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  1. This recapping craze is ridiculous! It is more likely that a new cap will fail than what is already on the board. If it ain't broke...

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    2. CrazyChris


      Amiga Recapped I guess if you recap it, you can flip it, and sell it for more. ;)

    3. CrazyChris


      Oh and look the seller does not accept returns...

    4. CrazyChris


      I guess it comes down to the stupid people that will buy it. :)

  2. CrazyChris

    Matchie, again

    Attached ROM is from the Atari 2600 Hacks and Homebrews ROM Collection V1.2. Thanks to ZeroPage Homebrew for pointing this out. Matchie (2006) (John Payson) (WIP).bin
  3. I thought this would be appropriate:
  4. I thought it was mint in box, not caramel.
  5. CrazyChris

    The Stacks

    Here's the original ROM. Stacks-atari2600.zip
  6. I was just wondering if it would run on an Atari 800. Also, if it NTSC compatible?
  7. Yaron, What will the A8 memory requirements be to run this? Also, will it be NTSC compatible?
  8. CrazyChris


    Looks really good. I like the fat pixels.
  9. CrazyChris


    Really good insight. Thanks for posting this!
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