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  1. Holy cow! brb, I have to go update something.
  2. On ebay, I bought a c64 Koronis Rift for the manual, because the A8 version is more expensive. 'happily surprised it was a flippy disk with the 'more expensive' a8 version on the other side.

    1. Master Phruby

      Master Phruby

      That game and the Eidolon was amazing looking for the time. 

  3. If the tabletop RPG "Rule of Cool" were a video game, it'd be Cruis'n Blast.

    1. Flojomojo


      Yes! It not only breaks the lws of physics, it is completely in denial that they ever existed! It’s SO over the top and a lot of silly fun. 

  4. I haven't managed to like any of the 3d marios or zeldas. Probably because those games are actually in the same genre with each other, rather than the genres of either of their 2d entries. The n64 incarnations are especially guilty of this, since those are practically the same game. I think Deus Ex Invisible War (on xbox or pc) got a raw deal. I seem to recall people largely disliking it at the time, but today looking back at all the reviews done since launch, they seem to have balanced out over the years. Anyway, I loved its focus on making a smaller, more detailed world, and while I remember the ammo system annoyed a lot of people, not running out of stun darts was pretty nice. I will say at one point I did get one step too clever for the game, and was a little sad that it didn't reward me for that (wedging a box in the door in an attempt to grab some scientists gun, and also kill him, IIRC). Generally it did a good job with my box-foolery, though, allowing me to use them to block gold beams, etc. That reminds me, I still have to play deus ex 'the fall'.--now that one still gets consistently bad reviews, so I might love it.
  5. It's the actual hydro thunder--I think the one I use is probably from (here). I don't experience the UI jank, but I'm also running on a 4:3 monitor on my main winxp laptop. Being from 2001, the thing will run great on any old potato, and the one I keep copying around is fully portable--no install needed. controls are even configurable, but it bugs me a bit that I can't set the throttle to xbox 360 triggers (at least in the winxp version of xbox drivers)--I guess that's probably to be expected with software from one era, and hardware from another. I haven't found a good way to get the spiritual/literal-ish sequel, hydro thunder hurricane running, since it needs windows 8 specifically (as it was an upgrade-inducement exclusive). I suppose I could do a vm, but there has to be a cracked one somewhere, right? Now that old San Francisco Rush windows port--getting THAT going involves some ui-jankiness, especially at the resolutions higher than arcade standard. (UI keeps shrinking) Other than the UI, it seems to love super-high res modes. Oh, and the explosion sounds are janky too, but that's been a 'forever glitch' with that pc version.
  6. A big cruis'n blast livestream. This is the HQ version that was locally saved...and of course youtube still managed to compress it until it looked pretty bad anyway. I can't really blame them, it was 34gb, and my viewcount isn't hugely marketable. And after the stream, there were some sudden and unexpected changes to my household cat situation. Out on my nightly walk, between rain showers, the wife and I came across a pair of young, soaking wet cats, one of which appeared to have been hit by a car. That one's still getting worked on medically, but may not be in that bad of shape, and the other one we kidnapped, and it's living in my gameroom until it gets properly introduced to my regular cat (who is not thrilled about the situation). We've got feelers out for owners, but both were soaked, unfixed, unchipped, and the houses on that street corner hadn't seen the cats before.
  7. Today I stopped to help a wet&hurt cat that got hit by a car(?). While waiting, another wet cat showed up. I get the feeling I now own 3 cats, and/or I just kidnapped 2 outdoor cats.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Reaperman


      The new cat I probably kidnapped:


    3. SlidellMan


      All you need to do is record them meowing, then apply autotune.

    4. Lord Mushroom

      Lord Mushroom

      A skinny kitten once followed me home when I was at the store. We gave it some food, and it was really hungry. More kittens were spotted in the same area around the same time. I guess someone didn´t want their kittens anymore, and just threw them out.


      We didn´t want another cat, so we gave to some neighbours. The new owners reported that it would steal (human) food from their hands while they were eating. They gave it plenty of cat food, but I guess having been starving had made it crazy about food.


      The kitten/cat just disappeared one day.


      These neighbours had another cat (afterwards?) which woke them up at night so they could stir his/her cat food. :)

  8. Okay, the Arcade Heroes review is up, and is very much worth the view: I just got done streaming it for a couple hours--youtube swears it will be (here) whenever it finishes processing, but I'll probably need to upload a higher quality local capture of later, since my internet is still suffering from Hurricane Ida. I golded every championship in 'normal' difficulty, and bronzed one of the 'hard' difficulty ones. (I really like this harder difficulty since I don't generally come in first) My thoughts: It's the best playing Cruis'n ever, with seemingly a lot of little nods to other titles, or maybe it just follows the same stereotypes. Blast runs well & plays smoothly. That's both 'technically smoothly' and 'gameplay-smoothly' by removing things like oncoming traffic and a lot of the other frustrations in the other mainline Crus'n titles. Last night when I was refreshing my memory by playing 'cruis'n world' I wasn't always having fun, since a lot of the action stoppages didn't feel like they were my fault--this game removes all of that. Hit a wall, and Blast spins you forward without stopping you, where the old games (World etc) would stop you potentially 3+ times for that one mistake that may or may not have even been your fault. Awesome title. I think I smiled for that entire stream. I'll also pick up a physical cart on sale some time, but I wanted that digital eShop one so Cruis'n Blast isn't in competition for the cart slot with whatever the latest and greatest is. This is the big, dumb arcade racer the world just needs sometimes. Big vertical drops, explosions, dinosaurs--wow!
  9. Come on Cruis'n Blast.  It's 9/14--when can I play? Maybe noon and midnight got mixed up for launch time

