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  1. Hi Thank you I have attached a few more photos of it. This way the top and bottom of the unit shows as well in the post before this one Thanks
  2. Hi everyone Here is the picture of the serial number tag on the bottom of my Atari 7800 If you look that the rainbow stripe is different from the newer consoles. Thanks
  3. Hi Guys you can add this one to the very first on the list I wish I could even find an older one Serial number 000517 EP-264 Mother board date 2284 on it. I will post pictures of it later Thanks
  4. Ok is it too late to get in on a pre order for this? thanks
  5. Sean39

    1984 7800s

    Hi To everyone I know this is a super old thread and do not know if it will ever get read again. My mother board in mine has 2284 on it The bottom serial number reads 000517 Ep264 for the 26th week 1984 I do not know if this help any since this is a very old thread. Thanks
  6. Hi to anyone on this project. I have read about this at Atari Museum and I want to know where can I get this module or is not offered anymore? Please let me know Thank You
  7. There are people on the old thread looking for this one. I passed a link to this one , so you should see more responses coming to this thread now.\ Thanks
  8. Hi Everyone. I have been on this thread for years. Here is the link to the new Thread and not sure if they are doing much with it. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/186498-the-official-atari-2600-heavy-6-switch-list/page-8?hl=%2Bheavy+%2Bsixer+%2Blist&do=findComment&comment=3943522 Try this one and it should get you where you want to be. Thanks
  9. Hi Everyone There was a lot of good points made. The systems were all made in the 1980s and everyone of these systems had their good points and downfalls. What it really does come down to is what games you really want. There were games on the NES and they were only on that system. Then the Atari 7800 had games that could be only found on it. Of course there is quite a few games that the Sega Master System only had. So it really the games and at the time these came out everyone looked at the games and not the hardware specifications. I have all 3 systems and I think they all have games that make them stand out. It the Memory of Playing these with your kids and grand kids that will make them great. Yes I am that old.
  10. Hi Everyone I know this is a very late reply. I was around in the 1960s and 1970s. My father worked for atari in the 1970s-1980s, and I went to work with him a lot just to see what was being done. I have read every post and I have all the atari consoles as well one of the first releases of the NES as well the Sega master System. I always wanted to know who had the best system made, but what I figure out was over the time who wanted to invest the time into programming games the push the limits of the hardware. The Atari 7800 had the hard ware to do 320 pixels and that out did the NES and the Sega master system. The sound chip on the 7800 would be great with the pokey chip in the cartridges. This put the Atari over the top with graphics and sound. The NES and Sega master system both had the same screen graphic resolution Now the Sega Master system only had a faster clock speed CPU that was a NEC chip that ran at 4Mhz while it was a clone of the Zilog Z80 chip that ran at 3.58Mhz With the Atari 7800 and NES the 6502 chips only ran around 1.79Mhz in clock speed. The other difference was that both the Atari 7800 and NES had way less on board memory The Sega master System had 8K of on board memory with 16K of Graphics memory. Also Sega released 4Mbyte and 8 Mbyte Rom chips for their games. This still did not help them to over come Nintendo sales in consoles or games even with all their efforts. Between Atari,NES, and the Sega Master System. They all had games that made them shine over the