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  1. I'll just leave my two favorites:
  2. Mad Catz didn't suck. Especially right at the end where they finished strong, releasing their very best accessories. Today I bought a M.O.J.O. console.

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    2. Clint Thompson

      Clint Thompson

      I have always loved Mad Catz. Particularly their Dreamcast controllers despite the rubber peeling off of them after a year of constant abusive use, it was still an awesome controller. I currently use a rather recent R.A.T. 3 gaming mouse from their recent incarnation. I didn't even know they released a "console"?!

    3. GoldLeader


      Could be wrong,  but I had some 3rd party PlayStation controller...I'm thinking it was Mad Catz, and upon trying to play Twisted Metal 2,  it would automatically start a 2 player game and the second car would spin around in reverse while firing the machine guns without anyone touching the controls!  Damndest thing.

    4. Reaperman


      Yeah, they had their share of 'little brother' controllers, but by the end, madcatz was all about saitek rhino flight sticks, full-on sanwa arcade sticks, etc. Really nice stuff. (of course they still had $15 little-bro controllers, and maybe that needed to be sold under a different brand)

  3. My experiment of using a wired LAN adapter to improve the switch eShop experience was a failure.

    1. Reaperman


      So far nothing helps.  eShop is just rotten, and it's very hard to buy, say, half a dozen games a week there.  I'm trying to be a whale here, Nintendo...

    2. GoldLeader


      I guess they don't want your money (sigh)...I tried the wired LAN Approach too for my Firestick.  It may have helped a little, but it still buffers a lot for high quality HD stuff (sigh   again)

  4. well, I tried for razion a second time, and this time got one into the cart, got challenged by a double-captcha, and by the time I got to the checkout screen (within 2 min of going live) I was informed it was removed from my cart and not available. I don't need razion. not even the digital when/if that becomes available. these clowns can just eat it forever. I've wasted two saturdays on them when I could have been doing better things with my time. protip: good thing I can't say how I really feel on this forum.
  5. Might as well just dump them with any old flash linker then, since you're not into the emu portion. --which reminds me, I should upgrade to a usb linker solution one of these days. IMO this specific product would have to be very inexpensive to have any place in a world with so many existing products between the linkers, cyclones, retrodes, and now all these emu consoles that have been made to also double as dumpers.
  6. I certainly 'get it,' since the wii-u's biggest weakness is not being able set-up or take down quickly/cleanly, but it seems to be a half-measure. I think the above build primarily focuses on wii-u games rather than the full nintendo powerpc lineup. It's the single ssd that leaves it seemingly without complete vWii/gc/triforce support--and that means all the work sticking that gc controller adapter inside the faceplate means it's mostly for smash bros wii-u(?). It is possible to put some wii/gc games on the wii-u's native menu--but those then count against the tiny 300 total-games-limit on that wii-u menu, and the way they're pre-configured via PC app is pretty annoying. Getting enough power in there for a second sata disk would require extra power from a powered usb hub, which probably probably wouldn't fit inside and would still need its own power cable. Getting a hub that even works with wii-u is enough of an annoyance on its own. Then he wouldn't have to screw up the front usb functionality like that, though. Robbing it of its optical drive also makes it impossible to do CTGP-R --the mario kart wii hack which is very much alive. It's got its own fan-supported online play, ~200 tracks, and is a big draw for current wii users. (it needs to see a legit mk-wii disc to start, so my mkwii disc *lives* inside there). I've posted my solution before, but this seems a fair spot for a repost. Mine's not far off from that direction, but certainly not super-pretty. It solves the set-up/tear-down issue, while leaving me a system equally focused on Gamecube/wii/triforce support over hdmi. Before this, it would take half an hour to get it set up, and days later I'd still be finding things plugged into the wrong ports not fully working.
  7. Yeah, but it's easy enough to get attached to rwb order, and it isn't difficult to perform, so I'll probably do exactly what he did whenever I can get one of these. I never spent much time with sf2 in the arcades, but I got hooked on that unofficial-but-official 'rwb' order in an indirect way, from spending a lot of time with my (superstick) arcade controller. Arcade cabinets are custom enough that they all develop their own quirks, and rwb isn't the only answer by a long shot, but it's probably still the 'most correct' answer.
  8. Is that evercade 'link cable' just a standard usb cable? I mean, it says custom, but that could mean a wide variety of things. Anyway, after days of waffling, I preordered the premium pack: a VS, 2x controllers (for the friend I don't have), and the 2x arcade carts. In related news, Evercade's gaelco collection reminded me of a hole in my collection, so I also ordered the dirtiest World Rally JAMMA board in existence ($30!). So at some point I'm sure I'll pre-order that gaelco cart too, and maybe see how well the two sync up. I'm actually a big fan of the 'here comes the curve' arcade-rally style of the 1990's--it's a 100% dead genre these days. I've already got a few by Visco and Kaneko (vid).
  9. Heck, I'm a fan of the cosmetic stuff too. I always liked the woodgrain on my 6-switch telegames video arcade more than its Atari equivalent--but maybe that's just me. Ummm, "burlwood." I also wasn't aware there was a thought that these were 'clones.' Maybe that's more a dedicated-system thing. I don't think Sears actually made any of their branded products during my lifetime. Even though their tools, for example, were made by Stanley, Black & Decker, etc, they were rarely straight rebadges, being somewhat designed (for better or worse) for the department store crowd.
  10. Here's a quick look at aliexpress's bootleg current quality and also Pulstar in general. I couldn't find any issues with how the game played/looked/sounded and it passed unibios CRC
  11. I've been going a bit nuts on the channel lately. Evercade overview, enduro on 2600, and my custom colt 45/billy dee williams stick. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- also here's a link to tomorrow's video on knockoff mvs carts, premiers on 5/31/2021, so not live yet.
  12. So I got Pulstar a few days ago. Still can't clear level 1 even with difficulty turned all the way down...

    1. retrorussell


      Definitely one of the NEO GEO's best shooters!

  13. I finally made myself an Evercade video. It's just an overview--so nothing this thread hasn't known for a long time.
  14. 25k on the wife's GTI. It's previously thrown a clutch, and now it's 2nd bad wheel bearing. I miss the SAAB.

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    2. SlidellMan


      If you think that Mexican-built cars are bad, try any Chinese or Communist-bloc car. They make the worst Mexico has to offer look like '60s GM, AMC, and Rover.

    3. Curious Sofa

      Curious Sofa

      I have always loved the look, feel, and design of VWs.  But they get such awful reliability ratings / customer satisfaction ratings, it's tragic.

      IIRC the GTIs all need some sort of expensive maintenance every 40ish K miles (some part that always, always goes bad no matter what you do).  It's what had me end up going Toyota / Scion for my last hatch.  But damn I would love a nice GTI someday.


    4. x=usr(1536)


      125,000 miles on our Germexican 2012 Jetta TDI, and no complaints.  The car has been utterly bulletproof, with only a failed A/C compressor at 55,000 miles (covered under warranty) to mar its record.  In fairness to VW, they didn't make the compressor, so we just got the one bad one that came down the line that day.


      @SlidellMan: speaking as someone who has owned Soviet- and Communist-bloc cars in the past (as well as a 1972 Rover P6), I would absolutely take one of those in a heartbeat over the garbage the Chinese motor industry is cranking out today.  It's appalling to see what China is getting away with selling in both their home and export markets.

  15. The best version of one of my favorite games, Virtua Racing.
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