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  1. There have been mixes and dance tracks put together in the past, but none can outrun or equal the power of Megablast.

  2. If we're trying to figure out how many spare v2's there were, my order is #59025. I was late (afternoon) to the mega sg cart adapter availability on the 7th, and my order was #57732. probably not too many orders after that and before the start of the v2 run. I've made 4 orders from them in the last month, five if we count the amazon 8bitdo sale. At this point I might as well just start mailing my paycheck straight to analogue. If v2 really does everything my v1 does, I'll possibly sell that older one to cover much of the v2 cost. A shame its controller died on me, that's part of the package.
  3. about 10k orders I ordered a dac on jul 27 (after the 'false start' non-preorder). it was order #45389 myself and two coworkers ordered pockets today: #47455 #50876 #55302 we were all hitting buttons as fast as possible
  4. The only other thing I can think of is that if there is a problem with the first run, it's 10k units to deal with vs...whatever the final number will be. That's also why I didn't order a second one, even though I generally pick up spares units of handhelds for when the button rubber wears out. I figure later on there could be a bugfixed version--probably in a special edition with some kind of obscure music partnership. (I'm holding out for the 'Foghat' edition ) Speaking of rubber, I hope this shares those bits with one of the 8bitdo controllers. It'd make rebuild (and design) easier.
  5. I'm still waiting for them to put open up sales on more adapers for mega sg, ever since I missed out on the order of those. (or NT Mini adapters, since those adapters would probably be way more useful)
  6. I'm a little surprised there's not much interest in this. Especially given how popular M2's new virtua racing on switch is. There's also been a patch fixing many (all?) of the controller issues, so more people than us 360 users are now having fun. For the last week I've been on top of the overall points leaderboards, but I'm ~20th on the individual track times, so I'm totally beatable in probably just two good days of playing this. Also I greatly enjoy 'chasing' high scores, and it's getting cold at the top, hence my cheerleading here. It's a long weekend, you know you guys want to do this. In addition to 'arcade' mode the game boasts a unique 'eliminator' mode. This isn't the usual 'last car is destroyed' mechanic one would expect, instead the player races up to tenth place (or hopefully better), and every lap the cars get faster until they're overtaking the player. This makes it critical to know their crazy racing line--because they are coming, and they will hit you unless you know where not to be. The game ends when the player crosses the finish line in 11th or lower. It's not my favorite mode, but it's actually a nice change, and requires some extra thought. A few of the tracks really aren't suited to it, unfortunately. Also the AI starts missing corners after they get to a certain speed, so it gets a bit crazy with bits of broken car smashing all over the track. I will say that part's pretty exciting, if unintended. Below is a full race in 1080p/60fps I captured trying to replicate some gpu spikes during this specific stage. I was unsuccessful in capturing that, but that's why there's a frame counter and system status overlay--this game probably runs on a potato, but I was getting some pretty good gpu spikes off of it, and there's no reason for that to have happened on this card. Also, I doubt it's just my eyes, but especially on this level, the scenery doesn't seem to be maintaining the 60fps that the frame counter advertises.
  7. Any word/rumor on analogue preorder timelines? See, I'm about to dump at least another game system worth of money into neo geo, unless maybe there is perhaps an analogue-interactive thing(s) looking like the might possibly go preorder in the next few months. In which case I'd want to prioritize any analogue stuff over the upgrade to nearly infinite high score saving slots. I'm trying to plan out my spending here.
  8. I just though I'd mention that yesterday Formula Retro Racing came out on steam for $12.99. (link) It's a Virtua Racing clone that nails the track feel totally, and I highly recommend it. Small developer, so I don't expect word to get around too quickly. However, I will say that it's still a little rough, so prepare your expectations for: the UI's a little buggy planning around the crazy AI is much of the game's strategy right now many controllers are having problems (360 controller is great, xbox one not so much, for example) Still, where the rubber meets the road, this feels like a pretty great game, and I'm super excited about it. I figured I'd leave a mention here since we're probably the target market. Even with the problems, this is my current favorite Virtua Racing game, I'll even take it over the (fantastic) switch one. So if you also like chasing online leaderboard times, this might be the game for you too. note: I also *love* the saturn virtua racing, so I hope this isn't one of those times my opinion is just way off the rest of the world. On the up side: tons of online leaderboards (lap, track, overall progress) it actually has music (granted it sounds more 80's than 90's but whatever, beats sega's) almost totally nails the look does nail the feel, while still somehow being slightly its own thing harder than the switch one (which was way too easy) 8 tracks, two game modes (three if counting practice)
  9. On my XP retro laptop setup, is there any point to upgrading my port replicator to a full docking station? It gets me 1 PCI slot, but what really does that help?

    1. Reaperman


      Laptop already has gig ethernet and wifi.  A sata controller would be nice, but there's no power for the drives in the station.  PCI graphics are both expensive and awful, but so are laptop graphics, so maybe there's an edge to be had.

