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  1. I see there's no scanner in the Colecovision version (unlike the arcade). That would make things go quicker. This can absolutely be done on the 7800. Left/Right scrolling is easy. It looks like there are only 5/6 enemies on the screen at one time, at least in the beginning. Regarding the twin controller, you know that you can't shoot up or down in this game, right? So the 7800 buttons / joypad are more than adequate for left-right shooting.
  2. Basically, if you're willing to sacrifice resolution (i.e. 160 pixels instead of 320), your colors are MUCH more richer. For example, Bentley Bear uses 160A backgrounds and 160B sprites. For tiles, that's 3 colors + a background (which can change between zones, as is done in that game) for each displayed set of tiles. You can have multiple sets of displayed tiles with different palettes within each zone, but the more different ones you have, the more Maria time it takes. For sprites, that's 12 colors and you can choose between 2 palettes for each sprite. The only drawback is that pixels are twice as wide as high. I've used 320B mode for some of my games, and that is a little more tricky. You only have two palettes with at most 3 colors in each (without some trickery, you only have 2). Rikki & Vikki uses this mode in a masterful way, and I'm amazed with what they have done. Scramble uses 320B mode for everything, with transparency for the scrolling playfield. Berzerk / Frenzy uses 320A mode. (7 palettes, one color in each). I needed to fill the screen with the mazes, and 320B mode would have taken too long. There is a bit of slowdown already without it. This is why the walls are only one color. I could have broken up the tile mode into different sections while drawing the maze to get the additional colors, but that would have taken too much Maria time for all of the different tile modes that would need to be added to the DLs. I guess the point is what TailChao said in his first response. The 7800 could run just about anything the others could. It's just a matter of, if you need to have a limitation, where it would be: the number of colors, or the resolution. Sound is a horse of a different color. Including a Pokey (or another sound chip like BupSystem) would take care of the sound issue.
  3. Will this create files that I can 'include' in 6502 assembler? Basically it's just data that you can do an 'include "GRAPHICS.S"' within the source. I created a command line program to convert .BMPs to 7800 graphic data (it creates that include file), but I did not add support 320C and 320D mode as I don't completely follow the makeup of those modes. If I can use this for ASM 7800 development, I will switch over to it instead, it looks very intuitive and easy to use. Thank you, Bob
  4. I actually did the reverse; I first created Frenzy on the Atari 7800, and then ported that to the NES. I have the Super Mario Bros source code, and actually got it to compile using the 7800's compiler, but the video / sound drivers are still the NES versions. I always meant to attempt to convert it to the 7800 just to prove that it can be done, but I never got around to it. With a lot of work, I still believe it can be done. It may not look as good in 320 mode due to the limited color palette, but it would work.
  5. Also... If someone intends on getting the *exact* same part and attaching it in the *exact* same place I did, here are the .STL files to print the case for it. Bob Cuttle Cart II Case STL Files.zip
  6. Thank you So I also 3D printed a modified version of the cartridge case, supporting the new SD slot on all sides (even underneath). It works wonderfully... I'm not touching this one again unless something goes wrong. Again, I need to shout out to Crossbow, without you this cart would have went to waste.
  7. Hi guys! Ok, I attached the new shroud for the MMC card... This one was a newer one so it actually fit regular SD cards as well... So, I tried one. I had a 1Gb micro SD card in a standard SD card adapter: To my surprise, it worked!!!!! From everything I read on line, it shouldn't have. My only thought is that Chad put the correct protocols in place for the 'newer' SD cards, but still only used the older MMC shrouds (probably because that's what he already had). This is very cool. I used this part: https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Yamaichi-Electronics/FPS009-2409-0?qs=sGAEpiMZZMuJakaoiLiBpk0jQ9N%2FJxLG2b9p6QRWhow%3D Please note that their stock photo looks different than the shrouds I got. The ones I got were better suited anyway. Now I'm wondering if the smaller 'micro sd' card slots will work... but I don't want to mess with this any more.
