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  1. Well since the wife, kid and lack of funds means gaming on a budget I am thinkin going with a 360 might be the best course of action. Cause think a great system with the two main games that I want (God of war 3, Gran Turismo 5) haven't even come out yet, I think I'd rather grab a 360 and a bunch of games for the same price as a PS3 and 2 games. Much thanks to all for opinions, and suggestions. Now to decide arcade or elite, which has the better chance of a jasper?
  2. Ok, I am so loving the hardware on the PS3, but the price of and quantity of games has leaning towards 360. So I guess I am right back where I started. leaning towards a 360, but not yet ruling out a PS3 Thanks again
  3. I currently have no blu-ray movies so the blue-ray player is a deal breaker for me. I don't play enough to even bother with on-line. I remember that GOW is a sony property, which is one of the few reasons why I got a PSP. I know I'll eventually get the other but just don't know which to get first
  4. Ok, I'm finally gonna step into Modern gaming. I'm gonna grab either a PS3 or a 360. So I need help and advice as to which to grab. 1) Not gonna be on-line, so live vs home isn't an issue 2) play more RPGish/quest type, fighting, racing games. 3) gonna be on an old TV so don't need HDMI or anything like that Would you recommend new vs used, and which version (elite vs arcade) (old PS3 vs slim) (which models of each to avoid/look for) I know alot of you have been using these systems for a while now and have done a much better job of keeping up with this stuff so I defer to ya'll So which system and what accessories do you suggest as well and thrownin out a few games wouldn't hurt either. Currently looking to get: Bioshock, mass effect 1&2, tekken 6, mortal kombat vs dc, dragon age:origins, batman arkham asylum, dead rising(360 only I know), God Of War 3 (the ps3 only game I want), Gran Turismo/Forsa 3, prince of persia Looking to avoid: COD(any and all), gituar hero/rock band/dj hero, Halo (in any incarnate) any FPS, most sports Could get but won't play AKA not quite sold on: GTA4, Assassins Creed 1&2, Redsient evil 5. So any experiences,suggestions, opinions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  5. I had no idea, never seen one but thought someone might be interested
  6. I know it's not quite a strictly applicable but saw this while go thru the CL and thought someone here might like it. Portfolio. Seemed pretty neat and the boxes look fairly nice
  7. I know someone who might be interested in selling one. What kinda prices did you have in mind? I'll FWD this along to the person in question and you can talk it out
  8. Hey AX, Worst case I'm about an hour give or take with traffic. Consider me a worse case plan. PM if you wanna talk more
  9. z28in82

    Xbox DVD drive

    Which makes are the drives? Thanks And still interested? BTW do you have any case screws? I have 3 stripped screws on my system(previous owner stripped them very well, barely got them out)
  10. z28in82

    Xbox DVD drive

    If anyone has one that they aren't using or looking to get rid of let me know. Thanks Shaun
  11. Free Bump for a neat lil package, sorrily I'll not be buying it but I'm sure who ever does will enjoy it
  12. Best of luck with everything, the sale, the engagement, and the wedding. If you decide to separate the the HDloader and the HDD from the PS2, I'd be interested but hopefully someone will make a nice offer on the whole set. CONGRATS!
  13. If I remember correctly the on-screen has 128 on it
  14. z28in82


    Not that he needs it but a bump for one of the best sellers(period) That video totally kicks ass. Thanks
  15. Rick, Is that the original box in the pic and is that included in the auction?
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