  10. Things are changing, and I'm rearranging my life (and first floor) to make room for a second arcade cabinet, which I've been wanting for a very long time. I think it's time to take one final picture of my Neo cabinet setup before it moves to a less ideal spot to make room. First shot is from my 2nd floor kitchen/dining room, which has a cutout down to the first floor, where I have kept the Neo cab in a nice little corner nook next to the fireplace since 2009. (I've owned it since around 2003-2004) As near as I can figure it's a Romstar cabinet, which makes sense since I bought it in San Diego when I lived in California. Generic gray panels, no art outside of the marquee which I actually cut down and added myself in place of a weird hand-made one. I've seen a few other neos in this specific generic cabinet, but not many. It looks like it was originally configured as a 2-button--almost certainly a bust-a-move/puzzle bobble, which was the cart still in it when I bought it, In total the cabinet has had over 92,000 quarters run through it according to the counter. It's not at all collectible or nice like a big red, but has its own story. Button layout is weird/bad, but it works very logically for the KOF games. Next to it is my rolling game storage from (this post). Somewhat hidden away on top of the cabinet is a recent addition of an ancient Oreck air purifier--I'm a New Orleanian now, so have to have Oreck stuff, and I restored the purifier earlier this year. Here's a ground-level shot with the storage cart pulled out. It's where I keep most of my mvs collection--and also my PGM stuff. Doubles are in another area, as is my fatal fury set. Sitting on top of the cart storage is a tile drink coster, which is oddly my one of my most prized neo collectibles. (link) Every neo geo fan should really check out the thread that spawned that piece of merch. As for the new cabinet, I was always going to get a driving cab, and while I haven't yet sourced/purchased it, I've begun preparations for a San Francisco Rush 2049 (hopefully special edition). It's the last game by Atari Games/Midway, and to me is as close to the perfect racing game as can be had. The cabinet is also compatible with a great number of other Midway/Atari Games racers. I'm especially interested in trying to get a California Speed board to swap into it as well. I've been much more of an 'Atari Games' fan than an 'Atari' fan--ever since the split.
  11. Here's to another year of the NEO-GEO thread. Where else would I find out about new neo releases? This year, I'm really looking forward to Xeno Crisis, and maybe someday a Neo SD Pro MVS.
  12. Noticed a neat detail in youtube search when I missed the home row and "ataru wirkd rakkt" worked out fine.

  13. Anybody know how wide a sitdown Rush 2049 is?  And if all those midway/atari games cabs are the same size.

    1. save2600
    2. Reaperman


      cool, that's what I needed.  Somehow I forgot that kind of stuff goes on the fliers.

  14. Treated myself to a new supergun, and it's got to be about the cleanest one I've ever seen. https://i.imgur.com/43YCrrU.jpg

  15. First, and most importantly, the wife is not even mad. Apparently a hearing aid repair shop was liquidating. I'm surprised they still repaired those. 2x 13" panasonic CRT monitors (professional, but non-RGB) with s-video and a bunch of BNCs for composite in/out. 17" Dell CRT monitor Mac G4, no HDD (too much company proprietary info), but OSX shrinkwrapped probably solves that(?) Also a spyder calibrator, gyromouse, under-monitor power station (I miss those) But anyway, now that I've owned a reasonably nice Mac for about 45 minutes, I already think I'm better than you--it happens that fast. A shame but I barely missed out on a G5--then I'd really be high on my own farts.
  16. What was the name of that 'other' handheld FPGA?  The one about 2008 with a case mockup by Ben Heckendorn. That product ghosted everybody, but its forum introduced me to AtariAge.

  17. Having XP network driver problems in my thrifted laptop.  I'll try again today, but I may have to install Vista for my first time ever.

    1. Reaperman


      I'm trying to gather together 3 laptops for oldie PC gaming.  DOS era (real expensive), 98SE era (dirt cheap), and XP (almost cheaper than free).

    2. CharlieChaplin


      Typical Vista reply to almost everything you do: Are you sure ? (One of Vista's programmers must have been author of DOS XE.)


  18. Anybody remember an MSDOS navigation utility that looked almost like 'tree' but allowed a highlight to be moved with the arrow keys, and the enter key changed to that directory?

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    2. NE146


      Yeah I was going to say XTree Gold as well


    3. The Usotsuki

      The Usotsuki

      NCD from Norton Utilities?

    4. Reaperman


      It looks like one of the many xtree clones.  I don't remember it having directory stats to the side, or contents to the bottom, so one of the clones may have the option of turning off much of the xtree fluff.  Could easily be one of the ones in this section, or an earlier build of one:  (http://www.xtreefanpage.org/x63clone.htm#c-clones). I've been 'installing' games by the dozen on my dosbox (hyping myself up to buy the real deal) and the cycle of cd-dir-cd-dir to move between their setup programs has been getting to me when I know I can do better.

