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  1. I wonder if that's one of mine...
  2. Successfully converted my Pong Countercade to have the missing games (Tempest Tubes, Arkanoid, Arkanoid: Revenge of DOH), and I threw regular Tempest, Super Breakout, Avalanche, and Warlords in there as they were there initially. Pictures are below. It seems that the LCD panel in there is electrically equivalent to the "HJ080IA-01E" that is all over eBay. So I picked up the controller for that monitor, a joystick encoder, a small USB amp, and a RPi3 to put in it. After a few positioning issues (you can tell by the two pictures with the RPi in it), and some frustration, it is done. It's funny; I have so many other (programming/developing) things to do, but I needed a quick distraction. I've always wanted to do this, so this was a two-day project for me. The pros: - I now have the missing games from Arcade1up's lineup in one place. - I can access this RPi from the network to add/remove games as necessary - Love the cabinet this is in. The cons: - It seems that this version of mame-lr lacks the programming for 'cocktail mode' for all of these games (turning the switch on in the 'Dip Switch Settings' does nothing for the second player; same screen orientation, same controllers). If I had known that, I wouldn't have bought two replacement spinners and put a joystick on the other end for joystick games (just rotate those games in the other direction instead). Maybe a future project. - With all of the 'extra' devices needing to be powered (the LCD controller, the Joystick encoder, the 12-in-1 spinner controller, and the 5v amp), the standard 5V 2.0Amp power supply was no longer enough. I got the little 'lightning bolt' icon permanently fixated on the top-right corner of the screen. Once I changed it to a 6v 2.5Amp power supply, the lightning bolt finally went away. The pictures:
  3. I don't recall ever seeing one. A quick Google search doesn't bring up anything. I know there was a 2600 (holy grail item for me - but only if it's in good condition), a 5200, and an Intellivision one. (Believe it or not, I used to actually *have* the Intellivision one BTID - my father somehow obtained one... It was complete with the silver box that played carts for a few minutes before going back to the menu. That's long gone though.) Anyway, I would love to see what it looked like if there was one. Anyone know? Even if it was in the planning stage? Thanks!
  4. I'm pretty sure it will be TIA only (but if someone makes a Yamaha pass-through it will use that, provided it's in the same address as the XM).
  5. Ha ha - Thanks guys. Good. Then I did the right thing by sharing it.
  6. Hey Guys: So I decided to share this. A while back (not long after I originally finished it), I had made a version of this game that doesn't scroll. Now to do this, I had to shorten the rows from 30 to 24 (I had to remove them in 3 row intervals so as to not disrupt the auto-maze generator). This means I had to shorten every maze, and still ended up needing to make changes to the random maze generator anyway. Now, I wasn't going to share this originally, as I know people are sick on Pac-Man hacks/homebrews. But, I figured I'd rather people have this, in case they like the option. Attached here (the 'S' is for 'Short Mazes'). Enjoy, if you like. PMC_XM_S.BINPMC_XM_S.A78
  7. I wish I had been home to participate from the beginning. I wanted to share that Eugene Jarvis thought that what John did with Robotron on the 2600 was Phenomenal (his words): "Champ games 2600 Robotron is incredible. Phenomenal version. Hard to imagine how the 2600 could be this good!" Great work John! ...and what beautiful work Nathan did on the artwork for Galaxian, UniWarS, and Pac-Man collection 40th! Thanks Nathan!
  8. Pac Man Collection 40th Anniversary should be in the store soon, along with Galaxian, UniWarS, and the BIOS with KiloParsec. Regarding the 'stand alone' versions, I've been trying to remove them from existence, as Pac-Man Collection was supposed to take care of all of the variations in one place. Also, the stand-alone hacks aren't anywhere near as accurate as PMC, and especially PMC 40th.
  9. ...Because Walter (Gambler172) asked me numerous times to port it Also, being that I remembered the game from the arcades (as is the case with UniWar S), I wanted to see it get a home version.
  10. Yeah, I saw that. Left a comment about that yesterday.
  11. This is awesome. It takes 'Dark Tower' off of my list of games to do for the 7800. I wish I had been home to watch @ZeroPage Homebrew on Friday, but I was on the way home from Georgia. I actually still have the board game as well, and I was going to use that to create the 7800 version. Excellent job!
  12. Thank you but the artwork / manuals / boxes / labels are just about done for all three games. Thanks to the VERY talented (and busy) Nathan Strum for taking on all three of them.
  13. Awesome! Glad to see this getting some use! At some point I need to add 320C and 320D modes. Does anyone use them? Thank you, Bob
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