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  1. Thanks, guys for all of the kind words. Unfortunately, I don't have any more boards to make these with. Hopefully it will be in the AA store soon.
  2. PacManPlus


  3. Yes - I do this in Bentley Bear.
  4. BTW, Pokey is at $450 in this one for Pokey sound. (Thanks for reminding me Trebor!)
  5. One of the things I was working on a while back when I was doing the Pac-Man / Ms. Pac-Man 320 mode games, was Pac-Man Plus 320. I don't think I ever posted it, so here it is. Some things to note: - Inky is teal/green because he shares the maze color - When the monsters turn 'invisible' you can still 'see' them when they are over dots, because transparency is turned off. - The difficulty switch still changes the maze (Pac-Man / Puck-Man) If I did already post this, I apologize. Pac320P.A78 Pac320P.bin Pac320.A78 Pac320.bin
  6. I was going to try and reverse-engineer the files at some point using the known banking schemes... But I have a feeling that will be a LARGE undertaking... I'm curious to look at the hex dump of the banking files though.
  7. Thanks, Al. Ugh. Now I remember why I stopped making carts myself. God, I hate myself.
  8. Liquid tape... now that's an awesome idea. Looks like I missed covering the windows on some of these Damn. I don't know where my mind is lately. I'm starting to see labels lifting off of the carts. I'm not happy about that. The blank labels I have are quite a few years old... Does the adhesive on labels dry up over time? If so, I probably should dump the rest of the ones I have and buy new ones.
  9. This game does not use Pokey.
  10. Unfortunately, since the change over, I cannot edit the first post any more
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