other systems. It come down to the user what games do you like and what system shows them off the best. The Atari 7800 could have out done both the NES and Sega master System in one way. Atari could have used the Pokey chip in all their 7800 games and tried pushing all the games using only the higher resolution of 320 pixels in mode 8. If I recall this is the correct graphics mode for this system. Yes Nintendo did lock up the market but even Sega release 341 games in all and only 114 of them being american releases. Most of the European games will run on the american consoles which means people in the US can play eurpean releases. Now the color may be slightly off but they do work. I really wish that Atari would have hired a larger amount of people to make games for the 7800. This meaning you would have not got the same games as Nintendo had out. I am talking about game developing in the USA and Nintendo would of had no rights or saying over. In other words America would of had their own game market and software writers. This is one reason why the Atari 2600 did so well. We deigning and writing software no one else had anywhere. I grew up in this mess and saw the breakdown of Atari prior to 1984. In late 1983 is when things started to change in Atari. My dad Quit Atari because of all this mess. He still kept in contact with members of the Atari team just to see what was going on during the developing of future programs and equipment. Anyway if you want to compare sales then Nintendo won. If you want to compare hardware Sega had only a faster CPU and on board memory and graphics memory. If you are into Graphic Resolution on the screen Then the Atari 7800 will beat out both the NES and Sega Mater Sytstem. The Atari 7800 may have a slower cpu but the Memory could be expanded in the cartridge as well the sound chip could also be place in to cartridge. Now you have System that has great sound and Graphics . The CPU speed probably would have gone not notice with good programming skills. Anyways all the system have their +++++ and - - - - - . It just which one you like over the other I just have them all and get the games that show off the best of each system has to offer Thanks
  11. OK I am on the original list but here it is again NTSC/PAL/Atari/Special: NTSC Serial # 57020 E MFG Location Sunnyvale,CA (Owner/AA Member), (Location= City, State, Country):Original / Sean39, TX, USA A/B Channel Slot (Yes/No): no A/B Channel Switch (Yes/No):no Functional (Yes/No): Yes​ In original box with original Paddles and both CX10 joysticks, all advertisements, manuals, and warranty card, original grey power adapter all card board inserts are in the box. Also have gated folded boxes games Combat, and Air Sea Battle. Rare Chess piece Box from 1977 Thanks
  12. Hi I sent a Personal Message to you on your system. It would be in your mail box on this site. Please could you contact me back. Thank you Sean39
  13. Hi Everyone Just wanted to add this to help on Serial numbers. When Atari First Released their Atari pong units they were released under Tele game and sold by Sears. Then later the name was just Atari pong, I have one with the serial number A60186 Tele games Atari pong sold under sears Ok now look at a Atari Pong Serial number 26789 D Now Atari did not want to over cross Serial number when the Atari 2600 or known as the VCS at first. So if you have a Heavy Sixer with a Serial number ending with the letter D at the end. This would be the earliest one to be found. Most have an E after the serial number on the early units we have seen, Take a look at those Early Sears heavy Sixer units because Atari could have released them under Sears before Using their name. Still all Sears sold Tele game units still have the name Atari on the label. Lets see if we can find the oldest VCS heavy sixer and it could have been sold under Sears First. Thanks
