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  1. Just my 2 cents on this topic: I can’t speak for all of the everdrives that krikzz makes for all of the systems, but I can tell you that with regards to the NES ever drive, that much to the dismay of the owners, the Chinese knockoffs were found to have compatibility issues. As when the really cool NES Sim City rom was released, it only worked on official krikzz everdrives. It plays the audio but it displays all corrupted sprites and garbled graphics.
  2. Supergun


    There’s really been too much focus on the capacity of the media used. Maybe it would have sufficed, maybe not. Maybe they could have expanded it, maybe not. But regardless, look at the games shown in that video? They look terrible! The narrator is talking about amazing colors, and the images are so saturated and bleeding that it looks like maybe 8 colors can be seen? And all 3 games look the same! Choppy frame scaling simplistic graphics with either a car, plane, or bike! It literally reminded me of Mythicon for the 2600! The same game re-skinned 3 times! The portable Lynx had better scaling and better use of colors! Blue Lightning blows the doors off all 3 of those games combined! At least the Jeff Minter Mutant Camels ‘89 game had bright beautiful and abundant colors. It was the best of the bunch and that’s not saying much, seeing as how it likely was played with just the basic joystick, whereby rendering the hyped up steering controller, light gun rifle, and motion chair as pointless in the process. I never saw anything whatsoever promising about this system back in 1989 when I first read about it and I certainly don’t see it now with all of the additional information, pics, and videos, that have since come to light. Even the 1988 Japan Sega Mega Drive launch titles (Super Thunder Blade and Space Harrier 2) which are a year BEFORE this systems debut are way more colorful and have far better scaling as well.
  3. That was indeed a very detailed and interesting read. I learned many new things about those games that I didn’t know before and it answered several questions.
  4. Supergun


    I don’t know the official reason, but I think part of the reason may have been that it was lackluster. The first time I read an article about it (and I still have it btw) I was left wondering why? As in, why are they even trying to market this thing as a contender? It looked underpowered and outdated compared to everything else on the horizon, and even compared to what was already available!
  5. I think I might have a spare. I will check for you.
  6. I still remember watching intently the attract mode in Sega’s Out Run (arcade version) and noticing that the CPU is slowly but surely making its way through the entire course, driving through all the stages, progressing past all the checkpoints, presumably arriving at the goal and showing the ending. But alas, same as what happened here, after patiently waiting for it…
  7. Fair enough. And that is a valid point. eBay is certainly one of those places where everything is completely slanted in favor of the buyer. And if anything goes wrong, they almost always instantly side with the buyer and the seller gets completely screwed. I guess I should have emphasized when I said “money is money” that I specifically meant when the buyer is willing to do a PayPal gift payment. That’s what I meant by I’m happy to do business with them, regardless of the buyers credentials.
  8. While I can’t (and won’t) speak for others here, I can tell you that the only reason I didn’t respond to this wanted post was because I did not have any of the items that he was looking for. But for the record, if I had, I would have more then happily sold them to him. In my opinion. holding a buyer to the same standards as a seller is not only nonsensical it’s borderline prejudice! Money is money! And when it comes to selling an item, money talks and bullshit walks. But again, that’s just my opinion. And for the record, I too got the “harassment vibe” from reading that in this thread. So surely that can’t be a coincidence?
  9. So, had it been released, I take it that Star Fire would have been another Micro Fun title. Is there any mention of it whatsoever in any catalog or advertisement? Just curious if perhaps maybe we can find some reference to it somewhere. EDIT: I got confused there for a second. The game I meant to reference was Boulder Dash. That was a title that would or could have been a Micro Fun release but never made it out the door yet was released by Telegames. (the proto for Number Bumper, which was slightly altered and released as Amazing Bumpman by Telegames, was a Sunrise Software title)
  10. Definitely a big thanks here for the additional research and resulting information! This game really was much further along then initially thought. The craziest thing is that not only did Fox Video Games put so much time and effort into an unreleased game, but the fact that they did it 4 times! It’s just crazy to me. How is it even possible that they developed 4 ColecoVision games (and all of them to a fully playable state) and yet not a single one made it to market? Surely something must have happened here?
  11. I get what your saying. And sadly, most people who replace the stock bios chip in their systems usually just discard it. I myself don’t have an extra original US bios laying around that I can sell you, but if your unable to find someone here who does, I can sell you an eprom with just the US bios on it so that you can at least play the console exactly as a stock bios would. The truth is, I personally prefer the original debug bios to the unibios. It is the one I use myself on my system. It may not have as many features as the unibios, but it’s a “stealth” bios in the sense that it is accessed instantly (way faster) and differently (more covertly) and everything appears normal to the untrained eye so it can be utilized without detection.
  12. Much appreciated! I’ve never known where to go or what to do in this game so every time I play it I just drive around aimlessly and get frustrated.
  13. What a shame though with Solaris. I mean, the one benefit of getting a PAL cartridge is to get the nicer full color cart sticker variation, and yet it had the same b/w NTSC cart sticker.
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