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  1. Wing Commander IV is hard as heck. It took me a few tries at the first and second missions, and I still haven't beaten the 3rd.

    1. Reaperman


      The manual says there's a second option menu, only available during flight, that has difficulty settings. Why they didn't put it in with the rest of the options is beyond me. The joystick calibration is perfectly available on the carrier, for example.

    2. wongojack


      I played this years ago.  I believe I played the PSX version and was reasonably satisfied with it.  Don't remember the difficulty, but I was a different gamer back then.  Regarding WC in general - there's something about the original trilogy that gets me a bit more excited.

  2. Translation: "Yo, Nerd. Come to the alley behind the Burger Shack on 4th with your video game, and come alone. I just want to hold onto it for a second."
  3. I just sourced myself a GB slot for one of these (SD adapters) so I can have a look at what's on the cards. Most people in that scene seem interested in putting new games on these carts, but I'm much more interested in going the other way, and getting the games off of the carts, to play in the variety of Flashcarts&FPGA systems I have. I suspect that link won't be too popular among game creators, but if it works out, it increases my interest in buying every single indie/homebrew collection, since a lot of them aren't available in ROM form. It's possible (even likely) that what I find will be in some way encrypted or protected, and designed to run on a specific emulator build, but I'd like to have a look for myself. I'd really like to see the full set of Lucasfilm games from the 8bit (or 16-bit) computer platforms. Rescue on Fractalus, Koronis Rift, The Eidolon, and Ballblazer are the biggies, but Masterblazer wouldn't be a bad fit either. They each have a degree of 3d to them, which was amazing at the time, but having them all polished up with the button/key mappings all pre-sorted out, would be quite nice. But then, Disney owns that, and they'd have much more widely appealing options like a ScummVM-powered Lucasarts adventure pack, or a collection of star wars console (or PC) games. I don't think lucasarts/lucasfilm directly made most of those console star wars games, though, so sorting licensing might get confusing.
  4. I attempted a capture of the whole setup, as much as the game. I notice that during flight, I'm getting some lingering images on the screen--shoot something in the center of the screen, and poof, it's hanging out in the top corner after it explodes(?). Maybe its some VESA weirdness. (Here's a link to when it gets bad) I'm slightly curious about glitchy wc3, but not serious enough to dump serious effort into it. I do really have to capture my WC: privateer sound effect issue, though--that's a weird one. My dos machine and MiSTer both have the issue, but dosbox emulates the game fine. and yes, I've tried a lot of different audio configs and hardware.
  5. So I got out my large, white 'gaming plank' to make more room for DOSputing, and had a go at some WC3. Outside of goofing off with MiSTer, this is my first real DOS gaming in far too long. Originally it was supposed to be my first solid attempt at Privateer 2, but then, somewhere before figuring out how to get a ship, I started to realize why people don't like Privateer 2. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go find a WC3 quickref card so I can figure out exactly what I did to escort the pictured freighter.
  6. I'm pretty sure back in the N64 era I was using these weirdly bulky, hard-plastic, ratcheting cable ties that looked a bit like behind-the-ear hearing aids. These aren't quite the ones, but close enough--not recommended: I can't remember when I started using those wraps, but I just love them and put them on everything. Since they're attached to the cable, they never get lost. Additionally I like to throw them in a ziploc if I'm storing them long-term, because the 'controller drawers' aren't kind to them otherwise. Granted larger controllers like most light guns, flight sticks, or arcade controllers can't reasonably be bagged. It's also a lot faster to wrap them off the controller, since it's just about halving the controller cable about 3-4 times--kind of like folding a sheet, takes maybe a couple seconds--instead of going around and around wrapping the cable. I still go pretty tight, though. It's a compromise between cable health and ease of storage that I can live with:
  7. It's a silly thought, but if we could just go back in time and make the genesis one suck a little, this would be easier. 😛 Xeno Crisis is a fun game on its own merits, looks great, and it still costs less than comparable neo releases. That'd probably be the fair man's way to judge the neo geo cart, but it doesn't live in that theoretical vacuum. It'd be tough for me to recommend the neo cart over other versions. The new features are valuable to me, but with currently a $300+ price difference between a neo cart and a genesis one, I believe it should be easier to distinguish between the two. The digital version for NeoSD, or the less expensive (and more musical) NGCD release are much easier to recommend. The Neo Geo enhancements I've spotted in-game on MVS are a bit sparse: high score table, on-screen score, (this is very welcome) attract mode, how-to play, some scaling, new einstein sprite(?), a lot more voice work, unibios text replacement, some bonus modes I haven't tried I'll probably spend most of my time playing the rom on the NeoSD, myself, and leave the physical cart in the downstairs MVS that I flip on when company comes over.
  8. I've finally come to terms with my liking the 'murder mystery' theme/genre in video games above all others.