  14. Ok Click on this to go to the list of system serial numbers . It will be my name next to the list and at this point the last post on the thread at this point. Just look for my name and you should see the long list of serial numbers. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/271453-heavy-sixer-serial-number-thread/page-45?do=findComment&comment=3916966 Thanks ​ ​
  15. Hi Everyone Let try updating this list "Wester" started back in 2005. We have a lot of people giving new serial numbers and it would be a great thing for the new comers to see an updated list of serial numbers. Thanks 'Wester', on 21 Sept 2005 - 12:07 PM, said: Atari Units #009986 #57020E Sean39 #59837E Spirantho #60796E Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 4/20/07)[/size] #69277E jaymz887 #70796E smilin_joe_fission (Sold in 02 on eBay) #71862E orangest no channel select hole #73146E airwavesFM Both the main board and the switch board say "rev. 1 1977" #77419E video game addict #77491E Sean Van der Linden, San Francisco CA (Stella's Boneyard) #84822E HP Atari King of Michigan #87521E hookem #89540E Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 4/20/07) #90472E PacManPlus no channel selector switch. #95143E Ebay (posted by izzy) #96936E KrazyKaiju no channel selector switch, or hole. (Formerly owned by A.J. Franzman) #97847E toymailman #99277E lowscore #15031F ianoid #17277F toymailman (Sold on Ebay to geier911 on 9/20/2008) #20430F robotkingnes (Purchased from toymailman 11/29/2008) #26872F Phillip Shepherd, Dallas TX (Stella's Boneyard) #28204F toymailman (Sold on Ebay 11/07) #32570F fire!fire! #34337F ataricharles #45105F Wester #45981F hanglyman #48417F Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 11/18/07) #49868F Esper Wizard #53705F Sold on Ebay to finestmemories 11/22/2008 by toymailman (Sears lid and Sears service sticker on bottom) #55239F Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 4/20/07) #55603F taintedlove no channel selector switch, or hole. #66067F Scott Steinhaus, Glencoe MN (Stella's Boneyard) #67972F gulag picture radio #70847F ovalbugmann (no A/B switch hole) #70865F Jeremy Cline, Indianapolis, IN (Stella's Boneyard) #71203F Asaki no channel selector switch, or hole. #71977F Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 4/20/07) #72998F thevnaguy #73643F NorbytheRobot #78327F ToddRogers- Todd calls it a "U shape" Atari 6 switch. I think he is referring to a Heavy Sixer #79184F MiKOTRON #80472F Laner no channel select hole #82069F Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 4/20/07)S/N label with battery warning precaution #85892F Schitti #86301F hbomb #93488F Deteacher no channel selector switch. #97014F EricDeLee #97579f revsdr no channel selector switch. #85397F tremoloman2006 #86077F krypton85 No channel select hole #87544F atari_wizard #99940F pocketmego #99968F toymailman Channel select hole, no switch. #12137G ma sw (Stella's Boneyard) #12272G bet No channel select hole, no switch. #12957G Galaga_Freak Channel select hole, no switch. #14649G the 5th ghost Channel select hole, no switch. #17597G Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 4/20/07) #18009G famicommander #19073G LittleJoe #19977G shadowdoggie #20600G Kratogen #25591G Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 4/20/07) #29438G darthkur (No channel selector hole) #29607G co13ghoul #33746G ResOGlas Hand Stamped "Factory Reconditioned 49.8" over the serial label. #35104G Atari2600.com Boxed #36834G TunnelRunner #38180G Dr. Morbis #41474G Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 11/18/07) #42919G atari_envy #48185G Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 4/20/07) #51074G Ze_ro #52594G Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 4/20/07)complete in original 1977 version box (with chess piece) #53293G Marco Kerstens, The Netherlands (Stella's Boneyard) #54565G SpiceWare no