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  1. I wrote earlier on this but could not finish. I just want to say take care my Dear Friend and RIP . I will truly miss you being around since you were not only a friend to me but acted more like my brother. This meant so much to me and I cannot say that about anyone else.
  2. What happen? I have been writing him for a very long time. He even had me send pictures of my fathers things when my Father worked for Atari Corp. Curt even sent me things as well his book signed by him. He was a close friend to me. He was way to young to die. He was younger then me. It like loosing a younger brother. Ok I am sorry this is way too much for me . I am having a hard time believing he has passed away. I always talked to him about my father. My father only did not work for Atari but he had worked for Texas Instruments. As well many other companies and Curt would always ask me very detail questions on What my dad did. I just feel so bad for his family. Now one of my best friends has died. Ok I cant do this anymore
  3. Hi Everyone I forgot to place the model number of the Console. Model is: FD 3000 W System is : First Dimension Video Sports Thanks
  4. Hi I have been working on restoring a few units and have all controls working but cannot seem to get the ball to come up Does anyone have a service manual or Schematic for this console. Thanks
  5. Hi Ksarul Hi I will PM you please put me down for a board Thanks
  6. I found this working real early mother Board of the TI-99/4A computer in a really high serial number case. Someone at one time must of wanted a nicer case and place their old mother board in to it. I am taking scans and pictures of this very early computer. This is the Earliest TI-99/4A I have ever came across. I went to clean the cartridge slot since it acted like it was a little dirty. Anyways I saw a date code on it 8149. I thought this was strange to see. Then the wiring color was off and I thought well maybe they did it different on 1983 computer since that the date code on the case for mid part of 1983. Then I open it and to my surprise it this really old mother board. I wish Now I had the matching case so I could have a real complete early dated TI-99/4A computer. I have the Regular TI-99/4 computer but I have never seen a TI-99/4A computer with 1981 chips. I am guessing in 1981 not many of the TI-99/4A computers sold that year. Ok I am attaching 2 pics and will attach more later. I feel strange now sticking such an early mother board back in to a later version case. Does anyone know where I could get just an early case to place a computer like this into. Sure there has to be early version computers that are broken and I can stick this working one into it case. Thanks
  7. Hi Ksarul Thanks for that information I have found a working TIM9904ANL and it did not work in the computer. The chip in my computer is a SN74362N /TIM9904NL I am guessing the difference are enough that the TIM9904ANL chip will not work in my computer and it did not work. I just figured my computer went bad. I am just needing the correct chip to bring it back to life then. Thanks
  8. WOW Thank you. I looked and could not find it on ebay when I looked. Now I will be able to get my computer back up and going. Thank you so much.
  9. To everyone I need to find a replacement chip and tried ebay and anywhere I could look. I need a SN74LS362 chip used for the clock on the CPU. same chip function. The heat sink compound dried up on my computer for that chip and bye bye chip went. Till I get a clock chip the computer will not work. Please help Thanks
  10. Well I have not even had one response back from that seller. I am guessing maybe I over whelmed him with so many questions. Thanks
  11. Hi see the one on ebay that had sold on ebay was a Dimension 4. The one up there now is not a Dimension 4. The Dimension 4 are the proto types. So the one up on ebay is just a very early T-99/4 computer and not a proto type computer. This one is actually a true proto type since it is a Dimension 4 computer. Like my father talked about when I was on 15 years of age in 1978. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Texas-Instruments-TI-99-4-Prototype-034-Dimension-4-034-extremely-rare-034-As-Is-034-/264620957469?hash=item3d9ca35f1d%3Ag%3A3IEAAOSwW-heNwPD&nma=true&si=wYyTnyyX5eWZg3rCX3j6lge7HAk%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Thank that clear up alot of things so the one up on ebay is way over priced since it is not a proto type computer. Just a very early TI-99/4 computer and maybe the number 717 is correct and that is a serial number. or it just means 7 / 7 Which would be 7 out of 7 computers. Well is this computer worth what they are asking for it ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Texas-Instruments-TI-99-4-Engineering-Prototype-717-No-Serial-Number/133264016332?hash=item1f072783cc:g:iOoAAOSwBi5d3JS6 Is this worth getting in memory of my father work. I just do not want to pay a price that normally goes for a proto type Computer. This is not a Dimension 4 computer like the one that was on ebay in the past.( which was a true proto type computer) Thanks
  12. Hi I may of put this under the wrong thread but if anyone can read my post above this one. Please see if you can help me out on the computer that is up for sale on ebay. This would be so appreciated more than you will ever know. Thank you.
  13. Hi That is some great information. I can see you have not found a 1981 console either for the TI-99/4A . I am starting to think an actual 1981 console might be pretty hard to find. Anyways that is great information on that list Thank you
  14. Ok I will look and see what other chips may have gone bad and see if I can get the computer back up and going Thanks
  15. Well I now have one PEB completely working. It has the Serial card, 32K card and the drive does work. I did fix the drive that was sticking but I found I like the way the Remex drive load faster. This is working drive and very fast drive to load programs Ex-Cell-o-Corparation Remex Division Model RFD480 I have a 3rd PEB box and it has the drive that has the button on it. Yes I have 3 PEB boxes. Just say that I really love having TI-99 equipment. With my dad being in the military from 1959 to 1968. Then he got out and started to work for TI in 1968 to the early 1980s. Then he went to work for another company really not sure but I know they did work for Atari and other companies. He was an electronic Engineer. Anyways there is stuff I really like about the TI computers but I have programed on the Atari computers as well. I know my dad work on the TI 2500 in 1972 which was one of the first hand held calculators made by them. Anyways I am really trying to get one of these computers up in memory of my father. I know my father always talked about the Dimension 4 computers and that was the only proto type I knew of on the TI-99/4 type computers. Well at least before the name changed. If there were other proto types I never heard my dad talk about them. I need some help on this. I have been looking at buying this computer in memory of my dad on ebay but I am afraid to buy it since it is not a Dimension 4 computer. Please look since it has a card on the bottom of it but that cannot be the only evidence of it being a proto type. I am afraid that could be printed now a days and just stuck on the computer. Also look at the date on most the chips are early but the U610 chip date seems way newer than the earlier chips. I was really young still in 1978 and 1979. I was around 15 years old back then,so a lot did not stick with me. Anyways I will post the link to the computer. I would love some help on this before I spend a lot of money on a computer that may not be a proto type. Also it looks like the seller is selling this computer for someone else. I do know it may not work as well. Anyways take a look and please give me some advice weather this is a proto type or not. I am not just going by the label on the bottom that could be printed on a computer. I might be being over cautious but I think it better to be safe than sorry. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Texas-Instruments-TI-99-4-Engineering-Prototype-717-No-Serial-Number/133264016332?hash=item1f072783cc:g:iOoAAOSwBi5d3JS6 Ok guys I need help on this one, If this is real . Then I will be getting this in memory of my dad time at Texas Instruments. I just wish he was still alive to see it. Thanks
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