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  1. I'll be there with Jason (Trade-N-Games) helping him out in his booth. We should be there at about 5:00 or so Friday evening! See you there!
  2. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&t=k&...46,0.007317&t=k
  3. Is there any good classic stores in the Memphis area? Mainly somewhat close to Graceland. I am planning on going ther next week on the 19th or 20th. Hopefully I can break away from the family and go to some stores while there.
  4. The one I have haNO stripe and the 2600 System Changer has the stripe. Now I have to find one with the stripe now(like I need another Intelly!)
  5. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...60789%26fvi%3D1
  6. Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas has bodybuilding in it.
  7. I played it a 2 Targets, the 1st one worked great and looked (picture quality) was pretty good. The 2nd one the picture was wavy (probably low voltage caused by all the other TVs on the same circuit?). There is an external input in the lower cabinet. The system has a cartridge slot above the moniter for future upgrades and there are 6 action buttons and the games included only require 2 buttons so there might be a Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter coming out for it. One thing about the gameplay I noticed in the quick trying of it was there is no voice in Sinistar. Now what I want it to have:1-Larger screen with externally mounted(or behind a grilled panel) speakers,. 2-Just a little wider. 3-Just a better feel to the controls. 4-Ability to hook up other consoles to the controller like PS2, X-Box,....... to make it a little more worth the money.
  8. The 2 player is a modular phone jack that plugs into the bottom of gun 1. I do not know of any rewiring of it but you never know. I never looked into it.
  9. Here you go guys! Albert, If you want some High Quality (5 Meg) pics. I can (try) to e-mail them to you to use or these might be good enough.
  10. The Virtual Boy game Jack Bros. has Jack Lantern.
  11. I think I got BD13 with the box. I will check tomorrow late afternoon after football. I have it up in the attic somewhere (with all my other boxes).
  12. I am in the process of redoing my arcade unit into a mame unit. Here is an original link to the setup: http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?s...ndpost&p=596144 I put in a 21ish inch flat screen Gateway moniter in place of the arcade moniter. Added a trackball (mouse) with 3 buttons next to it, a side button on the left and right side for pinball games, plexiglass overlay for the control panel and a good loud 2.1 stereo system. I got my Ultimarc 4 player keyboard encoder for the controllers. I am also going to repaint some of it and add some artwork, I have some marquees I might screw onto the sides. I will post some pics when I am done.
  13. I saw 2 today at 2 EB Games. The one close to my house wasn't completely put together yet and a guy that works there, I have been becoming friends with (unlike a lot other EB employees, he has a higher IQ than people have toes and he has a good personality) and he let me set it up for him. I was the 1st person to play that demo system and see the inside of the kiosk. The game system must be heavilly modified for the kiosks. The units fam seemed a little loud (could be a more powerful fan to keep it cool for the circulation in the display). The HD is LIGHT. It felt like a couple memory sticks. There is a big plug in the rear for a breakout box (that is under the 360 itself that has all the controller connections, memory card connector/slot, reset button, headphone jack and volume buttons for the headphones and USB ports. The display is kind of retarded in design to change the disk. You have to open the screen dor, disconnect the cables, open the front of the display that hinges in the front and rear come towards you, there is a square bit key you use to take the screw out of just in front of the 360 to take the plexi dome piece and you can finally open the drive. A lot of work just to change the disk. Just a major reason not to have a 360 kiosk. Don't get me wrong, I'll get one if the price was right, but I would permanetly remove the plexi dome thing. Kameo is not the best game for a demo game. It took me 5 minutes for me to figuire out how to play. A 2 1/2 minute intro sequence didn't help either and having to read all the "how to play" parts. I'm just glad I didn't have to wait behind someone else wanting to try during a lunch break. The should've used easier to pick up and play games like DOA4 and/or PGR3.
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