channel selector. #55274G Bucket Brigadier #57532G Omegamatrix #58708G video game addict- No cut-out for channel switch. #58731G atari_envy #58732G Ebay (posted by izzy) #58988G Seen in a Goodwill Computer Store, Austin TX (Stella's Boneyard) #59533G Jean-Marc Regent, Paris, France (Stella's Boneyard) #61339G cougar302b #62821G fire!fire! #65965G Big Player- (No Channel Select Switch) #66477G kevin242 #67260G SINGLE TOOTH #67588G G.Whiz (bought at Eaton's in Canada,Christmas '77) #69403G remowilliams no channel select hole/switch. #71460G birdie3 #71759G Omne #72132G Atari Leaf #74507G Ebay seen by N. Oseth (Stella's Boneyard) #74547G Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 4/20/07) #74606G SeaGtGruff #75183G Doug Korekach, McKeesport, Michigan (Stella's Boneyard) #76090G corbysatarigame #80835G ptol #82412G phaxda #82507G Rik no channel select hole/switch. #83634G Dauber No channel select switch (New owner) #85822G llabnip #88108G HatNJ #89536G opeygon #91552G Ebay (Posted by Uzumaki #95382G MIB! Kyle Boyd (Stella's Boneyard) #11803H toymailman #12109H Elw00d #13748H toymailman #16897H video game addict- with no channel cutout on bottom #18858H Ebay (posted by video game addict) #23909H Marianne and Rex Sorensen, Prescott AZ (Stella's Boneyard) #23915H Mike Slys, Merrillville IN (Stella's Boneyard) #24813H cosmosiss #28921H Atarius Maximus #29102H ChevyNo1 No channel select switch #31117H keilbaca #32758H Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 4/20/07) #34723H Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 4/20/07) #36872H Scott Lindberg (Stella's Boneyard) #37034H yeaadudee #38784H Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 4/20/07) #39671H jetset #42137H Longhorn Engineer Channel Select Hole Not Present Top Board: Rev 5 Bottom Board: Rev 8 #46924H davepesc #52286H Tempest No channel select, "silver" sticker over original sticker, silver sticker #39306 #64281H silver_surfer #64838H bah #64931H Sir Galahad #67236H Robert Johnson (Stella's Boneyard) #68616H Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 4/20/07) #69519H Broonale (No channel select switch) #71720H HatNJ (No channel select switch) #75266H Rosy Gibbs, Portland, OR (Stella's Boneyard) #75603H izzy #76118H wgungfu #79394H BigO no channel select hole/switch #79466H 20eyes #83498H Ebay (Posted by Wester ) #94041H eegad (No channel select hole/switch) #94093H Chris Stempert (Stella's Boneyard) #94357H badbrad #96011H Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 4/20/07) #16273J Nightwing #20569J darthkur "Channel Select A - B" but there is no switch #22304J pm_john no channel select switch, but has the hole #25311J Adrian M #26098J Ebay (posted by izzy) #27780J ditasw #31459J orangest channel select hole but no switch #32119J Jim Pisarz, Memphis TN Stella's Boneyard) #33696J Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 4/20/07) #35886J darthleppard #34540J the 5th ghost #38120J MIB! Geo Reese, Simi Valley CA (Stella's Boneyard) #49622J Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 4/20/07) #57827J Phantom #57965J Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 4/20/07) #59701J Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 4/20/07) #71718J edweird13 no channel select switch. #73100J Scott Stilphen #74234J cosmosiss #76418J pboland RECONDITION #83068J dangevin no channel select hole/switch. #83093J Zwackery #83487J robotkingnes (Purchased from toymailman 12/06/2008) #98429J LittleJoe no channel select hole/switch. #12790K inextremis staple #13602K Heavy6r #14255K ResOGlas #15464K Longhorn Engineer no channel select switch, but has the hole #17718K almightytodd no channel select switch, but has the hole. #22681K Ebay (posted by izzy) #22881K keilbaca- with a stamp that says S279 #24133K maroguy #45008k Zoyx #47955K Brendan D. Donahe, Austin TX (Stella's Boneyard) #48006K ninermaniac #54504K