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  1. This was one game I was really looking forward to. Can you release a WIP, or demo build? Chris
  2. Within the last couple of months someone posted, within a thread, about their favorite video converter box. I went to the companies website, and the boxes, were in clear cases. The company was homebrew-ish, but had high quality products. The firmware for the boxes may have been open source. Anyone know where this post is?
  3. Were there other people that worked on this demo?
  4. Wonder if a controller adapter could be made for the NUON?
  5. Atari_Owl, Can you please release this demo so we can try it out on our Jaguar GameDrives? I would hate to see this fade into obscurity. Chris
  6. I realized that after I posted... :)
  7. I stumbled across a website that says a game named Titan is being ported to the Jaguar in 2020. http://www.inthepockets.com/ Anyone have any more information about this?
  8. Would Atari 2600 paddle controllers work on the 5200?
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