  19. Weirdly, just a few days ago I was watching a video on the Entex Select-A-Game (below). Anyway, he's a (link) to all the info you really could want. I really like Entex's VFD games--but the multi-game aspect of the select-a-game means that its graphics lack almost all the charm of the other entex models. I wouldn't turn it down for $10(or five times that), but entex certainly makes better versions of games it plays. (here's the other pac man 2 for an example)
  20. It's a week after Mardi Gras, and as usual, the whole town is sick--I'm home with a nasty cough. No official word if the town caught the new virus.

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    2. thanatos


      No, alcohol kills germs.   Collectively everyone killed the disease!

    3. GoldLeader


      My guess is more people are home sick with  the "Brown Bag Flu".

    4. Flojomojo


      That sounds like a cool blues song. 

  21. It's come to the point where I'm having to decide which normal-people furniture it's time for me to get rid of to make room for more video games. 

    1. Reaperman


      I think the wife's hide-a-bed couch is about to be replaced by a Rush 2049 cabinet.  I never much liked the thought of freeloaders living in my front room. Let's see them try and sleep on that, especially when attract mode shouts "RUSH!" every 5 minutes.

    2. GoldLeader


      THIS is my Favorite thing on the Internet Today!   RUSH! RUSH!  LOL!

  22. 1. A sandbox space sim for 3ds. It's got a 3d screen, it's got a touch screen, it's got an analog stick, and it's got networking. To me that's way more than enough power and enough interface options to make a standout game in the genre. A shame the system died without really anything close. 2. A home arcade racer offering a modern take on the SF Rush rush gameplay. We haven't had anything too reminiscent of Rush in a while. I guess the first Motorstorm came the closest in terms of track/shortcut/jump lethality, but lacked the depth and any of the right atmosphere. I'm always amazed at how well those old Rush courses are built. If I ever fall into too much money, that's where I'm going with it. That and buying up old gaming brands/IP for non-commercial public release, and low/no cost commercial use. Who even owns Rush, and the other Midway/Atari Games titles these days? They sure as heck aren't doing much with them.
  23. I actually have a couple of those but hadn't thought to try them. I wonder if the lights work. Build quality isn't my favorite, and the buttons are kind of tiny and paddish. Those cables are often worth more than the controllers, nice find. I went a little more nuts, making a rather unique adapter (link to adapter vid with NT Mini footage) for my fleet of custom neo geo/supergun controllers to NES. It's especially odd since it has the option of disabling up and down on the stick and mapping them to buttons. Great for games that do strange things with up/down (asteroids, moon patrol, certain racing games/platformers) Weirdly , the NES version of the epyx 500xj is a great controller for the 'core store,' assuming your hands can tolerate the ergonomics. I think the engineers at epyx/konix must have been time travellers, since that controller is *completely* useless for NES, and only of interest to NT Mini users. I slightly prefer my atari version of the 500xj, and have a 2600-to-neo geo adapter for use with the above adapter because 'yo dawg, I heard you like adapters, so I put an adapter on your adapter so you can adapter while you adapter'
  24. I believe I got my settings from a 'my life in gaming' vid. (probably this one) IIRC the 2600/7800 scaling settings were a little illogical and needed extra fiddling. It was so long ago I can't remember the exact details on that one. Generally handhelds are super easy since they've got square pixels, so you just make it as big as you can, while TV consoles get whatever integer scaling is somewhere around the aspect ratio you kept your TV on BITD. (Opinions vary greatly, but the my life in gaming vid above gets pretty close for me) I'm sure some of my settings are still wrong even after all this time. I've never even seen an adventure vision, so I suspect I've got its aspect ratio a bit off. That's a really neat display. The oddball systems of NT Mini are really my favorite parts. 10 years ago ask me if I ever thought I'd be playing watara supervision at 1080p with a full arcade controller. For the difficulty switches it's l/r on the 8bitdo controller. I don't believe it can be done with regular NES controllers, and it's required to unpause burgertime, koolaid man etc. (link)
  25. Probably been asked (I looked a ways back), but given the new nt mini attention, has analogue perhaps allotted some kevtris time for: those sweet cart adapters (adapters for nt mini cores are way more useful for homebrews than the sg's adapters) modernizing cores from other consoles. For example, IIRC coleco on SG runs 'super game module' games, and I haven't checked, but I imagine game gear got some polishing for SG. Granted kevtris may have to trade notes with whatever mysterious stranger jailbroke that system, but I suspect that could be arranged. and IIRC there was an intellivision core somewhat close. If there is new stuff, am I going to need a v2 to run it? The NT Mini is already my 'stranded on a deserted island' system choice, but I'd have to buy the wife something really nice to make up for upgrading. All this NT news has me wanting to play mine this weekend.
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