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  1. Mad Catz didn't suck. Especially right at the end where they finished strong, releasing their very best accessories. Today I bought a M.O.J.O. console.

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    2. Clint Thompson

      Clint Thompson

      I have always loved Mad Catz. Particularly their Dreamcast controllers despite the rubber peeling off of them after a year of constant abusive use, it was still an awesome controller. I currently use a rather recent R.A.T. 3 gaming mouse from their recent incarnation. I didn't even know they released a "console"?!

    3. GoldLeader


      Could be wrong,  but I had some 3rd party PlayStation controller...I'm thinking it was Mad Catz, and upon trying to play Twisted Metal 2,  it would automatically start a 2 player game and the second car would spin around in reverse while firing the machine guns without anyone touching the controls!  Damndest thing.

    4. Reaperman


      Yeah, they had their share of 'little brother' controllers, but by the end, madcatz was all about saitek rhino flight sticks, full-on sanwa arcade sticks, etc. Really nice stuff. (of course they still had $15 little-bro controllers, and maybe that needed to be sold under a different brand)

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