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  1. I’m not surprised in the least by any of this. The entire retro gaming market has been on an upward spike for several years now and the covid pandemic of the past year or so has added even more fuel to that fire. People have been stuck at home & bored out of their minds for longer then ever before. And people have had very limited access during this time to entertainment venues such as concerts, movies, shows, traveling, etc. So it’s created the perfect storm. Bored at home with lots of money and nothing to spend it on.
  2. Greetings… I am looking to buy a Commodore 64 Sales Cartridge (demo cart). Please PM me if you have one for sale. Also looking for a few other carts, so if you have any available for sale or trade, PM me with what you got.
  3. I might have one. I’ll check later today. I don’t think I can put it in a regular flat letter envelope because it will be bulging in there, and the post office has called me out on that before. So I’ll have to use a small padded envelope. And that will likely cost a couple bucks. But if your willing to pay that, it’s yours. Edit: so I checked and I couldn’t find a spare one. But they are smaller then I thought so I might be able to use a regular envelope after all. And I do have one that is very similar to it that will work so just pm me with your address if you want it and it’s yours for free.
  4. Yeah, nobody responded because it’s so blatantly obvious that it’s a fake/copy/reproduction/etc. (whatever you want to call it) Even if one was to make a stand alone cart for that title, they would use the proper text labels or maybe the early picture labels, but certainly not a silver label era packaging. The “value” of that cart is $5. Even less to people who know how to assemble them.
  5. I don’t really have anything to contribute here, but I did notice that the Asteroids art in one of the belts windows is upside down. See if you can correct that.
  6. I’ve got a spare one I can sell you. I’ll dig it out and play test it and send you a PM.
  7. The infamous reason as to why the Telegames Colecovision clone system became rare, is the “tornado in Texas destroys warehouse” story. And one of the reasons why the clone system was slightly desirable, was because it could also play Sega SG-3000 cards.
  8. I normally just use the windows standard internet explorer. But I’ve tried lots of different things over the past few days, nothing worked. It hasn’t been a priority for me because from day one I had already decided that I was going to buy the regular and least expensive option. And since I knew those are “unlimited”, I wasn’t concerned about time. But now I am starting to get worried because I’d like for my cart to ship out at the same time as everyone else and that March 22nd deadline is getting closer.
  9. I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to purchase one for days now. I just tried again, just now. The site is currently stuck in some crazy psychedelic loop.
  10. Which btw, that was inaccurate. (Not just the inflation adjustment which was way too high) Rather the $39.99 price point, which was not reached for any 2600 game until at least mid 1983.
  11. Surely “completely settled” means those who paid getting there money back, right?
  12. I have the same cart. Seemed identical to final when I played mine.
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