  10. Well, it's 0900, I've taken the whole day off, intending to stream the game for a bit, and surprisingly eshop still won't let me launch it. Even after I set my alarm for 0500 and toddled out here like it's christmas freaking morning for the thing. I initially considered a midnight stream last night, because that's when I was sure it would go live--glad I didn't bother with that attempt. @Shaggy the Atarian's review goes live at 1100 (link), so I'm guessing that's when I can start this thing up? Last night I played through the whole cruise mode on n64's cruis'n world to refresh my memory. What an unfair game--thankfully what I've played of blast in the arcade it wasn't really like that (or maybe I just didn't get good enough to notice the unfair losses in my 3-4 plays) In N64's 'world,' in one race a time of 1:34, for example, is good enough for first place, the next it's only good for 7th. Sometimes you'll get 'mario karted' by the canned spinout animations, and hit the same wreck in the road 3+ times before it will let you move on. but...that title song is pure magic, and that's why I chose it over exotica. Midway Arcade Treasures vol 3 has ports of the dc versions of both hydro thunder and 2049. Both are considered a bit inferior to the DC originals, which ran much better, but I recall alcatraz edition being a decent way to play that one track. I was really unhappy not to see the 2049 arcade's track geometry as even an option, and the wings are just cheating. Hydro thunder on treasures 3 is sad too. I usually do treasures 3 on PC, and there was already an older and vastly superior version of Hydro Thunder on PC which outshines even the arcade version, IMO (much higher res). There's a pc version of Rush1 as well, but no Alcatraz, and it requires a specific, and currently very expensive, graphics card (or some messy wrappering) to get working. The DC versions of 2049/hydro thunder really shine thanks to the VGA output, at something close to arcade resolution (DC has a weird aspect ratio, that really needs a CRT to squish back to correct)--be careful of hydro thunder, though. The initial DC release of hydro thunder did not support vga-out, so you'll need a later copy. The disc and packaging look a little different, but make sure to check the disc because gamestop mixed all the versions together thanks to their trashy drawer system. Seriously, gamestop has been ruining gaming for that long.
  11. The Blast footage is starting to hit the internet. It does look pretty cool. I don't think I'm going to get sick of that extreme verticality that seems to be in most/all(?) of the levels. And it moves along quite nicely too.
  12. I recall Nintendo having fits about people streaming or making videos about their games without first signing up with their "profit sharing program" a few years ago. Eventually they gave up on that one, but not before pissing the internet off for a few years. The internet thinks those years were (2015)-(2018). But since I never viewed any of the N-branded games during the impacted period as "actually good," it was pretty easy to stay off their copyright claim list. [/end edgy, unpopular comment] I do still tend to really like their systems for the 3rd party titles, though.
  13. The best version of (virtua racing) is my big one. It's only the arcade cars/tracks, but with online leaderboards and fantastic graphics. This was the killer-app that got me to buy a switch. I wish they'd make DLC for the thing, I'd buy more of those low-poly tracks forever. Other good ones include: hot shot racing (if you can put up with the control and rubber-banding), grip, the best version of star wars episode I racer, horizon chase turbo, and the vector unit games (beach buggy 1/2 & riptide renegade). There are others too, but they tend to be lower quality, and at least a couple wipeout-'em-ups that I haven't tried yet. I wish vector unit would do more for switch--they did that microsoft hydro thunder game, and their older riptide games are better than renegade. Asphalt is really more of a slot machine, which is designed to feed 'addiction loops,' and has very little to do with racing. That's really a shame, IMO. past nintendo ports have had more 'game' in them.
  14. And it's official (and slightly silly), I've taken the 14th&15th off just for this Cruis'n game. It's looking like the most interesting game this half of 2021. Maybe it's slightly misleading to say the time off is 'just' for cruis'n--after hurricane Ida, and the associated power outage, I need some time to unwind anyway. If it ends up being true about the rest of the Cruis'n franchise coming to switch, I'm totally down for it. Switch is, in my opinion, already the best system for arcade racing since the N64, and having the main cruis'n trilogy would only further cement that. I'm not entirely holding my breath on that happening, but I'm still in the day-one purchase club (or sooner) if it does. I like that Cruis'n is getting all this attention, and that's probably all due to Eugene Jarvis not giving up on it. It does make me a bit sad for the other Midway/AtariGames racers. Cruis'n is a big, dumb, fun, arcade racer--the lightest of those games--which is exactly what I need sometimes, but I think that before very long it's going to make me wish the Rush/Thunder/etc games were getting some kind of attention too. The others seemed to have a bit more meat on them. Maybe the new Blast tracks are going to add some depth, but that'd be about a first for the franchise. At least it looks like there are a fair number of unlockables. Even when I turned on the N64 specifically to refresh my memory on world and exotica, I wound up playing rush 2 and california speed before too long.
  15. okay, I did my first eshop preorder for this game today. This is the first time I noticed it in the eshop's upcoming section. I may still be down for a discounted physical copy later, but I don't want this game to have to fight for the cart slot, so I wanted a digital one for sure. I might even take the day off to play it. I'm not actually that keen on the cruis'n franchise, but this one feels a bit like its own thing (in the arcade), and this hasn't been a good year for new games for me so far, so I'll take what I can get.
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