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  1. I have previously used Altirra 2.60 successfully. However, after switching to Windows 10, several months on the sick list, and upgrading to v.2.70, I find that Altirra no longer runs the cartridge files it did before for 5200 mode. Obviously, I am forgetting something. I have set Altirra to 5200 mode using the 5200 OS I used previously. I attach a cartridge and all I get is a black screen with the menu bar at the top. What am I forgetting to get the emulator working . Any help would be appreciated. I love this program as it allows me to relive the 1980's when I was heavily invested in the Atari line. Also, I am trying to find the ROM's for the ICD MIO. I am trying to virtually rebuild my Atari system from then. Thanks.
  2. It was Christmas of '78. I was home on leave from W. Germany. I went to the Service Merchandise and bought some stereo equipment and on a whim, bought a Atari VCS. It was the original woodgrain, 6 switch version. What I didn't learn until later was that it was one of the preproduction prototypes that lacked the channel selector switch. It only worked on channel 3. I had it until 2003 and was fully functional with all the original parts, box and manuals along with receipt. Even the switches were original and functional. Alas, it and the large number of carts for it were stolen.
  3. Yes it is a WAS/NOT WAS (?) file. The menu didn't work because the archive was missing the STARTGEM.LSD file. I located this in one of the other archives. I didn't try renaming the files. thanks to Noble Kale, i was able to get the files I wanted.
  4. Could you possibly send me the programs MISSILE COMMAND & ROADRUNNER? The only compilation that I have found that has these programs is in a format I don't recognize. It has an extension of .LSD. The menu that allows these to run is missing the STARTGEM.LSD file.
  5. ...to Noble Kale for the time she took to send me the programs I was looking for. Charles
  6. I received an email from CSS about this subject. He saifd that he didn't think he had any left.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. I have gotten a lot of images but I still need an image of Star Raiders & Rogue that work. Any help is greatly appreciated
  8. Where is a good site for ST Disk images?
  9. Well, I have acheived partial success. I successfully extracted the TOS.IMG file from the .ST file. However, because the PC disks simply cannot read or write to a 360k disk, I still am limited by that. Hopefully, I will have a 720k drive shortly.
  10. I received a picture of several games. Looks good. I would like to pruchase this system. It would need to be shipped to Clarksville, In. Advise me on shipping.
  11. I can be reached at the following email address: [email protected] Does the 5200 work? Also, does it come with any joysticks or will I need to buy some?
  12. I can be reached at the following email address: [email protected] Does the 5200 work? Also, does it come with any joysticks or will I need to buy some?
  13. I am interested in the 5200. I take it the $80 is for the system & games?
  14. ... a good idea. I hope to have a pair of SF314 drives shortly, but I will give that a try.
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