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  1. If I may? CPUWIZ is a longtime member here who is very well respected and appreciated. He has contributed endlessly and tirelessly to the community. And his wife is artistically gifted and has done much of the artwork for the cool carts he assembles. Most of the time, he builds and dresses up the carts for his personal collection, but often times he might make a few at a time and sell the extras to the community. And sometimes those carts end up changing hands later down the road and end up on eBay. Or worse, copies of them that utilize his artwork.
  2. ...the wiz ain’t gonna he happy about this...
  3. A thousand thanks for making this happen. I myself only just recently got a Commodore 64. I never had one back in the day, but recently decided to get one, mostly out of a curiosity and interest in the game cartridges for it. I’m particularly looking forward to playing the Atarisoft, Activision, Parker Brothers, etc. titles, and comparing / contrasting them with all the other consoles versions.
  4. Wait, so was the cloud originally “intended” to move, but the feature was disabled due to a bug, or was the cloud originally never intended to move, but a bug caused it to do so?
  5. The other funny thing I always see is how people find a PacMan cart and list it on eBay with 20 pics, but the guy that finds a River Patrol only posts 1 crappy out of focus pic.
  6. I love how the people who have had these stored away for decades suddenly find them, know their value, and put them up for sale, but yet without so much as even wiping it down once over. So odd.
  7. I completely disagree! I personally love the Sega Genesis version. It’s the version that exposed me to the game. Granted, it’s very unforgiving, but some games are like that; you just learn the patterns of what to do, where to go, and when to duck.
  8. That has got to be your longest review on the entire site. Wow.
  9. Also, when Parker Brothers contacted the developer to cancel the project, they likely would have kept the w.i.p. just in case it might possibly be repurposed sometime in the future into another game for another company. So that is also a possibility. Care Bears was way less far along, and it still managed to survive. i think Octopussy is in the same category as Ewok Adventure and Journey to Rivendell. A fully playable and pretty much completed game. Incredible Hulk was also most likely playable. The one that is the biggest mystery and likely the least completed, would be Circus Charlie. Anyone know anything about this one? I know we have the box for it.
  10. I’m not a huge NES fan, but if I were, I’d make DAMN sure that at least 1 person I know personally, was buying one of those carts from that run ASAP. And NOT because of “future collectibility”, or “helping out the family”, or “actually wanting to play the game now”...
  11. Yeah, it looks alright. No better or worse then the released Days of Thunder or Bill Eliot’s NASCAR Challenge NES racing games were.
  12. I agree with most of what you said there, but I feel your exaggerating just a little bit. Yes, Motorodeo and Ikari Warriors ended up being far more common then anyone initially thought, but not R1 or even R2. They aren’t Combats and Pac-Mans. I would certainly need to see more photos for better clarity. I mean, the 2 photos above are hardly conclusive. The first one is at a distance and out of focus, and the second one is of T16 games. And none of the sources down there who have been selling these items over the years have ever given full disclosure; and likely never will. It’s in there best interest to keep it vague as to how much they really have and of what. And don’t forget about the social and political atmosphere down there. Items that are “trapped” in that kind of an unstable environment are always at the brink of extinction. On any given day, someone could just seize them all and destroy them.
  13. I still think hundreds of cib copies of 2600 NTSC Fatal Run and 2600 NTSC Klax will eventually turn up down there.
  14. Oh, I didn’t know we had artwork available for the game. I’m able to reach the beach multiple times now without incident, and I‘ve scored over 13,000 points now. I think so long as you make it within a reasonable amount of time, and that you don’t wipe out, you can continue to surf over & over. The technique he’s using in the video of very rapid straight up and down movements is what I had figured out myself and definitely the key to saving time and getting there faster, although not as enjoyable when playing. Adding in the extra elements of sea creatures, sea shells, wooden pylons and such does make the game harder, but less boring and also introduces the opportunity to score lots of bonus points. (done so by “hovering” in between them when they pass the first red line) Regarding the volcano eruption, I couldn’t get it to happen, but I think I figured out how it’s done. It seems to be a reward given when you reach 300,000 points. Because you’ll note that the minute he passes that mark, he proceeds to wipe out and kill himself per say to end the game.
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