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  1. tasteless, unatural sugary crap? but we don't even wanna go there..... It's a reference to the Jonestown Massacre. Whacko Cult from 1978 where they poisoned the Kool Aid at a huge gathering and killed everyone.
  2. I'm pretty sure only Atari "Age" fans would even recognize the reference.
  3. I find that out of all the Brands of video game console Kool Aid, Atari Kool Aid drinkers tend to be the least obnoxious, and most intelligent and literate. Every consoles fandom has a portion that makes most people cringe, but Atari seems least like this compared with some rabid Nintendo and MS/X-Box fans I've run into over the years. But really, no matter what console you like or dislike, there's nothing worse than self-appointed "forum cops" who run around telling everyone with a negative opinion of anything that they aren't allowed to dislike something, because being polite on a message board is apparently more important than being honest.
  4. Actually, the entire industry was focused on teens and young adults, as those were the target demographic of Arcades, young people with money of their OWN to spend. But Nintendo exploited the Sesame Street aged audience, and that snowballed into bullshit like Pokemon, "Bronies", and creepy pedophilia-influenced hentai and japanime where the focus on sexualizing young girls takes precendence. Nintendo spawned creepy bullshit like 4chan. Yeah man, Bubble Bobble was just terrible. Along with Burgertime, Pooyan, Frogger, Bubbles, and Kangaroo. The list goes on.. and on.. and on. It's not like video games were all aimed at adults and then Nintendo came along and made everything too kiddy. The industry was almost entirely aimed at kids until the violent mature-rated games came along. What's wrong with kiddy and cartoonish anyway? A game has to be all gritty, dark and violent to be fun? You're not a REAL MAN if you play a game with cartoon mushrooms in it? *flexes bicep* The grudge that some posters here harbor against Nintendo is ridiculous. Like Mario and Luigi took turns raping them as a child and now they hate all things Nintendo.
  5. Super Mario Brothers (series). The marketing shift to pandering to the 3-8 year old cutsie kiddie set with Hello Kitty/effeminate mushroom and cartoony bullshit ruined almost the entire 90's decade until Doom and the return to teen and adult themed games made a comeback. But really Nintendos kid-focused strategy and unnecessary editing and neutering if video games to appease political blowhards was the worst.
  6. LOL. It's a standard CX-80 trak-ball that they wired in the resistors to be 2-button compatible for 7800 games. It's the same $15 trak-ball Best sells new, plus $1.99 worth of resistors. The $89.95 they're asking is ridiculous.
  7. Dude, you shouldn't worry about this. The search feature on this board isn't the most accurate or user friendly out there. It's the board software, it's not as easy to search here as vBulletin or invision boards. So unless you knew exactly which search terms you needed to find the exact post where Mitch released the ROM, you'd have a hard time finding it anyway. Also - this forum has a habit of being kind of "Damned if you do, damned if you don't!" on this stuff. Some people will yell at you for bumping an ancient thread, but then some people will yell at you for starting a new thread on a subject that already has an ancient thread (that you just got yelled at for bumping). So going forward, don't worry about it. post what you want. ask questions and people most people will be pretty helpful. on topic - The MIA rom isn't a "Finished" version, but it is mostly playable. Unfortunately, there was no fully commented source file(s) so there's really no way to "finish it" short of starting over from scratch.
  8. If you don't quit your trolling, you'll find yourself on mod-preview. Oh, booga booga booga to you too. It's a joke. Laugh. Lighten up. I was complimenting Bob on his amazing work that already runs without the need of the forthcoming 7800 Viagra expansion module.
  9. It is indeed a picture of a cat with a slice of good old American Govt. Cheese on its face. The Internet is full of hilarious images, this is one of them.
  10. This thread is making me giddy. Thank you for everything you've ever done, Mr. Crane.
  11. XM Who? Holy Mother Effin Christ, Bob. Sign me up for the list.
  12. The only way you're going to completely eliminate the RF noise on the picture is to do a video mod on the 7800 to use composite out. If you feel like you're handy with basic electronics and a soldering iron, search for the "easier 7800 composite video mod" thread in this forum and follow the instructions in it. There are plenty of folks here willing to help you out.
  13. I hand pick the colours. For real hardware testing I always play on PAL first with occasional NTSC checks. The NTSC palette used in the emulators isn't the same as seeing the colours on a real machine. My games also adjust any movement tables, game delays and Display List Lists (DLLs) to match the TV region too. The NTSC palettes I released for Prosystem, which Trebor later adapted for MESS are as close to perfectly matching the NTSC color palette before it gets mangled in the RF unit as can be made. I used screen caps of the 7800 color map diagnostic cart from a CC2 and matched the hex color values in the emulator palette file. The CRT TV used to produce the screen caps was first properly calibrated using X-Rite professional color calibration equipment. With RF in the middle, and even just using CRT TVs in general, there will always be a slight color variance. The palettes in the latest versions of prosystem and MESS represent proper NTSC values under best conditions. The PAL colors in these emulators are incorrect, because no one has taken the time to get them right like I have.
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