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  1. Today I stopped to help a wet&hurt cat that got hit by a car(?). While waiting, another wet cat showed up. I get the feeling I now own 3 cats, and/or I just kidnapped 2 outdoor cats.

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    2. Reaperman


      The new cat I probably kidnapped:


    3. SlidellMan


      All you need to do is record them meowing, then apply autotune.

    4. Lord Mushroom

      Lord Mushroom

      A skinny kitten once followed me home when I was at the store. We gave it some food, and it was really hungry. More kittens were spotted in the same area around the same time. I guess someone didn´t want their kittens anymore, and just threw them out.


      We didn´t want another cat, so we gave to some neighbours. The new owners reported that it would steal (human) food from their hands while they were eating. They gave it plenty of cat food, but I guess having been starving had made it crazy about food.


      The kitten/cat just disappeared one day.


      These neighbours had another cat (afterwards?) which woke them up at night so they could stir his/her cat food. :)

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