Game God (Stella's Boneyard) #68331K Lendorien ( Channel selector present) #68557K Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 4/20/07)complete in original 1977 version box (with chess piece) #80788K therealred5 "Lot #3 2/14/78" #85109K Andrew (Stella's Boneyard) #99400K Statch no channel select switch, but has hole for it (says Channel A or B) #42711L Ebay (posted by davyK) #52601L Ebay, 1/5/04 (Stella's Boneyard) #55437L nathanallan #62659L M-Funf #64833L elliott no channel select switch, but has the hole. #65437L Nemesis #67616L Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 4/20/07) #70447L NovaXpress #71331L Stephen no channel selector switch. #78960L RunnersDad #85955L Doug Korekach, McKeesport, Michigan (Stella's Boneyard) #99242L Tara #97988L Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 4/20/07) #27628M Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 4/20/07) #33007M Matt Dunn, Glassboro, New Jersey (Stella's Boneyard) #33273M Kialan #44273M Wester #48593M Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 4/20/07) #49716M russell56443 #52875M nitrosport #53351M thevnaguy #55239M frankmcc #55369M ianoid #55581M HatNJ #60594M Chubsta (no channel select switch) #75830M volkssuper #79427M the.golden.ax (formerly owned by ApolloBoy) #79922M therealred5 #81453M Zonie #83177M Ebay (posted by izzy) #84470M Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 4/20/07) #93499M lgallair (Purchased from the 5th ghost) #94317M l3ushwig #94553M Jeremy Hudson, Loveland CO (Stella's Boneyard) #94633M Dauber no channel selector switch. (New owner) #94723M bah (channel switch/hole , 7805 voltage regulator screwed to the board, not on a separate heat sink) #94779M Green Bay Paddlers #96501M wgungfu -Circuit board stamp "Lot #6 3/28/78" #10961N l3ushwig #16829N Laner #24505N Daniel Stoltz (Stella's Boneyard) #42427N JacobZu7zu7 #64200N Wickeycolumbus (Channel A/B hole, but no switch present) #85378N Nicola Vallieri, Italy (Stella's Boneyard) #98169N KoffinKorner #11908P Alex Pikelhaizen, Belo Horizonte, Brazil (Stella's Boneyard) #11979P tisaperfectdayel... (Selector hole but no switch) #21384P LittleJoe (Channel A/B hole, but no switch present) #41130P opeygon #44926P Cassidy Nolen no channel selector switch. #51160P neopeius (Thrown away, Broken)RIP Sears Units #56534R Longhorn Engineer No Channel Select hole/switch. Says Rev 8 on the bottom board and Rev 5 on the top board #67960R Atari2600.com (in inventory as of 4/20/07) #68822R rickinhammond no channel select hole/switch. #68832R co13ghoul #72112R Uzumaki #76861R Luigi301 #79555R crunchysuperman #82475R shadowdoggie #83311R shadowdoggie #85045R Elw00d #85373R bah #86456R rixdafix #94451R Jesse Hardesty (Stella's Boneyard) #96107R Statch no channel select #98611R shadow460 #99424R Lemmi #11878S spacecadet #15216S toymailman #19755S CPUWIZ #20989S revsdr #33851S patthered #46634S rsiddall #49563S rixdafix #51967S Galaga_Freak no channel select hole/switch. #52912S Wester #65531S staberinde #66201S SINGLE TOOTH #75872S Cassidy Nolen #76078S video game addict No Channel select hole. #77813S mathwontmissyou(No selector switch) #82454S Wester #83987S Tron2005 No channel Select switch #90816S LittleJoe #91492S simbalion no channel select #91885S Greg Venbrux, Florida (Stella's Boneyard) #30855T Kepone #32951T ResOGlas #59583T Almost Rice No channel Select switch #67565T EricDeLee #67761T l3ushwig- No Channel select switch or hole to switch it. #69132T Wester Channel select hole, no switch. #76246T mimo #82973T BigO #84199T dinty2004 (Purchased from toymailman 12/06/2008) #84575T keilbaca #93818T Mirage1972 #96879T adams_ale #99317T the 5th ghost No Channel select hole. #11506U joserb #14854U Elw00d #15264U lowscore #20546U rsiddall #25035U AtariMan1976 #25610U cosmosiss #29127U Wester #29709U Andrew Cox (Stella's Boneyard) #41198U Chainclaw #62687U Wester #67083U