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  1. Thank you so much! I can't think of anything, and I truly appreciate the sentiment. I'm happy you guys like what I do.
  2. Ok, I REALLY like this idea. Kind of reminds me of what some people did with the 5200 and that... 'door' underneath and toward the back of the systsem.
  3. It's a trap! I don't know why, but for some reason this made me LOL! I have some ABS, but as you eluded to, it's a PAIN to work with. There's filament called 'Tough PLA' which is supposed to me much tougher (like ABS) but not as difficult to work with. I have some, so I may give that a go.
  4. @leech mentioned having a shattered case on his 7800... Someone here (I forget who) had a picture of their broken case as their avatar... That's actually what inspired me to do this. Nobody should have a broken 7800.
  5. I think the motherboard would have to be redesigned first
  6. Thanks! Thank you - Yep, I thought of that.... You can't see it in the picture, but that 7800 has an A/V mod in it. One hole for S-Video, the other for 1/8" audio jack. Ugh. Can they reach 212° F? PLA starts to get malleable at that point. I can add vent slits if the left side if need be. Worst case scenario I can try it with ABS or some other. ...that sounds like a -^CrossBow^- thing, not a Bob thing Curt had given me a .STL for a new cart guide a while back. We both worked on it (me more on the testing side) and it seems to allow for all types of cart cases. It was originally for the XM, but can be used on the 7800 itself.
  7. Hi guys: I've been working on this a while. Some apologies: - I used fluorescent green filament (and white for the badge); it was one of the few filaments I hadn't opened yet and I wanted to use a brand new one. - Sorry about the color bleeds, blobs, and corner lifts. My old 3D printer just committed Hara-Kiri and I have a new one so I am learning the nuances of this one now. This case is smaller, fits with or without the RF shielding (I would suggest without when I print with clear filament), and the board sits flat (meaning the AtariVox will now fit without the need of an adapter/cable). The opening in the back is for the screw that holds the large heat sink on. Speaking of heat, I haven't tested how this will hold up when the 7800 gets warm. PLA filament was used. What do you think so far?
  8. I've been following it too... I would have LOVED to get one of these, and reignite my interest in the 5200.
  9. Sorry - for some reason I wasn't being alerted to the responses here like the other threads I'm in. Yep, that seems to have worked. Regarding the battery, with my *second* unit that I just modded I had to re-do the CCII settings when the menu failed. But not with the first. I'm still curious to know why that first unit worked fine after giving it time to warm up.
  10. This game is very, very cool. Such great work!
  11. Good News... RevEng and I got the BIOS working with the CCII, Dragonfly, Concerto, and Harmony... and a bunch of 2600 games that I tested (including the ARM games). We need to do more testing as I have no non-multi 7800 carts (other than for the games I've done), but I'm going to continue working on my 'built-in' game now.
  12. In the mornin' you go gunnin

    For the man who stole your water

    Then you fire 'til he is done in

    But they catch you at the border

    And the mourners are all singin'

    As they drag you by your feet

    But the hangman isn't hanging'

    So they put you on the street


    (WTH is this song about?)

    1. jgkspsx


      Forget it, Jake, it's Steely Dan.

    2. Swami


      It's about drugs. Any song you can't understand is about drugs.

    3. joeatari1


      I believe it's a song about recidivism.  "You go back, Jack, do it again.  Wheel turnin' round and round".   I could find many better subjects to write a song about, but they made it a hit.  Can't argue with success.

  13. Hi guys: I had fixed what I thought was an unrelated (to this) issue for Darryl1970, but in case it is related, I'm going to post it here. If you could let me know if a crash still happens, especially @BrianC, I would appreciate it. PMC_XM.A78 PMC_XM.BIN
  14. Thank you - it's been fine for me so far as well.
  15. Also, just so you are aware of what we are doing, the BIOS part of this ROM ranges from the addresses $E000 to $FFFF, with $E000 to $F800 containing the graphic definitions for the fuji. The game that I am adding will be from $C000 to $DFFF. Right now it's blank.
  16. Ha. I was going to ask how the PAL BIOS works, since it is 16K and contains Asteroids when no cart is inserted... But at that time there was no CCII Does anyone that has a PAL unit and the Asteroids BIOS run into issues with their CCII? @CPUWIZ - Good Idea... I'll give that a try.
  17. Ok, I think I got it - sorry for being dense. Thank you
  18. OH! ok... I'm trying to think of how to check for this. If I *do* change the RAM we use to stick to the $1800-$1FFF area, there shouldn't be any contention on either the cart or system ends, do I have that right?
  19. Thank you I was letting it sit as well, but I have an actual cartridge. I guess I should let it sit in the dragonfly to be absolutely sure. Thanks, guys
  20. Hi guys! Thank you! I don't believe it is that, only because the PAL BIOS uses $23XX and $27XX without issue... We're (RevEng and I) are using $18XX and $27XX. I've actually left the cart in the slot from the beginning (cold unit giving corrupt menus) to completely warmed up (no corrupt menus at all). Ok, I'm going to have to BIOS mod my other unit to see if it happens on that one. That may lean toward the RAM issue being the culprit.
  21. So *nobody* else has had this happen...?
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