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  1. My problem joint was the one below. All is better now, thanks for the help. Mine's the Chinese version, so I don't know if it impacts the Japanese one.
  2. Yep, that sounds just like me. Sure enough the image is still there without backlight.
  3. Anybody else having trouble with their screen? My screen seems to have stopped powering on with the rest of the system. I let it sit with batteries in it for a few weeks, and noticed it took a couple power cycles to get the screen to to come up with the game. I figured the batteries were just getting too low, but after that session, it never powered the screen on again for either fresh batteries or the ac adapter. I have the chinese version of the bennvenn. If this isn't 'a thing' I'll probably buy another one.
  4. I can't imagine ever having a better experience with custom console work. Cro§Bow's extremely customer-oriented--far past my wildest expectations for customer service. I even got videos along the way, as my trusty old lynx came out of its various operations. I'm totally blown away by this. If any of you have dealt with my grumpy self on this forum for any length of time, you'll note how out of character this kind of praise is for me. But this really was an exceptionally good experience. As for the services my lynx received: BennVenn screen mod cap kit power circuitry refresh That screen makes it like a whole new system for me. I'm playing games that I maybe never gave much of a chance. Especially ones with busy backgrounds or low contrast, that were previously kind of a chore to look at on the stock screen. And my lynx now follows me outside the house again.
  5. Reaperman


  6. I guess of those options it was 'ignorantly.' Happen to have a source for the voltage info? Actually, you know what? just never mind.
  7. You can mod the wii u's vWii using the same hacks.guide above. (link) Then you can use the same software to launch games from the usb drive that you used back on wii and load it as expected. One big down side to this is you'll need a second hard drive for your vwii, and it doesn't seem that the wiiu likes having two drives installed in wiiu mode (though maybe if one's formatted wii, and the other wii u it will). The wiivc injector gets around this and allows use of the wiiu hard drive for wii games, but then you may start running into the 300 game limit. I may cut down my teconmoon injector use to just my absolute favorites and start doing the vwii modding. I haven't fully decided yet. You mentioned that you got retroarch working--this is a feat I haven't achieved yet. I think I'm going to need to watch a video or two on it. Heck, when I tried it on PC a bit ago I very similarly failed.
  8. How do I work this?

    Where is that large automobile?

    This is not my beautiful house.

    This is not my beautiful wife.

    1. Flojomojo


      same as it ever was

  9. With all this terraonion news, has there been any word on neo sd pro for mvs?
  10. It's one of my favorite 'murder simulators.' Usually people use the term for mindless spree killing games, etc, but The Deed is a rare game that focuses as much or more on planning/preparation. My first time through I figured 'there's no way I'm going to be invested in killing somebody in just the 15-30 it takes to play through'--nope, the characters are written to provide just the right motivation. My first go I played through it 3 completely different ways. Highly recommended experience.
  11. I dunno. I like the stuff that never came out here just fine--translations, hacks, betas, homebrews etc. They've got some great prices for those. I tend to buy repros after I play them on a flashcart, which makes almost zero sense, but collecting is a sickness. The straight pirates don't interest me too much, though I will confess to sampling a gb gimmick and shantae, and I can totally see where the multicarts might be seen as an alternative for flashcarts for folks on a budget. And yeah, even though it's piracy, I tend to think that if I ever made a homebrew for a mainline console platform, I'd be a bit thrilled if carts of it were made available. That's more of a personal thing on me, but I'm pretty sure it's a sentiment that's probably not too uncommon. I'm sure nintendo's not happy, but the guys who made these pokemon hacks are probably tickled to bits that they can get a physical copy of their game in a retail package, complete with shrinkwrap and metallic foil treatment for under $5 shipped. Granted that packaging is a bit crushed, but how can they possibly make these things so inexpensively? Fun fact about me: the second most expensive single-game purchase I've ever made, is for a fake Ironclad for MVS.
  12. For whatever reason, I haven't gotten good genesis/megadrive repros from aliexpress. They're still using that thin, flexible plastic for them, and the label glue is weak, meaning the part of the label folded up to the top surface tends to release and need reglue. They play fine, though, and are at least a lot less expensive than the snes repros there. They also have some neat titles for the platform like Fix it Felix Jr. (vid) I haven't been daring enough to check out a genesis game with battery save from them yet.
  13. The SNES games in the vid came from Blue Intelligent Technology Co., LTD (link) It looks like the GB aliexpress store I mostly went to has closed, but at one point I got a solid super mario land 2 DX (color hack) from 'Coolive' (link) I will mention that the latest crops of GB games I've gotten from aliexpress (both the above linked, and the closed down one) had a slightly more purple hue than the usual gray, and the plastic shell has 'game' molded into the grip section vs the typical 'Nintendo GAME BOY.' They're probably the same source.
  14. I have a vid on it where I have pics of the inside, etc. I'm actually a pretty huge fan of both the GB and SNES repros from there. It's night and day different from old repros with brittle or flexible plastic cases and labels that peeled themselves off. The plastic is so near to right I couldn't tell it apart. Labels stick well, but have mild saturation issues with printing, and little inconsistencies relating to the quick creation of new label art from internet sources. (I think one of mine uses art in the wrong aspect ratio, for example) Batteries are socketed and the boards are very clean--the internals are made with more care than the originals, IMO.
  15. Swing your arms, from side to side. Come on, it's time to go. Do the Mario.

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