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  1. Really enjoying playing the Atari 2600 on a regular basis again. :D

    1. save2600


      Indeed, the sights and sounds of the good 'ol VCS still excite to this day! Check out the homebrews of the last 20 years too if you haven't gone down that path yet. So much fun yet to be had.   :)

    2. Atari2008


      I agree! The VCS is truly a timeless console. It's aged beautifully without missing a beat. And while I love many consoles of that era, there's something special about the VCS. It's the one I easily enjoy the most. Funny you should bring up homebrews! I started a thread asking for recommendations since so many games in the store here look great. 😁 The only one I've have is Pacman 4K which I love. Look forward to adding quite a few more. 😊 Long live the VCS!

    3. GoldLeader


      ^save2600 gets it!!!

  2. Looking forward to getting back into the 2600 scene in 2016.

  3. My girlfriend got me Atari 2600 Keyboard Controllers and an Atari t-shirt for my birthday. I'm a lucky man and one happy retro-gamer. :)

    1. Austin


      She's a keeper!

    2. Atari2008


      Thanks man! Agreed!

  4. Considering a break from gaming. The feeling just isn't there at the moment.

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    2. Corby


      pretty dramtic don't you think!!

    3. Atari2008


      I'm nothing if not dramatic. :) I've been thinking about this for a while, I just find retro gaming overwhelming at the moment. Too many options, too little time, space and money.

    4. Fletch


      Like most things in life, there is ebb and flow. It is called life for a reason, step out and try something new.

  5. Wow, just had a nice Atari 2600 game play session. I've neglected my 2600 for a bit but tonight was a good night. Played quite a few games till I found one that hit the spot and that was Atlantis. Loved everything about it from the cool cartridge case to the actual game. Definitely need to check out more Imagic titles.

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    2. Atari2008
    3. ls650


      I've been playing Atlantis on my O2 lately. Good game...

    4. Atari2008


      I have an O2 also, so this is a good port of the game? I'm curious since Imagic was the only 3rd party developer to make O2 games in the US.

  6. Happy 2014 fellow Atari Age members! Also a Happy 37th anniversary to the RCA Studio II on its debut month.

  7. Had an awesome time last night playing all my Activision 2600 games: Enduro, Pitfall, Chopper Command, Keystone Kapers, and Ghostbusters (admittedly I'm not entirely sure how to play this one).

  8. Received some holiday money. Wonder if I should put some of it toward my retro-gaming hobby. Maybe a Heavy Sixer, 5200, Colecovision or RCA Studio II. Or buying more 2600 games since I already have a 4-switch.

  9. After watching James & Mike play the Atari 2600 in their 4-part episodes, I decided to play some Atari 2600 of my own. Had a blast playing Defender, Asteroids, and Missile Command. The 2600 is still my favorite console of all time.

    1. Ransom


      It is a great console with a wonderful variety of games.

    2. Atari2008


      Agreed!!!! You can really play it all day and not get bored.

  10. I feel like I've been neglecting my Atari 2600.

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    2. Atari2008


      I haven't played it in 2 months :(

    3. ilovethevectrex


      ouch! i havent played mine in about a week, but that was when i was recording a lets play. i havent TRULY played it in about a month :L

    4. Atari2008


      Better than me, LOL. I need to show my Atari some love.

  11. Happy 35th birthday Atari 2600!!! I need to get to gaming before the day is over...of course after I finish on AtariAge. :c)

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