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  1. This thread reminds me of the “show me your rarest 8bit cartridge” thread from the Atari 400/800 forum. And it will inevitably also head in that direction eventually as well.
  2. Oh I absolutely agree. I listened to the entire interview with Dan & I enjoyed it thoroughly. Dan’s years of experience, combined with his vivid imagination and whole hearted dedication, are what makes his games so good. His programming talents & attention to detail are what makes the difference between an average game & an excellent game. As a child, when looking to get my next 2600 game, I specifically looked for Activision games. In much the same way as in when I was a teenager, I would purchase Konami games for my NES. They were the best of the best. Activision’s use of colors, and details, and sound effects were always the best. Also the game concepts were always original too. And the gameplay was always fun & engaging as well as simple to control. And I had never really thought about the “clean” concept of Activision’s 2600 games until I heard him describe & explain it; although even as a young kid I must have subconsciously realized it because it was somewhat evident to me, I just couldn’t put it to words. I still remember the day I bought 2600 Reactor (Parker Bros.) and thinking that my cart might be defective because of all the “interference” it had on screen!
  3. Can you please clarify and/or elaborate a bit more on your October 3rd 2019 announcement on Twitter?
  4. Well, then maybe this is the one instance where it may actually be a good thing that the cartridge was donated to a museum. Because what they do/did with it after the fact is/was out of Dan’s control. So he has plausible deniability.
  5. Would these limitations have been “lessened”, making the 2600 “more powerful”, had Atari not cheap skated with a 6502 rather then using the true 6507. ?
  6. Loosely related; was the true original & authentic bin for the original 400/800 tempest proto ever made available anywhere? (BEFORE it was modified into the “tempest extreme” version)
  7. I just tried it on Harmony and it didn’t work. But I’m sure they’ll work it out soon enough. Thanks.
  8. Just quoting this for preservation. It’s easy to forget the above when you’ve seen & played so many incredible games on the 2600. The Atari 2600 programmer had to have an incredible imagination, coupled with a highly specialized technical proficiency, wrapped up with a relentless determination. (and serious sleep deprivation too)
  9. I’ve lost count how many times over the years it’s been said: “it’s easy” or “no problem” or “5 minutes” or “how hard can it be?” etc.
  10. Incorrect my friend! Tempest has crisp & clean emulated screenshots clearly displayed in the article on his Atari protos website!
  11. I just want to point out for the record here, that this very website has this service available: $25.00 Custom Atari 2600 Cartridge Custom Atari 2600 cartridge using the binary and label artwork you send us.
  12. I disagree. Activision’s versions of their 2600 games on other systems were indeed improved graphically if & when it was possible to do so. And even massively upgraded as well; such as was the case with Pitfall II : Explorers Edition for 5200 & 400/800. And in some cases, it just wasn’t necessary to make any major changes because the gameplay itself was what made the game so good. Say for example Kaboom; where it’s all about hand-eye coordination. Graphics are barely relevant.
  13. I also agree that the Sword Quest games were way too complicated. Adventure, Superman, & Haunted House were the initial 3 from the “Adventure Territory” that we enjoyed as games to play for exploration. Raiders & E.T. also contributed to this category. Needing the instruction manual to learn more about the game mechanics and/or get hints & tips is one thing. But having to read a comic book? I despised comic books. Always have. Still do. Not my cup of tea. When Yars Revenge included one for example, I was like whatever man, I’ll never read this crap. All I ever did with the Sword Quest games was run around trying to find the mini games. Never understood, nor cared to try, the whole “comic book clues” thing. i still remember in Earth World (which I got after Fire World mind you) that if you plugged it in, started the game, and just moved UP on the joystick, it would enter a room & make a cool sound. Had no idea what or why. Didn’t care. Still don’t.
  14. That’s not just name personalization being done there, whereby only editing the text area that was intended for the name, rather that’s just full blown slap whatever the hell bullshit crap you want on the title screen. Please tell me this feels wrong to at least somebody else around here? I can’t be alone in thinking that this is an abomination of what was intended and a bitch slap to the programmer? What little bit of dignity this game was still clinging to after having become shareware just died tonight.
  15. ...so besides Campaign ‘84 for ColecoVision & Socks the Cat rocks the hill for SNES...can anyone think of any other “political” video games? (from the cartridge era only btw; any disc based media excluded here)
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