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  1. Yes. This certainly isn’t the first NTSC cart to turn up in South America.
  2. I think I’ve stated this before, but... I agree that the “impossible” or “completely unrealistic” scores such as having exactly a perfect 65 million points as your record and the second place and all others below are in the 60 thousand range and with random numbers following rather then all zeros, can LOGICALLY be assumed to have been input “clerical” errors and/or blatant lying. PERIOD. I mean if you believe the scores in those scenarios are legit, you need to have your head examined. CLEARLY, something was done wrong there. However, on the other side of the same coin, if you think that Billy Mitchel flew to Japan in 1999, met with Namco personal, played a perfect game on a PacMan machine that Namco set up on their stage in front of their cameras and their own completely controlled environment to which Mitchell had NO ACCESS TO or CONTROL Of, and somehow “cheated”, then you ALSO need to have your head examined. So, in essence, that’s what I’m saying here. And it would be JUST AS UNFAIR (and historically inaccurate) to remove, delete, or negate those achievements for that player, as it would be to allow them to have and hold an impossible, or “achieved by cheating”, score. And so with regards to Todd Rogers, no, he doesn’t have a magical aura or get some kind of special exemption, but he does have undeniable EXTRAORDINARY skills and talent when it comes to certain games. And, again I’ve covered this before, like him or hate him, suspect him of cheating or not, 99% of us who would sit down next to him and play Dragster, or Barnstorming, or whatever really, would not only lose to him, but the “casual” score that he would get in that scenario, would 9 out of 10 times, likely be better then your personal best of all time. So, to negate all of his high scores and ban him “for life”, when he can tie or beat most world records live, and in person, in front of witnesses, is what I would call denial and actually unfair to HIM! There simply has to be an understanding that any high score, properly and legitimately achieved, by any individual, is accepted. PERIOD. Regardless of wether you like them or not and regardless of possible past discretions. Otherwise, whomever does currently hold the accepted record and calls themselves “champion” is not only incorrect, but in complete denial.
  3. Anyone here interested in buying this sign? It’s a great quality, hard plastic, double sided, Super Nintendo display sign that came out of a game store in Miami. The manager there gave it to me back in 1995. PM me with a serious offer if interested.
  4. I actually once brought up the use of that persona/character in the Pixels movie with Mitchell in one of our many discussions. And he was actually contacted by the film makers and consulted, to a certain extent, for some of the content in the movie. But it was very minimal. Regarding all this Twin Galaxies / Guinness World Records / high score lawsuits stuff, I agree that it’s ridiculous & frivolous, but one thing that has always bothered me was the all or nothing manner in which they handled it. Meaning, even if you managed to find rock solid proof that a particular score was indeed achieved through cheating or falsified, or incorrectly entered, or inputted by an unauthorized user, etc., how does that instantly nullify every other score ever achieved by that player? Each and every individual score or record for that player should be subjected to the same rules of protocol with regards to it’s own disqualification. Meaning, each record stands on its own and remains unless or until it can be proven with evidence that it too is invalid.
  5. You listed Golden Axe 1 & 2, but you forgot Alien Storm which is equally awesome and of course, Streets of Rage.
  6. Wiz is hands down, one of the top key members of this site and our Atari community. It cannot even be calculated how much information and innovation he has contributed here over the years. A thousand thanks wouldn’t even come close to covering it.
  7. This one is interesting. Atari Age magazine fonts!
  8. You can barely see the details from those tiny windows. The ad also admits that it’s using animated graphics. Either way, the 2600 version of Q*bert was actually quite excellent. Granted, it was graphically simplistic, but it more then got the job done. The gameplay is all there and the play control is spot on perfect. It even plays faster then the ColecoVision version. (which was my personal favorite version for many years)
  9. Supergun


    I saw that video too (that discusses the Atari Super XE) and it was very interesting to see. It discusses the Panther in more detail then any other video I’ve seen.
  10. I agree that it is most likely legit as well. But mostly because there would be little to no incentive for someone to “fake” a proto of this particular game. As all Tiger Vision carts are scarce, and Polaris is a somewhat rare cart, so purposely damaging one would make no sense. But keep in mind that a green label variation Polaris cart “might” look virtually the same. They also have EPROMs inside. So in theory, one could remove the labels, cut out the plastic housing, and slap an Avery sticker on it with that basic typewriter text, and boom, now it’s a proto. (of course, mostly just paranoia there but just sayin’) But yes, it’s like 99% likely that it’s authentic.
  11. If I may? CPUWIZ is a longtime member here who is very well respected and appreciated. He has contributed endlessly and tirelessly to the community. And his wife is artistically gifted and has done much of the artwork for the cool carts he assembles. Most of the time, he builds and dresses up the carts for his personal collection, but often times he might make a few at a time and sell the extras to the community. And sometimes those carts end up changing hands later down the road and end up on eBay. Or worse, copies of them that utilize his artwork.
  12. ...the wiz ain’t gonna he happy about this...
  13. A thousand thanks for making this happen. I myself only just recently got a Commodore 64. I never had one back in the day, but recently decided to get one, mostly out of a curiosity and interest in the game cartridges for it. I’m particularly looking forward to playing the Atarisoft, Activision, Parker Brothers, etc. titles, and comparing / contrasting them with all the other consoles versions.
  14. Wait, so was the cloud originally “intended” to move, but the feature was disabled due to a bug, or was the cloud originally never intended to move, but a bug caused it to do so?
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