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  1. Of course. The coincidence scenario fits like a glove. But, in these situations, paranoia also sometimes fits even better, and the reverse April fools reveal always trumps the regular April fools trick. After-all, what better way to get the game released then by forcing it through the use of deception?
  2. It probably doesn’t matter anymore either way. Because it appears like the game will be dumped soon after. But then again, those of us who thought that way the first time a run was made of it several years ago...yeah...so who really knows?
  3. I’ll tell you one thing, in all my years of collecting, I’ve never seen this many carts of an unreleased game coincidentally found by people over & over again. But of course, it’s just a coincidence, so don’t read too much into it.
  4. So let me get this straight. SNK is credited on one line of text in the back of the manual, but not on the cover, nor on the back of the box, nor on the front, nor on the cart sticker, nor on the title screen. (which is completely unheard of btw when it comes to crediting 2nd party developers) In addition, there has never been any information or documentation which states that SNK designed this game nor was involved with it in any way shape or form. But regardless, a wild assumption is made based on what could have merely been an editing text error when the manual was printed. Come on people. Ikari Warriors had just been released prior to Midnight Mutants. Which was an SNK game. Surely it’s possible that a rushed or botched copy & paste job by the art department editor was more likely.
  5. Supergun


  6. Either way, please make sure Rom Hunter saves those images and adds them to the database. They could very well be authentic which makes them historically significant, but even if theyre not, they are hands down the clearest & highest resolution we have ever come across; so now we can dress up our carts much nicer!
  7. Supergun

    Bound High

    Im not a Virtual Boy fan, per say, but I do have the system, rental case, and complete 14 USA cart set. I also have 5 of the 8 Japan exclusive carts. It was an interesting distraction for its time, and a great novelty item to have in a collection today. But I dont have any unreleased or prototype software for it.
  8. Supergun


    Yeah. And its a great game actually. I usually find myself playing both versions on the cart whenever I plug it in. The original proto version is a little rough around the edges, but it is still very playable.
  9. While I agree that Keatah was a bit impulsive on that last comment there, I agree with almost every other point hes made in this thread. Hes been around awhile & hes seen it all, so his knowledge is invaluable here.
  10. Now seeing this, it could have been a legit cart, that either had no label or the label fell off years ago. And the labels that are on it now, were applied by someone else years later merely to identify it.
  11. - main label is clearly a modern standard Avery sticker purchased at an Office Max store. It is bright white and completely the wrong size. - end label is completely out of place. PV originals didnt even have them. And yes, handwriting is completely different & in one solid red color on both labels, which is again incorrect. Finally, the accompanying instruction sheet is also far too bright white & the type text is too dull; clearly a photocopy of an original and/or recently printed. The only thing they got right was the cartridge shell, and even then, crack it open & your sure to find a hex inverter & eprom and/or a non original board.
  12. Theres a local used game store in my area that has a boxed 2600 Worm War I in the display case. I dont recall what theyre asking for it, but I can check next time I stop in there.
  13. They are fun to collect. And I completed the set several years ago, but I still pick them up out of habit whenever I see them in the wild; especially because thats the best way to get them, as stores are oblivious to their rarity & always price them equally to text label versions and/or Atari versions. I have a stockpile of extras and horde them for trade bait.
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