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  1. My God - I literally just found out about this while watching the @ZeroPage Homebrew podcast tonight. I can't believe all of the good people we are losing. Kurt helped me while I was still fooling with the 5200 hacks... Gutted.... just gutted....
  2. So, I got a Roland TD-17, which allows importing WAV files.  I had saved the original samples from the Linn LM-1 years ago.  So now I imported all of the samples into the TD-17, and viola! Instant LM-1!!! 

    1. Allan


      I bought a Casio CZ-1000 so I can interface with my Atari 130XE via midi. Eventually I would like to get a Yamaha DX-7. And no I can't play but I would like to learn. I love playing around with all the sounds/instruments.

  3. Thank you ...I have to say, a 'Sinistar' artwork cab would be *awesome*; although I don't know of any other games that use a 49-way joystick.
  4. 1) It is just as well known (if not more) as 'Stargate' than 'Defender II', so please don't split hairs. If they called it either 'Stargate' or 'Defender II' in the list of games either way most people would still know what it is. 2) Regarding licensing, 'Defender' and 'Defender II' always used to be on the same compilations when it was Williams or Midway "Dreamcast Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits" or "Williams Arcade Hits", so I am surprised that they didn't get the licenses together (but of course it's always possible they tried). 3) ...But there's a demand for 'Toobin'? I would bet that the demand for Stargate/Defender II would outweigh Toobin'. There was even a 2600 port... and a 5200 port, even though that one never saw the light of day because of the crash... Stargate/Defender II is exceptionally difficult, I'll give you that, but still fun... Sinistar is just as difficult, but I'm sure a lot of people (including myself) would like to see that in some form as well. My question was sort of tongue-in-cheek, and a little surprise. There was no reason to get defensive. I actually called out to you in the 7800 forum while I was working on porting Galaxian. I know you are exceptionally good at that game so I believed if anyone could see how close it was to the arcade it would be you.
  5. How can they not put Stargate on it? You even have the extra button for 'Inviso'
  6. So....  unplug the jukebox, and do us all a favor - *that* music's lost its taste; try another flavor...

    1. x=usr(1536)


      Stand and deliver...  Your money or your life!

  7. Marc does incredible work. He's done the boxes for every one of my games.
  8. ...so I just finished watching the video posted. I never even looked at the date, being that ZPH usually does these things on Friday, I incorrectly assumed that the show was Friday, not Tuesday. Thanks for the compliments, guys! I know that game is difficult, but I wanted to get it as close to the arcade as I could. Anyway, thanks again! Bob
  9. Wow - thank you so much! Your words are too kind. I keep seeing these amazing games that people are doing and I think to myself (God, I wish I could do that!) Thanks, guys :youallareawesome:
  10. Hi Guys: Sorry about the lack of postings on this. I believe (@RevEng correct me if I'm wrong) that everything is done for this BIOS (the game + the BIOS itself). We've tested it with everything we have, but I'm always nervous about that *one* 7800 + odd game that might cause an issue. So, if everyone understands that although we've tested this a *lot*, and even the new ARM 2600 games will now work with the PAL 7800 BIOS, I think it's ready to use. I have it in both of my 7800s. Also, one thing to note: The BIOS itself is open source, although the game is not. Please, do not extract the game from the BIOS. I really don't want to see anyone on eBay selling this game. Thanks, Bob
  11. This is correct. These are specifically for the XM memory. Here is the original release that uses on-cart board memory:
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