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  1. Just ordered one after looking at the Harmony for months and wondering about it, thank you for offering this sale! Looking forward to lots of game time on my 2600. ☺️
  2. Mine just arrived too, thank you so much! Great work! Looking forward to playing this!
  3. Exactly! I felt pulled and it really drained my enjoyment of the hobby which for me at that point defeats the purpose as this should be fun and not a second job. Exactly, the having to re-arrange whenever I wanted to play something just meant over time I didn't play anything at all. Now my collection is small enough that everything fits in my entertainment unit and I can play anything whenever I want without having to move things around. Far better. Selling was barely profitable at all but I knew that, I just wanted the stuff out.
  4. This is all very exciting! Thank you for your hard work and dedication on this, a true labor of love.
  5. Same I've never thrown anything away for the same reason, I think this is older and there won't be more and likely there will be even less in the future, so I always think about preservation and giving the opportunity for someone who really wants it to have it. I've sold things at a loss or one time even sold my stuff to a shop that basically paid me pawn shop prices and overpriced all my stuff for sale, so that part has usually sucked but I feel a bit better knowing that hopefully someone who really wants it is getting it. I will say since reading this thread I've sold a few things here and there, and bought some stuff too but my collection now is literally only down to systems I'll play which I feel better about and makes me happier overall. While my collection has never gotten huge many times I'll get a system on impulse, realize I don't care for it, it sits there for years taking up space and dust and then unmotivates me to engage in the hobby. Now it feels focused and I interact with what I have more. Plus if I ever really really miss something most times I can just buy it again.
  6. Please put me down for 1 deluxe instead of the regular. Thank you!!!!
  7. Same here! There were a few rifles up on eBay recently but they went quickly. I got the game first, hoping to get the rifle (and a CRT) later.
  8. Yes please! Count me in! And a 1 player game to boot woo hoo! Perfect as I don't currently have anyone to play Odyssey with. 😁
  9. I would most definitely be interested as I'm new to the Odyssey, having owned mine for almost a year now, I am very much interested in collecting as much as i can for it, so I'm definitely in.
  10. It does, I tried it right after I posted this. I only have the one TV, but I'm planning to get a CRT at some point so I could try it on that when I do.
  11. Selling things really becomes time consuming and a job in and of itself and sometimes for very little return, it's part of the reason why I end up with stuff in the closet as sometimes I just don't want to deal with the tediousness.
  12. I have an Intellivision II that I rarely use, and decided to hook up today, and I notice it has a screen jumping issue. The screen will hold steady for a few seconds, then hop up and down for a few seconds, then settle back down. Anyone know what's causing this? For some context, I'm using this RF cable: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mattel-Intellivision-Television-TV-RF-Video-Cable-Adapter-Connector-Switch-Box/292322701465?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 And connecting it to a Vizio TV that I got last year, I don't have a CRT at the moment in case that would make a difference. I also have the Intellivision II connected to a VCR and the VCR connected to the TV via the composite. Also I attached a video but honestly it's a bit worse in real life than the video captured. Thank you in advance for the help. Inty Screen Jump.mp4
  13. This is GREAT! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to this. I'm really looking forward to it!
  14. I've downsized if I've needed more money or ran out of space, in my experience with the exception of rare items, like something hard to find from back in the day or a homebrew that was released in limited numbers, I found I haven't missed things I've sold. Though sometimes I'll sell a console only to buy the same one again a few years down the road lol. I would say I have found I haven't missed the stuff as much as I thought I would, the extra space can be nice, besides it's not long until I add another classic console to my collection to take its place. I say if it's something you can get again down the road if you miss it, downsizing won't be a big deal.
  15. I agree with folks who have said that in the short term prices may go up as there's a bit of a spike, I know personally I have gone months without buying stuff and since this has started I've been buying quite a few video games. Haven't noticed a price drop.
  16. More than okay with these changes, just excited about this quality homebrew and thankful for all the effort and work you have put into this. I don't even have an Odyssey rifle yet lol and I'm getting this game! My Odyssey collection is a rapidly growing work in progress and this will be a most fun addition. So glad I got an Odyssey last summer, its quickly grown to be my favorite thing to collect for. 😃
  17. FANTASTIC! Thank you so much! Already have the money set aside. ☺️
  18. Are these still available? If so, I'd love to be added to the list please!
  19. I'm setting up my Magnavox Odyssey (the original from 1972), and I have a few questions about TV's, given the overlays that are required for the Odyssey games. I have a 40" LED Vizio and the Odyssey works on it and gives a pretty decent image, however given the size of the screen the the bezel is too far for me to safely tape the overlays onto it. The other option for getting the overlays to stay on the TV during game play would be to tape it onto the TV screen itself, would there be any potential harm to the TV in doing that? Or is there some type of tape or adhesive which would be safe for using on the TV screen itself? Another thought I had is that I could get a smaller cheap flat screen TV, I used to have a 26 inch in which the overlays fit very nicely actually, I could possibly get a new TV in the 20-something inch range that would be just for the Odyssey (and since it would be a back up if there were any damage to the screen it wouldn't be too bad). Or would the ideal set up be a traditional CRT TV? Thank you for your thoughts and comments, and I hope everyone is doing well.
  20. I was wondering about the extra milliamps, thank you for clarifying! Looks like the jack is a bit smaller than the tip of the 2600 power supply but perhaps I can find something comparable that will fit now that I know the specs.
  21. Funny I was thinking the Atari 2600 one would be a good candidate, but exactly I'm going to find out the exact specs of the original power supply to be sure. Think I might actually have the opportunity to play the Odyssey with someone instead of me just testing it out solo to make sure it works.
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