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  1. If there are any left, I'd be in for two. Thanks!
  2. I appreciate the update. Put me down for Option 2.
  3. I liked this game quite a bit back in the day, but my frustrations with it were pretty wells covered by Rick and cmadruga. The few times I actually got to a bank of RAM chips made me feel like I found a needle in a haystack. After spending so long just looking for the RAM really ramped up the tension w/the MCP battle. Plus, that felt like a completely different game from what you'd been playing so long previously.
  4. I, too, am willing to wait - I haven't had any desire to request any refunds, etc. I know how things have been over the last year+ with trying to source materials during this pandemic. If you decide to give up on getting carts from LTO, I'd be interested in getting the box, manual, etc. and getting a rom instead. I'm sorry about the stress you've had over this - it's always worse when it's out of your control.
  5. I'd like to be on the list, if I'm not already on it. Special Edition if available!
  6. I've put together a site (http://www.intellivisionarchive.com) I use to help me maintain my collection - it might have most of the images you're looking for.
  7. I'm in for a pre-order. If I don't have an LTO Flash (will purchase as soon as the next batch becomes available), will I be able to get the encrypted ROM at that point?
  8. I trust Rev and have had delays in the past. I'm just a little worried this time as it's been six weeks since I ordered and I haven't gotten any responses from DM here or any emails.
  9. I'd be in for one of each, as well.
  10. I'd definitely be in for one, should another run be made. I've been following the development since the beginning, I just procrastinated too long on actually making a purchase.
  11. Listening to the Intellivisionaries podcast convinced me to finally purchase this. I probably shouldn't have assumed this was just another simple test cart!
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