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    Atari Jaguar, 8-bit, analog stereo, talk radio, and woodworking.
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  1. I guess you won't be signing up for Google's new phone service
  2. Thanks Arenafoot and Mike!
  3. chavert, Can you update the download link in the first post, or attach the file? Thank you, Chris
  4. WTF. Would be better if it just charged the batteries.
  5. My point was that Knight Rider is not really a serious project.
  6. CrazyChris

    Space Game

    Patch or it didn't happen!
  7. Whoa!!! I thought this was going to be another Knight Rider thread!
  8. I wouldn't take it apart. It's a piece of history.
  9. You got it right. If you fire out a door twice, you can't shoot for awhile. I'm pretty sure that was the issue. Also, I prefer a smiling Evil Otto.
  10. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up, about a Kickstarter, for a new Apple II game called Nox Archaist. It is an Ultima style game, and there is an option for a digital download, so you do not have to have an Apple II. They met their goal in only 2 hours. Looks promising!
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