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  1. Is the jumper something on the multicart that I would adjust or inside the console itself? Not very tech savvy.
  2. I actually did once I realized that the multi cart came with all these diagnostics. It passed the RAM test as well as all the others so I'm not sure what the issue is.
  3. It's odd to me as well. I just tried it and the ship in Invaders won't move at all, but it does fire. An odd pattern I've noticed is that if I spray the cartridge port with an air can and then put the multicart in and power it up, the ship does move left and right and works fine for maybe under a minute before the ship slowly stops responding. I was wondering if it was something buggy with my console or perhaps an issue with the cartridge port. From the looks of things there might be hair and other debris deep inside that I'm not reaching. I was thinking of acquiring another console in the future and comparing.
  4. I'm noticing some glitches with my console. In Space Invaders, I can't move left or right. I cleaned the cartridge port contacts several times with an air can. Initially right after booting it up, I could move the ship left or right. But slowly it stopped being able to move. In Kaboom I can move left or right but there are moments where it's sluggish. Berserk seems to crash after a while. Pac-Man works flawlessly. Is something up with my unit?
  5. Originally I was supposed to receive my box yesterday - I started tracking it quite often once I saw that folks on here started receiving theirs. And then it was delayed. So it arrived this afternoon, and I have to say that it was well worth the anticipation that built up due to the additional wait! The box looks AMAZING! You did such a GREAT job with it. I love how shiny and new it looks yet how classic and retro it feels. It feels as if it were 1977 and I had just bought one of the original games for the first time. It blends in nicely with the originals. Now I want to collect more original boxed games. Well done! Also I took a chance and bought an as-is console and eBay and fortunately it works! I've been able to finally play the multicart too and absolutely LOVE it! Really brings the RCA S2 to life!
  6. Not sure if I can afford one, but I'd like to buy an RCA Studio II console with at least 1 game since I just received my multi-cart, and of course now I want to play it. Send me a private message if you have one you'd like to sell. Thanks for looking.
  7. Just got mine today too, can't wait to play! Now all I need is a console.
  8. Thank you for this! I'd love a box too, please add me to the list!
  9. Thank you for this bump! I am watching it, but needed the reminder so thank you!, and I had a feeling from the post that the seller was a fellow retro gamer. Awesome! Great collection. Thank you. I'm looking to have an RCA S2 in my collection again. It's one of those offbeat consoles I like. That exhibit looks awesome! I hope someone does go and can do a report-back.
  10. I'm still adjusting to this being a new year too. I agree the switchbox is annoying. When I had an RCA S2 (note to self acquire a new one this year because you like quirky game consoles), my desire to play it was usually defeated by having to hook up the switchbox. Plus I have an antenna so I have to unscrew it to put the RCA Studio II in. Maybe when I get an S2 I should set it up on its own TV too. Hook it up to your big LCD, let people be amazed by the hi-res graphics and surround sound.
  11. Don't have your Studio II out? I'm surprised it's not permanently set up and ready for action at any given moment. I agree, it is the closest to a good Studio II game. I feel that way about Space War too.
  12. Looking forward to getting back into the 2600 scene in 2016.

  13. Niiiiice!!! Have you played it yet? I was always intrigued by that game, not just given how rare it is but that it actually appears to be an arcade like game on the Studio II. Have fun!
  14. Thank you for this game. I'm just learning about it but from the pic in the store it looks awesome! Look forward to playing...and your future releases.
  15. It's pretty awesome! I read your posts about UFO for the O2, quintessentially 80s games and Ralph Baer. That rare promotional photo for the RCA Studio II was a treat!
  16. Going to have to check out your blog. I would also like to see more video reviews of late 70s consoles, in particular the RCA Studio II and Channel F.
  17. Thank you for this easy description. I'm not not a noob but kinda since I've only owned a 4-switch and have casually collected/gamed for years. This thread has been inspiring, I may get a heavy sixer at some point so this will come in handy.
  18. Definitely let us know if there is a podcast available in case I miss it. I saw Howard Scott Warshaw in the Alamogordo dig documentary and found what he had to say to be moving. Also LOVE Yars Revenge.
  19. Hey, does anyone have a Namco Ms. Pac-Man Plug n Play they're willing to part with? A co-worker of mine had one of these that he loved, but I guess it broke. I told him I'd help him find a new one. This is the particular model that he had: It has the following games: Ms. Pac-Man Xevious Mappy Pole Position Galaga Please feel free to reply on here or send me a message. Many thanks!
  20. I have to concur here. When I did have an O2, the tipping point for me was when Revival decided to make homebrews for it. I thought yay the O2 is now getting some homebrew love. I ordered directly from them so I remember them being kinda pricey and very much a let down when I did get the games. They never seemed to measure up in terms of excitement and complexity, although visually I thought a lot of them looked great, I found the game play shallow. I concur with the labels, they're of rather poor quality, and for that much money, I felt I would've been better off just hunting down original titles. Before I sold the O2, I sold all my Revival games and didn't miss them at all. I'm blown away that I didn't realize how close Mayhem is to Dodge It, being a Channel F aficionado. I've never played KTAA but I've heard nothing but good things about it.
  21. Hey SilvaHaloOne! Thank you for that recommendation. I see they have gold plated ones pretty cheaply on eBay. That should work perfectly for since I'm just trying to connect the antenna and the 2600. Hope your new arrangement works out for you!
  22. I might try one of those splitters. I'm trying to have both my 2600 and antenna connected and bought a switchbox but it gets horrible interference over the RF. Long-term I might just get my 2600 modded.
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