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  1. Thing is I never collected the Genesis back In the day I was looking for Pre Nintendo so was a bit surprised when I started organizing it all. Not sure what is driving the recent upsurge but expect it may have a little to do with the age of the original Genesis gamers, They are now hitting the age they can afford to spend a little more.on there toys
  2. Could be ? Something has started a MAJOR jump in Genesis Sales. Maybe all the Re-Releases are bringing in a lot of new collectors ?
  3. I was just surprised to see a 5.55% INCREASE in 1 month, Thats a big jump
  4. Hello all, Just started Organizing my Genesis Collection that I collected in the wild over the years starting in 1991 ( noted by some of the Receipts that were still with the games). Started sorting/combining and Grading at the start of Febuary, ended up with 970 items that include CIB, LOOSE, GAME SYSTEM, CDXs, CDs 1 & 2s, Xeye, Controllers, Store Displays .... Ect.. I used a price charging data base that is updated in real time using EBAY/AMAZON and other sites sell amounts, Shipping is not included in the values. When I finished on MARCH 5th the total estimated value was 17,503.00 (and some change) Checked back at the END of 1 month APRIL 5th and see a increase to 18.596.00 Anyway Looking at the past month I SEE A obvious increase in COLLECTOR INTEREST. 1000.00 dollar increase in value over 1 month on 18,000 is very very big. Looking forward to watching the results over time. This may be the time to get those hard to get games before we are all priced out BTW There was a time (late 80's early 90's) when a number of THRIFT STORES would send me around back to the dumpster since that's were they would end-up (they could not sell them). I offered FREE PIZZA if they would save it all for me and had a number of stops on a monthly basis.
  5. Price Charting has a SELLING option with ZERO FEEs (only PayPal fees on payments) They also have the Price Charting thing that is a real time price chart using a few sales site history including evilbay They dont have all the systems yet but a nice collection so far Personally I have not used it yet but have high hopes as I set things up https://www.pricecharting.com/price-guides https://www.pricecharting.com/price-guides
  6. Well combine that with the Fact we disused the deal on the Caverns of Khafka here to save fees but you then made the reduced offer on ebay were I would have to include the fees again so figured it was best
  7. Actually I banned you because You were saying the Eastern Front 800 game I was selling was a reproduction label and wanted to make sure you would not purchase it by mistake
  8. FND


    all gone
  9. All these years and I just noticed something COULD the FOOTBALL board also contain the SLOT MACHINE & CHECKERS Games ? NOTICE the bottom right corner of my picture above of all the PCBs and notice the Slot Machine & Checkers are contained on the same game, JUST need to switch the jumper. BUT just noticed the FOOTBALL game PCB Looks the same and the jumper is attached to a different hole ? NO JUMPER for SLOT MACHINE TOP JUMPER for CHECKERS BOTTOM JUMPER for FOOTBALL
  10. Nice Guess, that one did not occur to me. What went through my mind originally was "Needs Repair" but thankfully it works just as it should BTW I was a little bored and put this together as an example of the Time Line according to the PCB development, Also have some links to my DATA Base of all date codes found on cart covers Here is a link to the NUMBER 1 Dates (never finished it still have many more to enter) http://fndcollectables.com/CHANNEL_F_INFO/U_S_/Board_Dates/CART__1/cart__1.html
  11. These chips are NOT connected to the pcb in a well type connection THEY have each data line connected with a small wire, they can all be seen using a loop. EDIT After re-reading I think thats what you were describing Additionally if you ever get a CHANNEL F game with the small round or square plastic covers like the ones pictured on the EVALUATION carts pictured above, and the cover comes loose it will bounce around in the closed cart and will most likely break some wire connections and cause the game to stop working. Also the first type (square style cover) use little holes in the PCB that the black cover has small pins that they press into and are much more secure than the ROUND covers that are just glued in place EDIT: LAST These plastic covered chips do not use any epoxy at all, the wires are open and accessible once the small plastic cover is removed
  12. Actually I think these CLEAR EPOXY blobs were an early 1st attempt at using the surface mount type chips ? thinking the flow over the data line (very small attached wires) was causing shorting or other problems, maybe trouble keeping them separated during the application. Its very interesting to see them on full size boards. Still thinking maybe they were only wanting to have a view at the connections so used clear epoxy ? BTW Just pulled a bunch more. Most are from a collection I picked many years ago from an EX Employees son, Could possibly be a early promotional set used to gauge interest before release ? Not all are from this set as I have collected these since 1990 or so
  13. Ooops forgot to point out the MISSING Copyright line at BOTTOM of the First NUMBER 2 Cart I posted above Notice all labeled carts SAY "ENCODED PROGRAM © FAIRCHILD 1976" But the number 2 above does not have that line printed at bottom of label Also not sure what the N / R hand written on the DEMO CARTRIDGE. Maybe Not Released or possibly something to do with TESTING like maybe the R stands for Repair ? In any event I tested them all and all work perfectly
  14. Just getting ready to list some VERY early Channel F PCB's and Proto's and since I already have the pictures uploaded I figured I would post them here in case anyone was interested in seeing how the PCB DEVELOPMENT progressed.
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