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    2. Reaperman


      It's a capcom-made comedic phoenix wright clone on ps2/psp/wii.  Wii version tends to crash

    3. SlidellMan


      As a fan of Murder Mysteries/Locked box stories, I approve.

    4. GoldLeader


       But why did they kill the Bird?  She was about to sing.   Then why kill the Pig?  He was about to squeal.

  9. With most, its probably thanks to either online play or conversion mods: Subspace (aka the Continuum) Battlefield Bad Company (maybe also 1943) Freelancer Gran Turismo 4 & 5 (maybe also 1 & 6) Doom, probably, with all the WAD packs everywhere. If we're counting all the ports, I'm surely there with Virtua Racing, but I'm not sure I have 100+ in any one version. I specifically remember not quite making it there with FF7 or recently XenoBlade Chronicles 2 (though if I did the DLC I probably would) Steam says that of my 2100 games on the platform, I've made it to 100hrs with exactly 3: Cyberpunk 2077 (139 hrs) Rimworld (120 hrs) Moe Jigsaw (103 hrs) I'm a little surprised planetside 2 wasn't on the list, but not even close--according to steam. I wonder if I played it mostly before I was on steam
  10. In addition to that, there will be a flashing service to fix xeno crisis, which I will be taking them up on. Generally it's a good idea to update/fix carts when possible. It does not fix the left-channel bias for music, and the update indicates that its intentional, but it sure doesn't sound like it to me. And I did a bit more gameplay last night. My first play is without the temporary music fix, then I input it on the video and later sessions feature the fix. Even with headphones, I don't really hear any difference, but I'm getting it fixed mostly to say it's been done if I ever decide to sell it. (I sell an average of one video game every 10 years , so I'm a really bad flipper.) Somebody let me know if I'm doing that fix procedure wrong, but it looks correct to me. It will be hard for me to hear stereo on stream since left is still much louder, and I'm running a mixed center channel.
  11. Quick question: Does anything talk in this one? No reviews have mentioned it, so I'm thinking not. But I'd rather be safe than sorry. again.
  12. Sealed PC budget-cardboard-sleeve titles, 8 for $20 shipped This was on ebay vs thrifts, and was a buy-it-now that had been going for a while, so I'm probably the only one who doesn't think I overpaid I got a budget Renegade, to match the big-box one a page back, and who doesn't have fond memories of Megarace's Lance Boyle?
  13. I certainly hope they're selling well enough. I get the feeling the normies were the intended audience, and also get the feeling they haven't bought in as expected. Maybe that's because evercade's not for sale widely in brick and mortar stores, but here in 2020/2021, maybe amazon's the replacement for those anyway. *sigh* The console does do very well with its fans--not just us here in the thread, but over on youtube I'm seeing people I've followed forever enjoying this thing. Its a bit of an unlikely fanbase with people who all seem to have way better ways to play these games, MiSTers, Analogues, Flashcarts, expensive upscalers, etc. But the Evercade idea's executed so well. Within the last week, I caught some familiar faces from AA (way back) participating in the livechat at interface tour's premier. CUpodcast also recently had another amico episode and casually reached back and grabbed an evercade cart as an example of good physical merch. That's just what I noticed this week. (and of course I had my fav evercade cart in my MVS Xeno Crisis review, but I'm small potatoes) I also notice the collections are also getting more interesting for this somewhat unlikely fanbase, with fewer of 'the usual suspects' that we have everywhere (namco, atari, etc). I think we're seeing more oddball, non-standard collections, and more modern retro releases. I'm not entirely sure Evercade intended us to be their target market, but they seem to be leaning into the fanbase they've got.
  14. For Metal Slug X: In MVS Arcade mode, the softdips default to 3 lives, but let operators pick any number between 1&99 lives per credit In AES Console mode, the option menu defaults to 3 lives, and lets players pick between any number between 1&5 (same cart, just switched bios over) It's pretty common for an MVS arcade game's softdip menu to allow tuning the number of lives per credit, but pretty uncommon for it to allow silly numbers like 99, as it does in Metal Slug X.
  15. Same with my Omega--I guess that fix doesn't like the MV1C. The music does seem to be there on the right channel, just very, very (very) low. And also in mono, where genesis music seems to be in stereo. I have some old headphones that let me adjust cup volume independently, and left has to be turned down to 1, to match a full volume (10) on the right cup. That right channel's music also has a high-pitched squealing noise in with the music.
  16. Woohoo, that was the ticket! Every key grabbed. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and grind enough races to attach neon lights to a unicorn. ...A unicorn that the game won't allow me to paint chromed-orange, for whatever reason. What's with all these sudden restrictions, game?
  17. If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.

