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  1. Hello to all, life is shit at some moments, so the project is still at hold and not canceld There are only i think have to look in my mails- 4 or 5 Persons who gets the binary Every Guy gets a different binary. If i can have a dump from the pirate version i can see who brings the demo out in the world. I think about the next steps to stop this pirace. No one gots a permission from me to release some cards. I Know Rygar made one card for himself and i was not happy with this. So i also not happy with some pirate cards Thanks to all who helped me
  2. please count me in for a second one
  3. Lynxopoly Highcolor works fine on the new Screen. Maybe with some lynxes there are Problems, i saw two lynxes and they are running perfekt.
  4. most important to start is a game. without a game the lynx dont turns on. secound thing is Q12.
  5. matashen

    Lynx Multi Cart

    i only like real crartridges. I have some flashcards, but they are only used for development and show the games on shows. i never use it for games i didnt own. The Item from saint is very nice. But for development its not necessary - flashcard works great .
  6. do you have one of this cases? Can you make a picture of it with a lynx game inserted?
  7. count me in for one of the second run
  8. reed the thread from page 2 where 108Stars explained all some months ago
  9. Release Date: When its Done! Before i prepare the cartridges there will be a preorder. But at the moment i cannot give a date. I hope to get it fin in 2014
  10. the game was first shown on e-jagfest. Thats the reason wy we added this. Dont know if its in the final game. We didnt drive to the other conventions so there is no reason for us integrating all hundreds of conventions to the game.
  11. You are wrong, i dont know any Developer from the lynx that needs a multicard, it dont helped more than a flashcard. I only need to hold one Game, than fast transfer the next build to test something. I transfer a testfile in about 15 seconds- in this time you are not able to change your SD. A flashcard is more like a original card and perfect for tests. Idont want change anyone of my flashcards against a multicard. Yes i own more than one, if you want test something with comlynx you need more than one card for one testfile, than many testfiles on one card. Multicards are only for Gamers who dont cares about originals. Lynx Cartridges are not so big. If you have place in your bag for the Lynx and batteries you are also have space enough for this tiny little cartridges to get hours fun playing until the batteries are empty. @108Stars Production of a original like Plastik-Card is no Problem, but who want buy this when its more expensive, you can read in this posts that the people want have a cheap way handle lots of games on one Card ore Build cheap "it-can-be-everything" card.
  12. But you should give homebrews a try. Alpine Games and Zaku are the best exclusiv Titels the Lynx have. Yes your are right, that is not the topic. Back to topic: I think the community is to small for the effort you need to build it. And the cracks in hard and software from this scene are not interested in doing such a project.
  13. As Developer i must say - horrible! If Games are still in production - especial homebrews- a binary without own a original Cartridge is a nogo and damages the scene. It makes no difference if you use the illegal copy in an emulator or on a multicart. Lynxmans device is designed for development not for piracy. If it is used in development there is no reason to hold more than one game.
  14. matashen


    i early show some demo-stuff from Lynxopoly as it was in Alpha Stadium, where the gfx was not final and in many databases you can still found the Alpha-Pix used for the released one. I give actual artwork to the platformes, but they are not interested in do some work in correct the pics. When i show pics from a new game, they are mock-ups or final pics. I will never show early pics or demos somewhere - nogo. You cannot get out the shit from the net if someone posts this in other platforms. Regards Matthias
  15. no-no!!! i dont see this titles as must have, but i love this games. They are not great as r-type or X-Out, but makes fun on the lynx
  16. I like 1. Lynxopoly - cause i coded it ;-D 2. Rygar - a great Platformer 3. Chips Challange - The Best Puzzler 4. Crystal Mines - nearly the best puzzler 5. Rampart - great Platformer, not to hard
  17. i installed the correct Version of .net. it sucks
  18. I code with Delphi7 and Lazarus at home. In work i use Delphi XE2 Enterprise. Zeus does not work, it breaks with an .net internal error - i hate it Maybe i will finish my own tool, but i have trouble with the upload. I must change the comport-component.
  19. Very cool, i startet work on a easy interface for flashcard but without .net I hate .net for some reasons. So can you convert the program to a code without .net. it would be Ingenious have it crossplatform managed for linux and mac users too.
  20. Sound is running - big thanks to sage If my job allows it the next days, i will make a videodemo from the playable alpha-version Regards Matthias
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