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  1. I love BJL! However, I wish there was a USB cable version.
  2. I sold my Jaguar collection and than bought it back for 3x as much!
  3. A game that works for the ZX Spectrum!


  4. CrazyChris


    What CPU was the Panther going to have?
  5. Anyone interested in an Official Intellivision Christmas Tree Ornament (MIB)? $14.95 standard USPS shipping included. US only. PM ME!
  6. Anyone interested in a NEW Gillette Fusion 5? W/ 6 cartridges. $15.95 standard USPS shipping included. US only. With tax, 4 razors cartridges would cost you more, than this. Send me a PM.
  7. Happy to hear this project has not been abandoned! :)
  8. How about the sound from Berzerk when you fire your gun?
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