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  1. I wish I had been home to participate from the beginning. I wanted to share that Eugene Jarvis thought that what John did with Robotron on the 2600 was Phenomenal (his words): "Champ games 2600 Robotron is incredible. Phenomenal version. Hard to imagine how the 2600 could be this good!" Great work John! ...and what beautiful work Nathan did on the artwork for Galaxian, UniWarS, and Pac-Man collection 40th! Thanks Nathan!
  2. Pac Man Collection 40th Anniversary should be in the store soon, along with Galaxian, UniWarS, and the BIOS with KiloParsec. Regarding the 'stand alone' versions, I've been trying to remove them from existence, as Pac-Man Collection was supposed to take care of all of the variations in one place. Also, the stand-alone hacks aren't anywhere near as accurate as PMC, and especially PMC 40th.
  3. ...Because Walter (Gambler172) asked me numerous times to port it Also, being that I remembered the game from the arcades (as is the case with UniWar S), I wanted to see it get a home version.
  4. Yeah, I saw that. Left a comment about that yesterday.
  5. This is awesome. It takes 'Dark Tower' off of my list of games to do for the 7800. I wish I had been home to watch @ZeroPage Homebrew on Friday, but I was on the way home from Georgia. I actually still have the board game as well, and I was going to use that to create the 7800 version. Excellent job!
  6. Thank you but the artwork / manuals / boxes / labels are just about done for all three games. Thanks to the VERY talented (and busy) Nathan Strum for taking on all three of them.
  7. Awesome! Glad to see this getting some use! At some point I need to add 320C and 320D modes. Does anyone use them? Thank you, Bob
  8. I was taking suggestions from everyone that brought the control scheme up, as people had different controllers and I was attempting to cover everyone. Thanks, guys! Not yet anyway... That's something that I've had on my 'to do' list for a long time. I have the source code, and I've already converted it to compile with DASM (I did this a few years ago), so it's now a matter of converting the tile/sprite handler to work with the 7800. *Once I can get to this*, I will probably use 320B mode, so it more closely matches the resolution of the NES version... although there will be less colors.
  9. So I'm finding some parallels between this and Defender that I'm working on: they both will have things happening off-screen (when the player is in a castle), so hopefully when I get a way of working on this that I'm happy with, I can use it for both games.
  10. Didn't mean to miss this. The label I would like to have done won't, but that's not to say a one off couldn't be done for you.
  11. Hi! Yes, I am very grateful for his time. I actually was thinking about that, as I sent Alan McNeil a 7800 and a Frenzy cartridge for helping me... Although at this point the 7800 unit itself might be a little more difficult to come by. I may have to find one as I only have my own at this point.
  12. Not much to tell really, we had a two hour conversation and he went through the source code with me... Nothing too deep, but he told me how he did some things, and I told him how I was going to 'time slice' the off screen enemies. He thought that was a good idea. He told me the story of how they burned the chips the night before Defender was to be introduced... They kind of hand-assembled some last minute changes, and had to remember what they did so they can change it in the source code. It was very pleasant speaking with him, and he gave me some insight. I hope to speak to him again at some point (most likely as I get closer to finishing this port). A couple of times he couldn't remember why certain things were done, and I remember joking with him saying, "it's not like it was 40 years ago or anything"
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