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  1. Wow, thank you for this update! Definitely well worth the wait. Thank you for all your hard work to uncover this amazing information. I'm excited to read about future discoveries as well as the upcoming multi-cart. This is beyond awesome!
  2. Wow. I had a Genesis growing up, wanted the Sega CD too. This brought back warm memories, the Spidey one anyway. I'm going to watch Altered Beast now.
  3. Good to hear! I'll just track eBay, if I can get it for less I'll definitely make the jump. I'm assuming the Panasonic is the most reliable model? I was going with that also based on nostalgia since it's what I remembered from the commercials back in the day. I wasn't even aware there were other manufacturers.
  4. You are making quite the case...I haven't been impressed with a system in a while.
  5. It is really nice to see the 3DO getting love after all these years. I don't know why but for whatever reason this system that I coveted when I was 10 years old has been brought back to my consciousness. I do agree, finally getting my hands on one, since I never even saw one in person, would be quite awesome. It's a bit beyond my range at $100-$150 but of course far less than the $700 price tag it carried when I was a kid. Seriously considering owning one.
  6. I became aware of the system when it first came out, I was in the 6th grade. I remember seeing the commercials and thinking the games looked really cool, in particular Jurassic Park. I had a Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo at the time so I was excited about the next big thing. It was too pricey, so my parents didn't get it for me. My dad got me an Atari Jaguar 3 years later, it was cheaper and on its last legs by then, but the library left a sour taste in my mouth. I also had an N64! So it would be cool to finally get a system I wanted back then but couldn't afford, at least for the experience if anything. And it sounds like it has cool games and quite the following.
  7. Thank you for sharing that. I actually wanted a 3DO back in the day when I saw the commercials but my parents couldn't afford it. I wish I had gotten one at the time too. I'll look into it, would be nice to finally get to experience it. I agree, I'd rather have the original games in their packaging, a burned disc wouldn't feel the same for me, I want the full experience.
  8. That's what I saw on eBay, they seemed pretty pricey.
  9. Congrats! I've been thinking about getting one of these. It's nice to hear that it had a good library of games. Gex seems fun. How much do these go for?
  10. I learned of this system a few months ago, and became quite obsessed with it. I found a few links, I'll post them later when I'm at my computer. There is also a flash cart in the works for it. I wanted a console really bad but the boxed ones I've seen on eBay have gone for $300-$400. It's an obscure machine but one seems to go up on eBay about once a month. The games seem pretty lackluster although their Space Invaders clone is fun and shows the system is capable of more.
  11. I'm offering for sale my Magnavox Odyssey 2 with 7 boxed games and 4 Videopac manuals. The system comes with everything, the joysticks, RF cable and power supply. It's fully functional and in good physical condition. The games are as follows: KC Munchkin Volleyball UFO Speedway/Spinout/Cryptologic Las Vegas Blackjack War of Nerves Alien Invaders Plus All of the games are complete in box, but KC, Volleyball, and UFO the boxes are opening up a bit as you can see in the photos. The other four games, the boxes are much tighter and pristine. I'm also including the four Videopac manuals in the photo. PM me an offer if you're interested.
  12. This is a good question segasaturn, and I appreciate you posting it. It's one that I've struggled with myself even though I hardly have a collection as large as yours or that of many people on here. I have 2 Channel F's with a total of 16 games, a Magnavox Odyssey 2 with a total of 6 games, 2 Atari 2600's with maybe 50 or so games, and my latest acquisition an RCA Studio II with 7 games. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and feel it's too much. Mostly because my apartment isn't that big, I share it with my girlfriend, and I don't have the money to get shelves and stuff to display everything properly, plus I don't want to get buried by games, even though I love them. Also, I do have a bit of an insatiable appetite and crave rare systems that are pricey so finances can come into play. I agree that's subjective. Collect as many or as little as you feel comfortable with. I also find that sometimes my interest in certain systems comes and goes, so I've thought of a rotation. Hook one or two up for a period of time, when I get bored, rotate and put the rest in the closet. Also I think finances limits how much you can get. They key thing I learned is to have fun, and as long as you're doing that and it's not taking away from life or other things, go for it.
  13. They look awesome! Congrats! Good luck hunting down loose copies to play. Nice Nintendo collection too.
  14. Awesome! Which games do you have? I've played AdventureVision in emulation and have found it quite fun. I enjoyed Defender and Turtles a lot, but out of the 4 games I did enjoy all of them. interesting machine.
  15. Awesome! Looks great and good price. Hope you're enjoying!
  16. I'm curious, is there any news on the Multi-Cart front? The homebrews were really amazing, and it would be awesome to be able to play them on the actual hardware.
  17. I've been playing with the other carts, I've been having fun. That's funny that your dad made you trade the bike back! LOL
  18. I recently bought an RCA S2 boxed collection from him and the transaction was as smooth as can be. His communication was great, he shipped everything quickly and it was packaged very carefully. The condition of everything was great. A very professional and personable seller to do business with. I highly recommend!!!!!!!!!
  19. Thanks for this post! Yeah, I think the novelty would wear off with the AdventureVision, plus I'd be afraid of the spinning mirror breaking too. I like having rare consoles but that one is a bit too rare. Thanks for the rare but fun consoles list! I haven't heard of most of them so I'll look into them, looks like they do have fun libraries. The SG-1000 I've heard about since a lot of those games have been ported over to the Colecovision as homebrews. Looks fun!
  20. My girlfriend got me Atari 2600 Keyboard Controllers and an Atari t-shirt for my birthday. I'm a lucky man and one happy retro-gamer. :)

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      She's a keeper!

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      Thanks man! Agreed!

  21. I'm excited for the Channel F cover! I have the Atari 2600 one and Barb and Jerry do amazing professional work!
  22. That's awesome. I love hearing from people who actually owned one of these less popular systems back in the day. People seem to have enjoyed the bowling game, I've played it, it's actually pretty fun.
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