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  1. Thanks so much guys - that was fun to watch. Now to figure out: - Why the cavern closes up (it doesn't in emulation) - Why the second player starts off in a random wave within the level. BTW, during the show there seems to be a delay between when I type something and when it appears on screen... so if I seem to take a long time to reply, that is why. EDIT - Fun fact: If they would have made it through the collapsed cave somehow, the game would have crashed.
  2. Hi guys: I'm not sure about how this is going to work out, need to talk with @RevEng to see what he agrees upon. The BIOS+Game will be open source, but as far as burning EPROMS, I could probably take care of that end of it.
  3. Thank you James 🙏 Unfortunately, no room for AtariVox. I'm actually out of space now, and I need to put a few more things in the game. Need to make room...
  4. Here's a sneak peek at some screenshots of the game that plays when no cartridge is inserted. I'm now at the point that I've run out of room to fit a few more features in, but I'm working on it. Please remember that this will be an 8K game, so it won't be as 'involved' as some other ones: Hope this one turns out ok. I will give it to @ZeroPage Homebrew to review once finished. It will be exclusive only to this BIOS. Thanks, guys
  5. BTW, it's very annoying that GCC glued the cart guide onto the motherboard 😡 EDIT - Nevermind; I see what they did.
  6. Ok - I think I got the icons. I tried to keep them similar in style: Power Pause Select Reset I *LOVE* this idea.
  7. I think I'm going to do the DC-DC switcher on both of my 7800s... so I can get a better idea of the real estate available. Ok, I will need a little time to redesign the back, and then it might be a requirement to replace the DC-DC switcher for this case.
  8. Moved forward. I can't put a changeable plate on the top left (looking at the back) - that's the only corner that doesn't have a screw hole (there isn't one in the motherboard there) so I'm using a clip to hold that end down which clips into the square hole for the power connector. I need strength in that corner. What I can do is extend the plate into the top half of the case to have more room to put things like connectors, etc. Is there anything that uses that now? I don't recall CPUWIZ mentioning anything using that port...
  9. I really like this.... now to find one for 'Select'...
  10. Ok, Version 2: - Changed Badge to approximate the metal strip on the original 7800 / 2600 Jr. - Added vents to left and right sides - Added back changeable plate What I'm still not happy with, are the words on the front. I think my next step is to change Power, Pause, Select, and Reset to 'The Power Symbol (shown below), "P", "S", and "R" as large letters, and put them back on the buttons: Please forgive the corner lifts and the little issues (like between the fuji and the word 'Atari'), I'm still working on tweaking this printer:
  11. Yep, It was me. However once PMC was a thing, I tried to eliminate the stand-alone games as PCM had more nuances and the games were closer to the arcade than the stand alone games were.
  12. You... are probably right.. How is it you guys know me so well? (and thank you again for the kind words...)
  13. Cool! Are you kidding? You saved my CCII that I thought was long gone. I am forever in your debt! I will print one for you... That is, unless you would rather someone else print it WOW! I bet that one has none of the issues I mentioned earlier... Tough PLA would probably be the one to use... Although I have Carbon Fiber filament; DYING to try that. Hmm... Those pictures give me an idea...
  14. If you look at some of the prior pages, I actually tried that, but ended up having too many issues. I opted for original aspect ratio + scrolling, instead of squishing it down and affecting the timing, running out of cycles, etc. I *really* wanted to do what opcode did and just scale everything down (including the speed, etc.) but you can't move horizontally 1 pixel in 320 mode. And the thought of having two sets of graphics for everything just to offset by one pixel made me ill. 🤮
  15. Thanks, @Defender_2600 - although I had a LOT of help from you. I still need to do manuals for this, UniWarS, and Galaxian. That's probably what's holding them up from being in the store. (Along with the artwork). I'm falling behind...
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