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  1. FS: New NES Game Jim Power in the Lost Dimension - MIB See first post.
  2. All files were from attachments or links provided in this thread. Just the same, the file has been taken down. Chris
  3. CrazyChris


  4. Tried it out. Great job! Looks like a PC game.
  5. Just wanted to give you a This is my favorite Intellivision game.
  6. What emulator should I use to run this? Thanks for your help. Chris
  7. Will this run on Classic99?
  8. What are the memory requirements to run this?
  9. Atarimania has this listed as a Prototype?
  10. I can't stand how Chrome handles Bookmarks. :thumbsdown:

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    2. CrazyChris


      In IE I would pin the favorites to the Left hand of the browser window. Really worked out well.

    3. BydoEmpire


      Left/top... not much of a difference to me although I do remember it took a while to get used to.  I like that Chome lets you just drag a url into your bookmark folders in the bar.  That's easier and faster for me than clicking "add" or whatever although I'd guess newer versions of IE allow that too.  Either way, totally respect different people liking different workflows.

    4. CrazyChris


      Just accidentally deleted a folder with a bunch of bookmarks in it and look there's no trash can!

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