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  1. aftermac


  2. Centipede: 32,769 Spider Fighter: 9380 Spider Droid: 651 Too many games... not enough time... and now I'm going out of town for 10 days! I'm taking my laptop so, hopefully I can get some game time in.
  3. Ninja Golf: 22,670 Sirius: 6050 Double Dragon: 5900 I haven't gotten much game time in lately, so I just want to make sure I get some quick scores in for all three games.
  4. Updated Season Rankings: (In case anyone missed it on page 2 of Crack'ed)
  5. Updated Season Rankings: The new ranks include 1 bonus point each for Gorfy and NIKON for setting records on the Normal and Insane settings, respectively. Congrats, guys!
  6. 4,800 I'll take my participation point this week...
  7. 272 Not going to have much more time to play this week, so this might be it...
  8. Bonus: I'm moving into Tapper's Corner Brewery with lots of IPA's, stout's, and porter's on tap, sports on the tube, arcade games, darts, pool table, hot bar girls, and everybody knows your name.
  9. Updated Standings: These standing have been corrected. I was a bit too quick and didn't add in the Centipede bonus points. Thanks for the heads-up Oyama!
  10. Centipede Week 2 Bonus: Play on Advanced Setting. Top 3 scores get bonus points. (+3, +2, +1) Current Standings:
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