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  1. Oh gosh, those GBA DSI double-pack retro arcade carts bring back some bad memories. Marble madness was just the worst, since it's somehow missing half its levels, and also a memorable obstacle that even the GB port managed just fine(ish).
  2. "Oh oh, Oh Organon, Destination: Armageddon."  At least you waited until the 3rd game before ruining the main theme for me, Deponia. 

    1. Reaperman


      Much like the M.A.S.H. or SMB 1-1 theme--once you've heard the Deponia theme lyrics, they can't be unheard.

  3. I think my favorite game has definitively become Cyberpunk 2077 recently, but that's boring, and before that it was a bit gray as to my favorite. I very much consider San Francisco Rush 2049 a 'perfect' game in it's genre. I bought it on every console it came out on, and am still trying to make the 'lifestyle choice' of going for a cabinet. But, if it even counts as being the same game, there's also a GBC version. And while I also love top-down racers, let's just say it isn't the 'perfect game' its big brothers are, and is below average even compared to other GBC overhead racers. The same could be said of other gbc versions of games, as they're generally totally different titles, but I at least managed to have fun with, for example, episode I racer on gbc.
  4. I don't know if it's gotten around, but the neo geo mini has gotten super cheap on amazon, currently at $46. I still think that's a little much for something I'd never use for its variety of flaws, but jeez, it's getting tempting if nothing else as an arcade ambiance sound generator or something.
  5. Back from an annoying work trip, but won the rental lottery. Got upgraded from compact to Camaro SS convertible--first muscle car I've driven.

    1. Reaperman


      Drove kind of like a lazy pickup truck for 85% of pedal travel--and then all of a sudden it sounds like it's on the 1/2 mile oval on Saturday night.

    2. ls650


      "Hold my beer and watch this!"

  6. Holy cow, Doom 64's levels are awesome, and the switch does a great job with it. All of the reasons I had for skipping out on this title were wrong.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. SoundGammon


      Got it on the XBOX One! Looks great!

    3. Curious Sofa

      Curious Sofa

      Not to sidetrack too much, but the Switch shop also currently has Toki for $1.99 and Earth Atlantis for $1.99, pretty solid pick ups at that price.

    4. Reaperman


      oh yeah, I went pretty nuts on the eShop last night--I dropped a whole Jackson! :)   It's a shame that shop isn't more set up for larger purchases, not having a shopping cart, etc.

  7. Right, he's talking about the vertical arcade games. In kind of an odd way, but that's how things go on camera sometimes. But using, for example, the sfc version of magical drop ii is a real head-scratcher (for honestly a number of reasons). But MD2 is still a perfectly horizontal arcade game, on possibly the most readily emulated arcade hardware. Maybe bios legality issues? Probably best not include it at all, since there's barely any World bounce. ...
  8. It shouldn't be a problem for all of the horizontal games, which have the same aspect ratio and resolutions as home games, unless I'm missing something. Moon Patrol on the can would be pretty nice. I'm trying to keep my hopes down on more advanced titles, but they do have upcoming PS1 and GBA games, so there is a possibility. Against all odds, I kind of like this system.
  9. That's actually why I talk modern games in here--that and there are modern games targeted squarely at us oldsters that don't get much buzz elsewhere. As far as modern vs retro, I realized something the other day--AA might set the arbitrary 'classic date' at ~20 years from launch, which would explain the new dreamcast subforum(?) and why not ps2/xbox/gc. Maybe there's less method to it than I think, and it's just coincidence that I'm reading too much into. Most of the DC threads are probably still here in modern gaming, but it'd probably be way harder to pull out just dc discussion to load up a specific subforum. For the record, I'm actually not the biggest subforum fan, since I know I'm probably going to miss out on sweet Dreamcast homebrew preorders with it hiding in a subforum
  10. I'd been looking for raphnet snes controller to nes port adapters for some time. No idea how hard they are to get hold of, but they'd always been out of stock when I checked--until today. (granted I don't check super-often, so maybe my timing was previously just awful) Looks like they are currently available at both raphnet-tech.com or their ebay store. Sure I could make my own, but I'm lazy, and these have a nice extension + map the buttons around. I bought an NTT data controller some years ago, and haven't yet tried it out with the NT Mini
  11. One down side to giving things their own space is that it makes it much easier for things like hombrew to fly under the radar of anybody who doesn't come in here and click on all the sections. I'm pretty sure I've missed out on genesis and DC homebrew just by forgetting that they have their own areas. Not that there's tons of handheld homebrew news in classic gaming--for whatever reason it's just not something that comes up in discussion here. I wonder if I could just subscribe to a 'homebrew' tag or something.
  12. I do some showing off of my Wii U setup that's designed to make it much easier to setup/take-down.
  13. I put together a short video of my Wii U setup from (this post) The previous post's pictures are about all there is to see visually, but if you'd like to hear me ramble on for a bit, there's now a video.
  14. At the moment, my thread's poking up close to this one, so everybody's seen mine--but that won't be the case years from now when this thread's 50 pages long, so here it is again. It's a PIII running MSDOS 7.10. I think my favorite part about it is that Dell-branded Trinitron. Given how nuts people go over PVMs, it's odd these have exactly zero buzz. I call her 'Beige4Daze' Coincidently, I bought my moslo deluxe just today for the 'mode 3' that's supposed to work wonders on PIII's. It also has a few nifty features like providing 5 'pc generation' presets, and being able to disable L1 cache. Unfortunately, most, if not all, of the 'deluxe' features don't play well with emm386 or protected modes, which seriously limits their usefulness for 90's titles. Should still work a treat for the oldiest of oldies, though.
  15. I think that's my partition size limit in DOS 7.10 anyway--it's why I built with an 80gb hdd, rather than something more exotic. I also don't see any of the sd adapters coming with a master/slave switch, which would be useful. I'm currently using a sata->ide adapter on the 80gb, which seems to introduce more initial delay than I recall from BITD. Calling up edit.com, for example, gives me a good second of black screen before it comes up. I'm hoping this SD solution reacts quicker, while also giving me a faster/better way to transfer files (without them going read-only when I burn them to CD, which is hugely annoying). ------------------------------------ That second sound card works and solves my windows no-sound problem--it doesn't seem to solve my trouble dos games for whatever reason. I have no idea why sound in privateer seems screwy, music's fine, but sound is a loud garble--I've even tried my retail copy. My trick of running the output of one sound card into the line-in of the other only works in DOS (not win3.1), so I need some kind of physical stereo mixing solution. currently shopping for one of those that doesn't suck/cost too much/look like a DJ tool. It honestly might be cheaper/better to just run two sets of speakers. I totally forgot sim tower was a win3 game--and had to "test" it for probably 2 hours...
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