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  1. What's funny is you're not the first person who asked for this. Cousin Vinnie mentioned a 'Gorf II' so to speak, with one each wave from Moon Cresta, Astroblaster, Astro Fighter, UniWarS, and an Original Boss Wave. (Meteor Shower is 160A mode, so it is the odd one out)... ...and thank you for the compliments
  2. I am VERY much looking forward to this release, especially with the paddles. Back when I was in college ('87), This game was in my Dorm... I was able to get to the ending just about every time... LOVED this game. This and Dig Dug were the only games I could 'roll' the score back then. (I don't remember if you could actually 'roll' the score on Arkanoid, but I do remember getting the high score every time, and getting to the ending). Loved it! Can't wait for this one!
  3. Ok, doing a 180° turn here... I've decided to go back to my source code before I started rewriting it from the arcade z80 code. I was finding more and more subroutines that I have to convert (I just wanted the enemy movement). I figured the chance of it running after re-vamping almost the entire program from what I *believe* the conversion from z80 would be slim to none... and me being able to figure out what's wrong if it just crashes would also be slim to none. I think I've read enough to know the jist of what they were doing, so I may still be ahead of the game.
  4. I had this dream the other night... I went to work one day, and nobody remembered who I was!
    So, I decided to take the day off.
    On my way out, I run into my boss - and he says,
    "Hey, you look familiar"...
    I said, "Thanks, people say that A lot in these dreams"
    10 points for whoever gets the reference... :P
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    2. Wally1


      Kind of makes me think of the movie, Yesterday, eh wot?


    3. CaptainBreakout


      Nice! You might enjoy the random dream repository thread:


    4. GoldLeader


      I hadda look it up... (It is ponderous man)

  5. Just wanted to show a small update while I'm still working on the Z80 -> 6502 conversion (which, if it works, I will be amazed). 😕 New title screen:
  6. Well, crap. It's doing that in the Cuttle Cart as well (where there is no Yamaha). Back to the drawing board on trying to detect the Yamaha I guess.
  7. "Offset Maze" bug fixed. BTW, this happened in Pac-Man Plus as well as Ms. Pac-Man Plus. PMC_XM.A78 PMC_XM.BIN
  8. Wow, nice catch! I think I know what causes that: when I make the board go "invisible" , Instead of turning the color of the board black (which I cannot do because there are other objects that use that color), I make the character mode widths 1, and move them off-screen. It looks like if you finish the board that way, it never gets moved back to its correct position. That should be an easy fix. Thank you for reporting it!
  9. No - just like you would need a Pokey to get Pokey sound, you need a Yamaha chip for Yamaha sound. While there currently is no cart board that supports this, I know @rj1307 mentioned he was going to work on a plug in 'pass through' module for this. 😊
  10. Yep, the Wico stick *should* work (I don't have one so I don't know for sure)
  11. Something to keep in mind: In case you try using the 'Flashback' Joysticks (from whatever version of the Flashback lets you 'Pause', 'Rewind', etc.), the 7800 thinks those joysticks are a ProLine instead of a single-button joystick like the CX-40 (including the 2nd player one that does not have the 'Pause', 'Rewind', buttons on it). So the buttons don't work on a 7800 as it's expecting one type of button press but getting another. I was pulling my hair out trying to see what I did wrong a while back (forget which game I was working on), until I used a standard CX-40 and everything was fine (turning the console off between joysticks). I found this one out the hard way, still need to take a multi-meter to it to see what they did differently; especially the 2nd player one which doesn't have any special circuitry.
  12. Hi Guys: Just made this change. Good news, The Dragonfly can detect the Yamaha without playing with memory settings. Bad News, the emulators can't, and default to TIA sound. (Though I'm proud of my TIA sounds) Attached! Thank you RevEng - your code worked! Thanks, Bob PMC_XM.A78 PMC_XM.BIN
  13. Thanks, guys I need to do two things yet: revisit the Yamaha detection and write a new manual. @Atariboy2600 has agreed to do new artwork for this one, and @Nathan Strum has agreed to do the artwork for Galaxian once it's ready.
  14. I just made an order as well
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