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  1. Is the encryption the same for Skunk & GD?
  2. Thanks guys for the explanation! I was unfamiliar with the PlusCart.
  3. Al_Nafuur, What is the difference between "Flappy Bird HSC NTSC.bin" and flappy.bin from the first post? Thanks, Chris
  4. Trebor, Thanks for compiling this! There have been too many 7800 games that I can't keep up anymore. Chris
  5. Waiting on 3 packages from USPS. First one was shipped 3 weeks ago. Last one 2 weeks ago. :(

    I don't trust them anymore.

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    2. Bixler


      My gf and I have had issues with USPS packages being SEVERELY delayed since mid-November. Your experiences echo ours. I'm guessing it's going to be this way for a while due to COVID-19.

    3. Albert


      It's been like this since March, especially for incoming and outgoing international packages.  I do hope the USPS works through their backlog of packages, as I have so many I am waiting on.

    4. Atarian7


      I'm still waiting on a package from 3 1/2 weeks ago.  But I just received packages today that I ordered on December 28 , just two days ago.


  6. This sounds like feature creep.
  7. Thanks Richard! Glad CPUWIZ found this helpful too. :)
  8. Hello, Where can the plastic enclosures used for the AtariVox be purchased? Thanks in advance. Chris
  9. Here is a digest version of this thread thus far. Latest BJL ROM Image 20201101
  10. I love BJL! However, I wish there was a USB cable version.
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