BigO #70468U hookem #77777U Opo Terser #90875U SteveW Silver "Sears Reconditioned" sticker, 7-4 etched in by hand, channel switch (deeply recessed with hole) #14596V co13ghoul #30592V tremoloman2006 #36190V bet (Channel selector hole, no switch) #48992V the 5th ghost #50245V DrLove0378 (Channel selector hole, no switch) #54035V toymailman (Sold on Ebay 11/07) #77041V JacobZu7zu7 #87212V "In the wild" (Formerly owned by Deteacher) cutout at the bottom and the words "Channel A/B" on the bottom, there is no actual channel selector switch cutout at the bottom and the words "Channel A/B" on the bottom, there is no actual channel selector switch Two Sticker Units #48594 silver/ 83492J white from phitter #019322 thomas3120 #006391 ianoid #007649 grimbasement White sticker #007621 Christophero Sly- No channel select switch, White sticker #168543 gogoric Silver sticker, no sticker under it.Factory Rconditioned sticker W/ date December 10, 1981 PAL Units #70039 deathtrappomegranate- #70457 Pipster #75127 Ebay (posted by Pipster)[/size] #79533 Pipster #79592 mimo #80088 Mimo originally on Ebay (posted by Pipster) #80026 chubsta no chnnel select switch, no FCC declaration on sticker #80252 Ebay (posted by izzy) #80473 deathtrappomegranate- Other Units #81403487 82atari5200- Taiwan heavy, Manufactured for Atari By Dimerco Electronics #81607536 djmips (Dimerco Taiwan, Board is REVB C010433, Shred of paper taped inside is stamped Aug 13 1981) #T 0000296 w3ace- Taiwan #T 0002030 Aaron Fry, Lancaster, Pennsylvania (Stella's Boneyard) #T 0003246 bjk7382- Taiwan #T 0004278 Posted by A.J. Franzman in shop for repair (channel A-B hole and switch) #T 0012202 Omegamatrix channel A-B select slot, but no switch to select inside #T 0012493 video game addict- Taiwan #T 0013496 lowscore (formerly owned by badbrad) now sold to unknown ebayer- Taiwan #T0016436 dpg- Taiwan build date of July 8/1978 on a tag taped to the sheilding inside #T0016613 Great Hierophant- Taiwanese built Heavy Sixer #T0025509 homerwannabee Taiwanese built Heavy Sixer w/ channel select hole #T0028494 pangmaster Taiwan build date of July 15, 1978 on a tag taped to the sheilding inside #T0029760 Prodos8 Paper tape on RF shield date stamped JUL 15 1978 #T 0029887 Matt Ringuette, Pasadena CA (Stella's Boneyard) #T0030500 Uzumaki Paper tape on RF shield date stamped Jul 19 1978 #T0033750 y-bot Taiwanese built Heavy Sixer w/ channel select hole, "6 80" stamped in red, "Sears Reconditioned","7-29-82" #T0039128 Atari Charles Taiwanese built Heavy Sixer, 3279(STAMPED IN RED) #T0071875 RunnersDad #85977M smilin_joe_fission Sunnvale "light" sixer, has heavy sixer internals, channel select hole (no switch) #88805M toymailman (Sunnyvale made Light 6'er) #73146N hookem- )Sunnvale "light" sixer, has heavy sixer internals (no channel select switch) and the standard white Sunnyvale serial # label) #75553N iangamer (Sunnyvale Light 6'er w/ channel select hole) #88918 ozatariprincess- Sunnyvale PAL light sixer. It did have heavy sixer guts, but I had to replace the guts as it was not working properly #56924U Ebay (posted by izzy) Light Sears Sixer case with Sunnyvale Sticker #38706V Ebay (posted by Christophero Sly) Sears light sixer w/ H6 style S/N #86329V rixdafix Light Sears Sixer channel switch (deeply recessed with hole) #23235P superdevil Light Sixer with Heavy S/N sticker channel selector hole, no switch #45347P izzy Light Sixer with Sunnyvale sticker #3034 Derek Grieselding (Stella's Boneyard) #43971 Francisco Tovar, Los Angeles CA (Stella's Boneyard) #66713 jahfish Sebastien Clave (Jah Fish), Berlin Germany (Stella's Boneyard) #6948V J&P (Stella's Boneyard) #764647 toymailman (Sunnyvale made 4 switch rev. 8 motherboard) #99389 (Sears heavy sixer) Scott Steinhaus, Glencoe MN (Stella's Boneyard) #0010252 CPUWIZ, Sunnyvale CA (Stella's Boneyard)​
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