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  1. Supergun


    I guess I would ask just $20 for it. Maybe say $25-$30 shipped? I guess it depends where your located. I’m on the east coast of the USA. (Florida)
  2. Supergun


    I’ve got one (console only) that I can sell you cheap, but it requires lots of blowing on the carts to get it to come up. Probably needs major cleaning.
  3. This has always been the best page for anything and everything Odyssey 2/3 https://www.the-nextlevel.com/odyssey2/
  4. For the record, Gyruss was not released a year after Pitfall II. They were both released the same year, 1984.
  5. Supergun

    Wanted JVC X'Eye

    ...hmm...well said, Kevin Costner.
  6. Thank you for clarifying this. And so, a question, and to be clear, I’m not asking for the “dressed up packaged released version” (with the sound and title screen implemented), as I understand it was/is a purchasable item. But, is the version with just the sound available? I ask because I would like to burn a new eprom with that version so I can update my Joust cartridge.
  7. While I understand what your saying here, and I agree with most of it, it is still imperative that we confirm exactly how the rom with sound came to be. The historical record must be accurate. Such that: If Sean was able to locate another proto rom or board or cartridge that was of a later build which had the sound implemented, then it would maintain the classification of “1983 AtariSoft ColecoVision Joust” as an original unreleased ColecoVision proto. If Sean found some floppy disk or other media which contained the additional sound code files or information, then it would classify it as a “patched” rom file; but it would still be considered “original” to its time period. However, if on the other hand some modern day programmer created or hacked together the sound for the rom file, then it would be classified as a Homebrew game.
  8. Dude, seriously, my playground analysis was only for fun. I was joking around with it. But guys, you’ve got the wrong Pink Panther! He was talking about the ColecoVision tech demo when he mentioned it earlier in the thread.
  9. I keep thinking about the “took his ball and left the playground” analogy. And, well, it just doesn’t seem “accurate”. Yes, a kid taking his ball with him and leaving the playground would leave the rest of the kids unhappy and bored, and without a ball to play with. But, in that analogy, it’s just a regular old ball. Another kid could possibly come by later with another ball. Or one of the remaining kids could just go home and bring their ball. Etc. Because in this example, a ball is a ball. It’s not like the kid left with the ONLY ball in the neighborhood. Or even the only ball in the entire city. Or, perhaps, 1 of only 3 balls on the entire planet. That’s kind of a major detail here. And it would kind of suck way more. Hmm.
  10. It was somewhat interesting to hear. Thanks for sharing that. It’s crazy to think that even the lesser known and less impressive Atari games still required hours and hours of sleepless programmers sacrificing their time.
  11. Agreed. My Joust cartridge (which I acquired from Sean Kelly in person like 20 years ago) is without sound. And I would very much like to upgrade it by replacing the eprom with the version with sound. That rom should be readily available then. (no different then say any of the other authentic protos from the systems original lifespan). No reason it should fall under the umbrella of a “Homebrew” release.
  12. While we’re on the Atarisoft ColecoVision subject, was another build of the joust proto ever found with the sound programmed? I know that one of the aftermarket/Homebrew publishers has a joust with sound, but, it’s unclear as to wether or not a legit proto surfaced (and that’s where it came from) or if they merely programmed the sound for it themselves.
  13. Fact remains, he himself asked to be removed from here and so Tempest (and Albert) merely followed through on his request. 1) as already stated, there are other cartridges of it out there. 2) the cartridges have all been dumped (for years now) so the data is quite safe. 3) now that 1 of them has been “publicly sold” (through eBay mind you which is about as “open to the public” as a transaction can be) plausible deniability has been established. Meaning, the rom can now show up on the internet, and it’s impossible to determine “the who, what, where, when, and why”.
  14. Seriously, a Venetian Blinds patch. Now I’ve seen everything.
  15. I think I have an extra Dreamcast that I can sell you. I’ll look for it today.
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