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  1. Awesome idea. I do wonder if it would be practical to make the keyboard compatible with other retro systems possibly have an adapter for various systems?
  2. I'm back at University next week to start my degree. I plan do some work on creating silicon moulds for some low quantity runs of various items as and when the opportunity arises for project work.
  3. barnieg


  4. Sounds like a great idea, thinking out loud anyone that doesnt want to open the Aquarius has the other options available. How hard would it be to implement the USB interface from the microexpander Internally?
  5. A big thank you to Jay for my custom Aquaricart with 32k ram 😁 Very impressed by the whole package and attention to detail particularly with regards to the accompanying manual. Now I just need Bruce's microexpander and a way to physically attach both at the same time and a reliable tape recorder 😊
  6. Taking some screenshots from R-type on the Gameboy http://www.honestgamers.com/assets/4740/view/0.html ( I looked at this from the perspective of lowest resolution system that had a commercial R-Type release) I cropped the images to 320x192 then fed them thru cjmartin's bmp2aq . Scores could be added on the top line . It would be nice to say take the output of bmp2aq and convert to a rexpaint compatible format. A couple of the tests were done with full character set, the other with 80x72 bloxels Certainly with some decent editing and emphasizing the chunky look a decent translation could be achieved Barnie
  7. I've got http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=115&t=30306 andapart from some keyboard issues works quite well Has anyone else had a chance to look at this core? It would be nice if it can be brought into sync with someone of the recent and planned hardware addons My intention until I can get the Real Aquarius loading from cassette is to create ROM images to run on the Mist Aquarius Barnie
  8. Thanks. Amazing what could be achieved considering the limitations. As I want to load from casette whatever I do will need to fit into ram. Will post further when I've made some more progress Barnie
  9. Some progress, I've been able to semi relibly load the basic header of a few test games but the basic is slightly corrupt. Laptop can go up to 153% which seems to work best, can't go any higher. Not sure what's next maybe my desktop will work better? Barnie
  10. That's amazing, are you running samples thru the 1 channel sound? I'd like to produce more than just simple tones and beeps, effectively im looking at what's possible with an Aquarius + memory and nothing else loaded via tape file Thanks Barnie
  11. Thanks, very useful. I'm starting to dig through the old posts I might have missed over the years. Hoping to get some aquarius stuff done as some collaboration work for my final project this year at uni Barnie
  12. It's pretty straight forward to create simple sounds in basic with the sound command, however is their a way to create sounds with more flexibility without adding the mini expander. I noticed the on the memory map the sound and casette output are on the same port but how would say creating sound in machine code work in practice? Barnie
  13. Wired up a cassette cable and got the Aquarius to record to tape. Could not reload with various volume settings. I'm going to check the cable over the weekend and try again
  14. I'm using composite and it looks OK though not great. Will follow your advice and look at the mylar and do some brief testing. Another option I've come across is bypassing the keyboard and using a ps2 interface although I'm not sure if this has any downsides Thanks Barnie
  15. Update: I've opened up the XE and cleaned the keyboard connector. I did notice a lot of corrosion on the shield is it OK to leave this off for now? Also noticed corrosion on the top of the rf modulator and on the back of the composite socket. On powering up again and testing keys 1 to 6 don't work the rest seem OK. Best option replacement keyboard? Thanks Barnie
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