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  1. Hello All!


    It's finally finished!


    I noticed a while back some company took the mini-itx board and put them in 2600, NES, and other classic cases. I had already had my idea for the 5200 case - it just took me a long time to find a non-working 5200 :(


    I wasn't sure which forum to put this in (it has a 2600, 5200, and 7800 emulator in it), but being that I made it so you can use 2600 controllers with it, I guessed here.


    I have some pics below (if anyone's interested), although the pictures of the open top are a little difficult to make out...


    The motherboard is dead center, with the power supply behind it. the 2.5" hard drive is underneath the motherboard. To the left is the keyboard encoder (IPAC) needed to emulate the two 2600 joystick inputs, and to the right is the Intellivision adapter which plugs into the Parallel port. It all fit!! :)


    I put a big fan where the flip top is, and you can plug s-video or composite in with audio connections as well. There is also an external keyboard connector, although you cannot see it from the pictures...


    All in all, this emulates the 2600, 5200, 7800, Odyssey2, Intellivision, NES, and Arcade games (and yes, I have all of those consoles - I'm working on the arcade games) ;)


    The buttons on top are for ESC, START, SELECT, and PAUSE.


    What do you think?


  2. Hello!


    Actually, in Pac Man Plus, the maze AND dots BOTH dissappear, (or actually, are the same color as the background - because you still eat dots and follow the maze) so that actually would be correct.


    The double points by the fruit thing is also correct, but the monsters turn insivible instead of blue, and they only show up when flashing.

  3. I actually preferred Pac-Man Plus as well (hence my Avatar) :)


    That would be a *great* hack! :)


    I would think hacking Jr. PacMan would look closer (you could get the full size maze, and have it scroll - a la Ms. PacMan NES)


    Just a thought ...


    By the way, Inky - I notice that your avitar is also from PacMan Plus (or Pac & Pal) - I don't know if you noticed, but the monster eyes are closer together than normal in those two games (one pixel apart instead of two like the others)


    Boy - I should get a life, huh? :D

  4. Hey!


    First off, I have to say that you did one hellova job with this map. You are the *best* :)


    I do have a little feedback - two things...


    1) Somewhere in the black castle maze there is a teleport that actually brings you *outside* the map. I was a little confused at first, but then I realized where I was - standing on top of the ceiling of the maze. I haven't been able to find that exact teleporter as of yet, but if I do I'll let you know.


    2) I wish there was a way to make those teleporters *invisible* instead of black (so you can see where you are teleporting into - it would make the movement more fluid). It's a little confusing in dark areas what is a teleporter and what is a dead-end...


    I love the bots! Thanks for this wonderful piece of work. :D

    Signing off (for now)

  5. Hey Charles!


    Asteroids (Arcade) *did* only use buttons - you are correct. They were laid out like this:







    1 - Rotate Left

    2 - Rotate Right

    3 - Thrust

    4 - Fire

    5 - Hyperspace / Shields (Asteroids Deluxe)




    P.S. - I am going to connect the wires using your schematic tonight - I know about connecting resistors in series, but did not know about the parallel connection - thanks for the lesson!



  6. Hello:


    I am building a joystick similar to Voltman3's - but I need to know what resistor values will give me the center values of the pots used... Does anybody know this?


    For instance, the PC analog joystick needs approx. 50k resistor for center, and 100K for the opposite end (I know - the actual values are a little higher) ;)


    Thanks in advance for your help! :)


    Bob DeCrescenzo

  7. I think Grindle has the third dimention, it's just dark (and so is the background - look closely)


    BTW - I found Warren Robinett's e-mail, and I told him about this wonderful creation. I asked him to take a look, and I gave him the link to this thread. I hope he does! I would think you do him proud! (I would be if I had created Adventure!) :D


    Bob DeCrescenzo

  8. I'm sorry - I was under the impression that you went :(


    I read on a thrread that he was a speaker there and talked about Adventure.


    Again, please forgive me, I mis-read an earlier post and I thought you had mentioned something about the show, so I ass/u/med that you went :(

  9. I have to say - I am sooooo looking forward to this, that I've been checking every day to see the next thing you've accomplished. I've even downloaded the map, and QuArK - because I couldn't wait. It looks awesome! :D

    This is coming from someone who played Adventure (and still does

    ) all the time in the early 80s.

    I am especially interested in the full game - (not just the DM environment) But I know - that will take a while.


    I guess the point of this reply is to say everything looks great and keep up the excellent work!


    (BTW - Did you get a chance to tell Warren Robinett what you were doing when you were at the show? I'm sure he would be impressed!)


    Bob DeCrescenzo


    Now all we need is to create the Ms.Pac-Man maze with the Bots as the monsters! he he :)

  10. I can't believe this! I am in the middle of doing the *EXACT* same thing with a 5200! (The only thing I have left is to find a broken 5200 - I don't want to ruin a working one).


    This is the link to the motherboard I belive they are using... (It's the one I am using, and it sounds like the same specs) This motherboard is very small; I originally tried to make it fit in a broken 7800, but I couldn't do it. It will definately fit in a 5200 (with some room to spare)




    If anyone's interested on what it looks like, I'll let you guys know when I'm done.


    The only difference is mine will have the Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Intellivision, and Odyssey2 emulators in it (yes, I have all of those consoles) :D


    Someone beat me to the punch :(

  11. I was thinking about this one... Being that Jr. Pac-Man scrolls vertically, someone can actually create the Pac-Man (or Ms. Pac-Man - or even Hangly-Man) :) maze - at the correct aspect ratio (and just have it scroll, like the NES Ms. Pac-Man version). That would be a cool idea - I've already replaces the monster graphics (I made them look more like the 5200 version - with the 'Little Orphan Annie' eyes). But I haven't gotten deep enough into the code to start changing things like that...


    What do you guys think?


    I understand this was already done with the Ms. Pac-Man cart, but I've always hated the way the ghosts' eyes don't follow their direction... :P

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