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    2. Cobra Kai

      Cobra Kai

      ..and then some

    3. Reaperman


      Remember: This fix is only temporary--unless it works.

    4. 1982VideoGames


      Yea, except i'm not that handy either....

  18. For once I treated myself to the big expensive Neo Geo version of something. The differences between it and the genesis version are subtle (outside of the obvious arcade-related stuff, attract mode, hi score, credits, etc) The biggest difference I've seen is a scaling effect on level 2's drop-in spiders, and I keep going back and forth on if I'm even seeing it because it's so quick. and yes, bugs exist in this version. I go over that too.
  19. Here's my big take on it, I do some side-by-side split screen with the genesis toward the end: The differences are subtle. I keep going back and forth on if there's a scaling thing the drop-in spiders do on the second level, because it's so quick.
  20. A1 79 5003964 -Reaperman (has a hole for the port)
  21. Okay. I need some help getting my last key. The last one I have left is on Neon Tsunami, the 'middle' key which is: Just after the train the road splits. The left path runs lower and up to a jump. The key appears to be on the right side of that jump very high up, but I just can't get it. When I get right, I don't have the height. When I get the height, I can't get far enough right. And I can't get it from the high path(?) Here's a video of me trying (should start ~38:32). HALP!
  22. Well, I think that makes you one of the biggest fish in that pool. I'm surprised there's not more excitement here. I've got a little dot-racing game that might work okay on it Maybe this LGR vid will boost interest:
  23. Honestly, there are a lot of homebrews published by Atariage that I'd like to see on an evercade. Especially the 7800 stuff.
  24. When I emailed them last night about the bug, Mike actually got back to me with a real-person response in just 7 min saying they'd check it out. Wow. The more I think about that, limited ammo is the gameplay balance point between the two selectable characters, and I might not want unlimited on. I still suck at xeno crisis, and haven't beaten the first boss, so I'll probably give in and try easy-mode today. I have gotten farther with the evercade/genesis/dreamcast versions, but I also think easy mode may have been involved there. For differences so far, I'm noticing that there seems to be more frames of animation on a lot of little things, tweaked controls, possibly rebalanced enemy ratios, new art for rescuable civilians, and the music doesn't pause between rooms. It doesn't have the pop-up scores on defeated enemies of the more modern systems, and I can't help but think the neo geo sprite count could have handled that. I'm aware that there is also increased color count (from pre-release comparison shots), but my eyes really had trouble seeing that in stills, much less when the action is going. Anyway, I did also made another purchase from them last night, I ordered the arcade 'fixins' kit (I want the mini marquee since this cart will probably live inside my mvs cab nearly permanently, and while I was there, I also ordered the NGCD version, because it does sound very nice. I wasn't sure if the coming-soon digital rom pack from my mvs purchase included the CD version's digital too. I'm having a blast. I already did the unboxing portion of my video on it (since I've never gotten a new MVS game before), and am doing my gameplay & comparison footage today if I manage to 'get gud' enough on it that I don't totally embarrass myself.
  25. Remember when "pre-order" meant 'put $5 down to save your place in line' vs 'take the day off to refresh a website and pay 100%'?

    1. digdugnate


      Pepperidge Fahms remembahs!

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