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  1. That's a funny way to say "No. Not those, but thanks for your thoughts".
  2. Seriously? Can't believe I am reading this "F-You" to those who labored over the Cuttle Cart and to those who are working on their own versions of that product. Not cool.
  3. To each his own, but the SysCheck board has been mentioned more than a few times lately, and it requires either ECI or PBI in order to do its thing.
  4. Most US-market 65XE computers do not have the ECI interface on the back, and this greatly limits your expansion options down the line. The 130XE has both an additional 64K and the ECI slot (next to the cart slot). Just to be clear, both the US-market 65XE and the XEGS lack the ECI interface. For that reason, I would go for either a 130XE or an 800XL. The latter is a 64K machine (like the 65XE and the XEGS), but it sports a top-loading cart slot and a Parallel Bus Interface, which offers the same expansion options as the 130XE's ECI slot.
  5. I've used STs since 1986, and I have never heard of Microsoft Basic being released for it.
  6. Do not fear the linker. It's your best friend in facilitating code modularity.
  7. I would recommend baby oil over Armor All. The baby oil will rejuvenate the lanolin in the plastic while the Armor All will replace it. Replacing it causes the plastic to look good for awhile and then turn dingy, requiring indefinite repeated applications.
  8. I am currently troubleshooting an 800XL that went from working just fine to showing self-test garbage characters before my eyes. I have socketed and replaced the RAM (it was time) and the two 74LS158 MUX ICs, but it turns out that wasn't it. I've noticed that if I put a little downward pressure on the CPU, it tries to find a boot device and then hangs. At this point, I suspect either the CPU socket, the POKEY socket, or the POKEY chip. Might also be the OS ROM. There is an 800XL schematic floating around. It is helpful. Good luck!
  9. I retrobrighted a Commodore 1702 monitor, and it showed some irregularities until I wiped the whole case liberally with baby oil. The lanolin in the baby oil might really help your top (and bottom) case. It's cheap and easy; give it a try - I think you'll be pleased.
  10. Hi Bob! I recently got my 1050 disk drive out to show my son how 5.25" floppies worked (and the relative performance of them), and I discovered that my drive's SIO cable is missing. I wasn't able to scare one up, but then I remembered this thread and thought I would see if you had extra. If you have an extra SIO cable, I am happy to PayPal over some dinero. Thanks!
  11. I think you are looking for the RetroTINK.
  12. The Atari ST section of this forum might prove to be more helpful and more relevant.
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