  8. Hi guys... please understand, it takes an entire day to print one complete shell. I have about 6 now.
  9. Thanks, guys. The cost will most likely be $30 each + postage (as I usually do). DracIsBack took the Red Sparkle version. So that color will be out as well as Silver. Ever since I got my first 3D printer 3 years ago, along the way I bought quite a few different colors of PLA filament, all from different manufacturers. Just advice to anyone looking into a 3D printer: try to get filament from the same manufacturer. Otherwise you will be constantly tweaking settings when you switch from one filament to the next. Just my experience. 3D printers are still a little bit of a pain to work with.
  10. If I knew how to do that, I would have... I'd like to make a version of the BIOS that starts up, say Meteor Shower instead of Asteroids when no cart is inserted. I suspect that whatever game I would use, I will need about 4K free for the actual BIOS?
  11. Ok, as promised, here is the pic of the entire board. I took the video mod out of the socket as to get more of the board showing up. Hope this helps. It figures that I have a version of a board that nobody has worked with before. :-/ EDIT: My apologies, I didn't mean to derail the thread. If we should split this into another thread, please by all means, do it, or just let me know and I'll start another one.
  12. Thanks. Ok, guys - a little change of plans: Being that these prints are coming out in varying states of acceptability, I'm not going to take requests for colors. I'm going to keep making carts in different colors until I reach 20 acceptable cases, and let people pick from the lot. I will number them in the picture and state which colors they are so there's no mistaking. It will be first come first serve, after I've posted the picture, by post only (i.e. no PMs). This way, everyone sees exactly who gets what. The only exception is that I will make no more silver w/yellow logo ones (Crossbow will have the only silver one) and whatever color DracIsBack wants (DracIsBack will have the only one of that color). I'm having too many issues getting consistent prints, so I'll find the ones that come out good, in the colors that work. Thanks, guys Bob
  13. Sorry I didn't see this sooner... I'll post a pic when I get home.
  14. Here's a close up of the section I was talking about. Notice the 'W3', 'W4', 'W5, & 'W6' jumpers left & above the color wheel. Haven't seen a picture with this one in it...
  15. Kind of, but still different. Mine has W3, W4, and W5 jumpers above and to the left of the color wheels. Give me a minute, I'll open it up again and take a picture.
  16. Damn. If I was closer, I'd pick that up in a heartbeat. Someone already replaced the 'innards' of a BMP machine with a PC and PinMAME, and it works...
  17. *does searches, looks at pictures of installation instructions... I may attempt this, but my 7800 board looks NOTHING like the pictures I've seen, especially the one above.
  18. Is there an NTSC version of the BIOS that contains Asteroids... and doesn't do the initial check?
  19. If you find the .STL files and are willing to post them, I'd like to try and print one of those, just to see how it comes out. If not, completely understood.
  20. Ha. I looked quick and read that as, "CPUWIZ and Pac Man Plus have both been HUGE asses to the Atari community at large." Thank you for what it *actually* reads... BTW, awesome eggs CPUWIZ! (somehow, that doesn't sound right)
  21. Sitting on a corn flake, Waiting for the van to come. Corporation T-shirt, stupid bloody Tuesday Man you've been a naughty boy You let your face grow long

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  22. It *was* done for the NES. I'm just not allowed to share it. Believe me, I wanted to. ...but if all goes well, you may be able to play it at some point soon... in miniaturized form... That's all I can say.
  23. Ok. For anyone thinking of replacing the MMC slot on their CCII with an SD or micro SD or RS-MMC slot, it won't work: https://www.diffen.com/difference/MMC_vs_SD_Card SD/MMC slots can read MMC cards, but MMC (only) slots cannot read SD cards.
  24. I missed this post yesterday... Thank you too, very kind. @save2600: I appreciate the compliments, thank you so much
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