. ☺️
  13. Mine just arrived too, thank you so much! Great work! Looking forward to playing this!
  14. One for me please!!! This is so awesome. 😊
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