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  1. 13 hours ago, scotty said:

    Played that many times back in the day.    It is in both Mame and HBMame.   In the wild, I had only seen it in the Hangly Man hack, never saw it in a standard Pac-Man game for some reason.


    Same here.  I had only seen 'Popeye Pac-Man' in the Hangly-Man bootleg. :)

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  2. Hi guys:


    Here is my video on demoing the XM...  sorry it's in 4 parts (and yes, I know I need to vacuum the rug).


    Part 1: 

    Part 2: 

    Part 3: 


    Part 4: 



    Curt, if I missed anything, please let me know - I did these kind of quickly.

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  3. I need to try that.  I don't remember if I did already.


    Also, my apologies for not posting a video, I've been a little caught up with things here.  I'll try to do it within the next day or two.

  4. Mine came in today...  Will be posting a little demo either later tonight or tomorrow morning.


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  5. If I had a 3D scanner, I'd take the shells, scan them in and print them.  Glow-in-the-dark 7800 anyone?


    The problem is, the relatively inexpensive 3D scanners aren't high enough resolution, and the ones with good resolution are VERY expensive. 

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  6. Wow, that looks awesome!  Great Job!


    Maybe if I did sort of a 'Part II' to this game with new levels...

    (Kind of like the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. II, which were basically newer, harder, levels of Super Mario Bros.)


    hmmm.......  level design contest...  Just a thought...

    BTW, I think it might look better if your background took up the whole area (i.e. no light blue background under the title)


    Nice Job - what do you guys think about this idea of a 'Part II', using this background as the cover?


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  7. Ok, not being one to let things go, I looked at the controller connection on the FB9 sticks (which should answer your question, @Jinks ).  It looks like all 9 pins are there on BOTH controllers (which doesn't mean they connect to anything, but still).  I think I'll take a multi-meter to these pins to see if the paddle input lines are indeed grounded (thanks for the idea, @RevEng ).


    I guess even if that's true, the joysticks would then have to be modified for them to work correctly with the 7800.  So this still might be a bust...  Again, except for single button games.

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  8. The original Odyssey (If that counts - my father was in the business)... and I still have it with all pieces & box.


    My memory is a bit fuzzy about the order in which I received them, but I got the Coleco Telstar Arcade (the triangle shaped one), Atari Stunt Cycle, and the 2600 w/ Space Invaders not long after.


  9. Yes, and unfortunately, no they don't.  I don't know why - although I know it has something to do with when the 'change mode' reverse direction happens (especially the one within the first 5-7 seconds of the board).  I tried to adjust it side by side so it happens exactly when the arcade version does, but it was always a frame or two off.  Believe me, that makes a huge difference.

  10. Each player (port), auto detects the type of joystick to use (i.e. the ProLine or the CX-40).  You can't use both ports for the same player.  The coupler would be the way to go although you can't bump the table with the Track & Field  controller then.

    I purchased a Hyperkin joystick (with the buttons on both sides) for the sole purpose of making it into a 7800 joystick for Baby Pac-Man.  To me, it's a perfect solution for it.

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  11. Thank you - If it wasn't for Kurt, this would never have been finished.  And if it wasn't for the people I thanked in the attract mode of the game, it wouldn't looked nearly as good as it does (especially the pinball part).

    Defender_2600 pushed me to make the most of the colors in the maze portion (limited as they were)...


    On 12/9/2019 at 10:34 PM, sixersfan105 said:

    Just purchased Baby Pac! "Back to a few things" like Rezolve? 😁

    Just one of a few ;)

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  12. Ok, I am VERY confused.


    I opened up the flashback joystick (the one with the extra buttons) and I see no extra hardware, nor any other pins other than U,D,L,R,F,G.  So I have NO idea why the 7800 thinks it's a ProLine.  Wait, it gets worse...

    I plugged in the flashback player 2 joystick (the one *without* the extra buttons), and the 7800 also thinks THAT one is a ProLine...


    Then I was getting nervous, thinking I broke something with the above modifications I made to the game....  so I tried the Hyperkin joystick, and two other standard CX40s.  They worked fine.  So, for some reason, the flashback joysticks make the 7800 think a ProLine is connected when they aren't.  Without any other pins/hardware than a standard joystick.


    I am SO confused...



    EDIT - So I took the board out of the player 1 flashback joystick, and there are some diodes and a resistor so I can kind of understand why the 7800 would think that one is a ProLine... Probably some variance in the signal from a CX40.  But I took the board out of the player two joystick, and... nothing.  Just a board with connections.  So that one has me very confused....

  13. 21 hours ago, RevEng said:

    In joystick mode 7800basic uses impossible directions to remotely replicate the console switches...


    L+D+U = If pausing code is disabled (as it should be on a title screen) then this combo acts as the console reset button

    L+D+U = if pausing code is enabled, this combo acts as the console pause button.

    R+D+U = this combo acts like the console select button.


    ...perhaps some day someone will wire up the start and select on their NES controller conversions, with just a few extra diodes. :ponder:


    [edit - my original post about this was back in 2014. time flies]



    That's very cool, had no idea you did that.

    I just figured out the flashback buttons:


    Menu  = U + D

    Select = L + R

    Start   = U + D + L

    Rewind= L + R + U


    I had planned on using 'Rewind' as pause (so we had three separate buttons)

    I'm not sure which way to go with this now.


    @Lynxpro - I don't think so, as you would be actively messing with the directions *while the game is in play*...  It's bad enough that I was able to isolate the 'U' direction by lightly pressing the Start button on the joystick...  that may cause issues while playing... 

  14. Hey Guys...


    I'm wondering if enough people have some version of the Flashback joysticks to start to actually start checking for those special button presses (I believe one of them is "left+right", something you would never hit in real life games...  except maybe for Track & Field), one of them is "up+down", etc.  There should be a list somewhere of this button mapping...


    I think I may start doing that, as I can't see it hurting anything.  If someone doesn't have the joystick, there's always the 'Start & Select' on the console... 




    Also, (unrelated topic) - I bought one of those hyperkin joysticks (the one with the two buttons on it), and I'm going to rewire it to be the left & right buttons for the 7800... just because of Baby Pac-Man...  Much easier to use

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  15. Thank you.  Like I said in another thread, I need to get my mojo back.  The last 2.5 years kinda changed me.


    But, If all goes well with my current project, I should be able to get back to a few things.

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