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  1. Today I stopped to help a wet&hurt cat that got hit by a car(?). While waiting, another wet cat showed up. I get the feeling I now own 3 cats, and/or I just kidnapped 2 outdoor cats.

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    2. Reaperman


      the one that showed up to ask about its buddy is sleeping on the floor in the closet of my gameroom.  We gave her(?) a flea treatment, since that's clearly an issue, and am trying to take it to the vet tomorrow. That'll teach me to go walking on a rainy day.

    3. Tillek




      What actually happened is you got played for a sucker.


      One cat played the "victim"... the other cat was driving the "car" and the 3rd cat, your cat... put them up to it and has been studying law and will represent them in court if you don't start buying the "good" cat food.


      Because we cat lovers all know... you don't "own" a cat.... the cats own you.



      It's kind of like how a guy gets married but still calls his spouse "his wife"..... as if he has any say over anything anymore.


    4. Reaperman


      @Tillek you joke, but the pet hospital called, and there doesn't seem to be any broken bones on cat #1. When we first walked up to it, (we were within 2 ft when we noticed it) I was pretty sure it was going to be a horror show of stuff leaking out, and it was going to die right there. They're still pretty sure it's hurt, since it's not walking, but even after just drying it with a towel things were obviously not the worst.

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