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  1. Something just hit me... I bought these RPiZeros quite a while ago. Has the hardware been updated since the Zeros first came out?
  2. @jblenkle... That isn't Baby Pac-Man... or at least the arcade conversion that is being played here.
  3. I have fixed two small bugs - one of which happens when you reach 1,000,000 points... It drew the '1' over the monster pen, allowing the player and monsters to get in and out. While I did roll it over (like the arcade does), I keep the zeros there so you know the score rolled over. There is another small 'blink and you'll miss it' bug I fixed as well. This one is going to @Albert whenever he is ready to put the game in the store (if he wants to)... and when @Nathan Strum is able to do the artwork. @Marc Oberhäuser, do you still do boxes?
  4. Thank you, @stephena. Please note, that I know that Stella running slow was because of the RPiZero. So, I need to go searching for the version of Stella you patched for the Retron77? I'll go try and find it in a bit. I'm going to see how to fit the RPi3 in the FBX (I may end up removing the Network port and one of the USB receptacles) and then design a bracket to hold it in. I don't know if it will make it (the RPiZero fit nicely, but it won't play nice with the GPIO pins). I really want to get this going, as like I mentioned I have a FB1 and I want to make a 7800 Flashback for that. Anyway, thank you again for jumping in this thread. Also, thank you @fdr4prez - Hopefully between all of us, we will get this going.
  5. I know I'm a little late to the party, but is this image still hosted anywhere? I'm going to try and put it all in the FBX, being that my PiZero idea didn't work too well. Thank you
  6. Hi The idea here was to use the RPi Zero inside the Flashback X case: I even 3D printed the bracket to mount the Zero in the case. BTW, I tried the PiZero image that you had on the 'Ultimate Atari Joystick' page you linked to... (the one that was tailored to the Pi Zero) Froze at the multi-color image at the very beginning. Tried two RPi Zeros, and Two different 8G cards. Is it possible that I have *two* bad Rpi Zeros? I was connecting everything (both joysticks, console switches) to the GPIO ports, and run the USB port to the 'cartridge' port on the FBX (for things like paddles, etc). The Zero is the only thing that will fit in the FBX case though. ...and yes, I did want to use Stella alone. I only went with retropie/emulationstation because the Stella on that ran at a normal speed. EDIT: I also have a Flashback 1 (the one that looks like the 7800) and I had planned on using the other RPi Zero for that one. (A 7800 Flashback)
  7. I actually wanted to use the standalone 'stella', but it runs VERY slow on the PiZero. Regarding the terminal; nothing comes out there either on the PiZero. The Pi 2 & 3 worked fine. I haven't tried 4 yet... Thank you for helping...
  8. Yep, and I did a 'ps -ef | grep retrogame' to make sure it was in the process list.
  9. That's what the case (at the top of this page) is for that I am designing. No, there is no need to remove it once you have it. I also was going to design a smaller 7800 case for the people who may have cracked theirs (or just want a new one) starting with the original 7800 design, but since Curt gave out the .STL files for the 7800 case I won't bother.
  10. Thank you... I didn't think anyone would care about the NES stuff
  11. Thank you - I tried every pin, different ground wires... I can't get *anything* out of any of these pins. I don't get it.
  12. Guys, you are all so incredible. Thank you so much... ...and no Vinnie, you definitely did NOT sound like an a$$hole. You were very cool. Again, thank you for even thinking of me to do this. I didn't think that part at the end was going to get published, when I started talking about the NES and SMB - I thought he stopped recording. 🤯 Thank you - you guys are part of what keeps me doing this. I'd like to hit at least 30 games (I'm at 22 now)
  13. Not to de-rail this thread too much but... Is there anything special about the RPi Zero and the GPIO pins? I'm Already running retropie on a RPi2 with 'retrogame' to take input from the GPIO pins and it's fine... But on the Pi Zero I get *NOTHING*. I've tried two different RPi Zeros, re-configuring the '/boot/retropie.cfg' file, tried EVERY BCM pin, and nothing. I know I have it connected correctly, as I've done these before (on different Pis) and they worked. I've made sure '/etc/udev/rules.d' has a file called '10-retrogame.rules' with the line 'SUBSYSTEM=="input", ATTRS{name}=="retrogame", ENV{ID_INPUT_KEYBOARD}="1"' in it. I've made sure '/etc/modules' has 'uinput' in it. This is very frustrating. Any ideas? Thanks, Bob
  14. I can't say 'thank you' enough - you were very gracious, and left me speechless numerous times. Thanks, man.
  15. Thanks, guys - you are all too nice to me... I appreciate this, all of it.
  16. No no not at all... I was just perplexed, until I realized what was actually meant. Anyway, sorry for the de-rail... Waiting (im)patiently for the next update from @SlidellMan
  17. Moon Cresta, Space Invaders, Meteor Shower, Astro Blaster, Astro Fighter... Ok, you meant *moving* vertical shooters. @SlidellMan Graphics look interesting! It will be nice to see them in context! *subscribes to thread
  18. Thanks, Curt I used some bits and pieces from the case files you sent, but I will those more for the 'plain' 7800 case redesign. I do want to streamline the 7800/XM case as it's too bulky...
  19. Hi guys. So I relented and went back to the retropie image for the RPi Zero. I changed the splash screen and made emulationstation boot right into the Atari2600. I didn't want to use RetroPie / Emulationstation, and wanted to boot directly into Stella, but apparently that's not going to work. It looks like the version of Stella inside of retropie is from 2014 Anyway, it runs much better now, so I may just stick with this. Still waiting for USB adapter parts to come in, so it will be a bit. I hope this version of Stella recognizes the Paddle -> Stelladapter -> USB port connection.
  20. Ok - so I fixed one more thing (sorry). LAST VERSION - (unless any bugs are found). Thanks, guys. PMC_XM.BIN PMC_XM.A78
  21. Hi guys: @Trebor found a bug in the cornering (you can end up stuck in a wall), as well as a graphics artifact bug when moving downward through the vertical tunnel in Hangly-Man and Popeye Pac-Man. Both bugs have been resolved and thank you Trebor for finding and testing them! You are awesome! PMC_XM.BIN PMC_XM.A78
  22. Well, that was for nothing... I just tried to set up Stella on a vanilla RPI Zero Debian install... and it runs like ass. I tried playing with the options, it still runs slow. So, I've abandoned this project
  23. Ok, one more update. In Ms. Pac-Man, if you are still, the fruit will pass through you. PMC_XM.BIN PMC_XM.A78
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