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  1. Holy crap! I had no idea about this! Thank you!
  2. Oh yes. If you look back in the thread colors were gone over MULTIPLE times, and I believe at this point we have the best compromises possible. Regarding the two exits in Pac-Man mode: Many of the bootlegs of the time have more than one exit (Hangly-Man, New Puck-X, etc. - even Piranha which I despise) so to me it isn't something that is unheard of. Jr. wasn't added because it is VERY different with regards to the maze. This port already scrolls up and down, I didn't want it scrolling left and right as well. Thank you for the compliments. That being said, Here is the most updated Binary with all of the recent changes. This should be considered final, unless of course again any bugs are found. PMC_XM.BIN PMC_XM.A78
  3. Thank you! This has been fixed.
  4. I really don't know why they just didn't include a third switch to be paddle 1 or 2
  5. At this point I consider this completed; just waiting to see what magic @Nathan Strum comes up with when he has a chance (I know he's got a lot on his plate right now). I've just given Al the last binary. On to my next game
  6. Thanks! I think the one that Defender_2600 posted would be more possible than the other one. That being said, I don't like the idea of a 'timed' Pac-Man; only speaking for myself, I take my time on each board to make sure I get the maximum points. This version totally ruins my strategy.
  7. Soooo looking forward to this.
  8. It actually exists as an easter egg inside asteroids deluxe
  9. Thank you! ...but actually I picked up a new Rpi Zero. I've been getting help from @fdr4prez (massive thanks!) and once it's completed, along with the 7800 flashback I plan to make, I will make a post in the emulation forum with my findings. (I don't want to derail this one any more than I already have.) I will post the .STL files for the adapters for the RPi Zeros, and what I purchased to make it work. There have been quite a few trial and error purchases, so hopefully I can spare anyone else looking to do this any headache.
  10. Thanks, Al! First post has been updated. Sound in both now - sorry about that!
  11. It just allows the game to use the XM RAM instead of forcing it to be on-board. Thank you for checking that out; I actually am signing it, but I'll do it using the newer signing utility and re-post. @Albert or @Mitch , may I have the ability to edit the first post please? Thanks!
  12. Hi guys: Here is Sirius and Plutos hacked to use the XM's memory. @Albert, once the XM comes out you can use these with a standard 128K board for people who have the XM. I put in a call to set up two 8K banks of RAM in $4000 and $6000 to mimic the 16K needed to run these games. NOTE: These will NOT run at all without the XM (unless you happen to have 16K of RAM on board, that is) - they do work, however in A7800 when you specify the XM module. "A7800.EXE a7800 -skip_gameinfo -cart XM -cart2 PlutosXM.A78" PlutosXM.A78 PLUTOSXM.BIN SiriusXM.A78 SIRIUSXM.BIN
  13. Yep - actually Baby Pac-Man uses 320B for the maze and 160A for the pinball section. Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest uses 320A (Indicator Area), 160A (Background), 160B (Sprites).
  14. Thanks, Curt - Mimo I'll have pictures in a few days of what I have come up with. I like this redesigned base better than what I had before, and all I have to do is take out the extended XM part to have a regular, smaller base for people without the XM. You'll see what I mean... Stay tuned. Bob
  15. Thank you! Ok - made the 'eat fruit' sound on the XM a bit louder.
  16. Made one more change; the 'XM ENHANCED' logo on the splash screen will not appear if the XM is not detected. This will be a quick way to tell if the XM is there or not.
  17. Thank you! I had said Bentley Bear ('s Crystal Quest)... but I'm kind of starting to lean toward Baby Pac-Man now. I have a feeling the order you listed the next three games I'm doing is the order I'm going to attack them. With ReZolve I was never sure what direction that was going in; hopefully I'll have more of an idea by the time I finish the other two.
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