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  1. system II only add-on. There it is from my email interview with Nicholas Talesfore 5. Any thing you can remember about the Keyboard Carts and Controller ? The Controller and K-1 Casino Poker is pictured on the System II box and mentioned in a Brochure, Were any of these ever produced (Carts or Controller) ? None have ever turned up, also noticed the K-1 Casino Poker cart pictured on the system II box must be a mock up as the instructions printed on the label are for Robot War/Torpedo Alley [Nicholas F. Talesfore] The Keyboard shown in the photo (was to plug in to a hand controller port and was not a cartridge) was a solid model I designed it but it was never built. I was asked by Jerry Lawson to design probably to be used in some games the programmers were developing but it never was engineered or put into production. Link to full interview http://fndcollectables.com/NINTENDO/NES_C_thru_D/SHIPPING/VIDEO_GAMES/INTELLIVISION/working_interview_notes.html
  2. The Keyboard controller was planned but never completed, these ads were printed showing future release expectation If I remember correctly only a wooden mock-up was made for the controller shown on the front of the system II box (center bottom picture shows Black K-1 cart and keyboard controller). I suspect the cart code would of been updated to use the controller but apparently not required as released
  3. I think it's just one of the resellers. Yes Early licensed reseller, Zircon & Microtronix worked with Fairchild for a while prior to Zircon taking over additional Rear Label, otherwise exactly the same example of the Zircon Rear Label
  4. Yup thats it, I knew I had it BTW My other project fell through so the site will live on Not sure what happened but the image is loading very slow ? may have messed something up when poking around the CODE
  5. The Timeline will/would be one of the last sections to get removed. I will attempt to keep it all but may have to strip down some for space I just noticed I have many old pages that got un-linked but still taking up space so that may be enough. You are more than welcome to add to channelf.se any info/photos you feel are important, its the reason its there
  6. Its part of my Yahoo small business package with a dedicated amount of storage space so is really more being able to get back the available space. I have plans for another type of site now so i may need the space. But that really depends on a few variables. I will probably take down the cart/label variation section if / when I find I need more space. Looks like I have not updated since 2012 (year father passed, Mom Needed me for a few years) and all the software I used is outdated so major undertaking to update it now
  7. I see you have the VOLUME 1, 😍 How long I searched for that 🤩 I would be very interested in trading a clear full copy of the number 1 for a clear copy of the number 2.
  8. I believe there is only 1 watermarked image 1st video game news letter "number 2" everything else should be watermark free EDIT I will leave it up since there is still interest 🙂 but I cant guaranty for how long I want to change things a bit and may need the space ?
  9. There are a few Un-linked / hidden pages that had the links removed from the edits over the years. I see I did leave a Link to the ORIGINALLY BOXED "Andy the Robot" I found on CL ANDY the ROBOT ANDY ROBOT
  10. I was going by the amount of hits 😉 and suspect most of the Channel F Collectores have seen it, along with the fact I built that site SOOooo long Ago the software I used to create it No Longer Works on newer operating systems and I can not update without going directly into the HTML Code and edit there. I did collect many more items and logged more info that never made it in so a bit outdated in some areas. I still retain all the paperwork Have sold many of the games and protos over the years with the exception of the international game sets
  11. Just a fast heads-up I will be taking down the above information pages, Been paying to keep it up for many years with little interest so if anyone wants to keep any of the info you should copy it now
  12. http://fndcollectables.com/CHANNEL_F_INFO/U_S_/Time_Line/time_line.html
  13. Cool forgot all about that pcb time line I put together you must of been saving that for some time
  14. Very common I add 5.00 to the cost of my items for this reason I also enclose each item in SEALED clear plastic baggie to protect in case water may somehow get inside, than wrap in bubble wrap and place in NEW shipping box Been a memeber there since DEC 1996 100% feedback which means nothing anymore First few lines on most of my items in ebay description page This Item will be Shipped using FREE BOXED USPS 1st Class Mail 5.00+ value, My Cost. This insures your item will arrive in in same condition as Viewed A Single cib Sega Genesis game will weight between 11 and 13 oz boxed up average is 12 oz and cost 4.37 New Box Cost .35 + Bubble wrap, Tape, Label, Ink. EXAMPLE for sega games I offer free shipping but always get questions asking for lower price because they see it offered by someone Cheaper Not taking into consideration they will more often than not get it in a Bubble mailer or other flimsy type packaging, I also take the time to photo all sides of all included items (front, back & side of box. Front and back of instructions along with 3 sides of game cart, front, back and end label, front and back of inserts) Just saying
  15. Thing is I never collected the Genesis back In the day I was looking for Pre Nintendo so was a bit surprised when I started organizing it all. Not sure what is driving the recent upsurge but expect it may have a little to do with the age of the original Genesis gamers, They are now hitting the age they can afford to spend a little more.on there toys
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