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  1. Is this controller PCB still available or all gone at this stage? I've a 501 on the way with no controller and need a way to play T3k!
  2. This arrived today! Thanks Richard!
  3. Got the pm! Fundage sent, now the wait begins!
  4. Fingers crossed I'm on the list!
  5. Interestingly, I also found the flashing software for my Vecflash cart today! Not that I have anything else to add to it, but it's nice to have the option! Have to find the serial to USB adapter next!
  6. I absolutely can't wait for this, thanks Richard!
  7. I still have my Vecflash, but I'd love one of the SD based carts! Pm sent
  8. ciderman


    I'd like to be included in any future release of the cart. But I'd also like to know the price of one of these too. Thanks
  9. Pure bliss, and DRM free! The essence of shumppy bliss, quite brilliant.
  10. The mere mention of ABA Games and Vectrex in the same page makes me all a quiver, I was loving rRootage for so long, love to see something similar appear on my beloved Veccy!
  11. Thanks, I'll have a look at the ground wire and then try the chip solution, thanks again.
  12. Thanks, I'll try both. Both ports are reporting the pad buttons as not working. I'll try the controller opening before mounting an expedition into the Veccy itself
  13. I've got the following right now.... Sony: Playstation (modded) PSone with screen (modded) PSone PStwo PS2 TEST (runs every region out of the box, both PS2 and PS1 games, brilliant for importing) PSP Go PSP 2000 series (CFW) PS3 slim 250gb MS: Xbox, Clear Xbox (modded) Xbox 360 Slim Sega: Megadrive (switchless region and frequency mod) Megadrive II Master System Master System II Game Gear Nomad (switchless region mod, screen mod, battery mod) Saturn (modded) Dreamcast (modded) Nintendo: NES Famicom (AV Mod) SNES (switchless region mod, modded casing) N64 (NTSC with RGB mod) Gamecube Wii (soft modded) Wii U Gameboy Gameboy Pocket Gameboy Light Gameboy Color Gameboy Advance Gameboy Advance SP Gameboy Advance SP: AGS 101 Gameboy Micro DS DS Lite DSi 3DS:XL 2DS Virtual Boy Pokemon Mini Game & Watch Ball Game & Watch DKJr Game & Watch Snoopy Tennis NEC: TurboGrafx 16 TurboExpress Atari: Lynx Jaguar 2600 7800 Atomiswave SitDown Cabinet Wonderswan Crystal Neo Geo Pocket Color Amiga 500 Amiga CD32 C64 Spectrum 16k Spectrum 48k Plug'n Play consoles: Namco Pacman Namco Ms Pacman Capcom Atari Paddles Atari Flashback C64 Colecovision Ingersoll TV Sports (1970's Pong) Everything is connected, via RGB where available, to a 29" Sony Trinitron CRT and a upended Philips 25" CRT for Tate mode Shmups.
  14. HI, I have owned my Veccy now for about 13 years, bringing it to Ireland from The Isle of Man via titchy airplane in a dodgy field in Ulster somewhere... long story..... Anyways, a couple of months ago I plugged it in and the buttons on the controller refused to respond to anything. The stick still works just fine but none of the buttons seem to work at all. The Veccy suffered no bumps, trips or falls, it has sat in the same spot for some time, the controller buttons simply ceased to respond one day, despite having worked the previous time it was turned on. So, Big Question. Before I open the controller up, Has anyone else had this problem? I was thinking it might be something simple, seeing as all the buttons are not responding, like the ground wire being broken in some regard. But the stick still responds..... Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  15. I'm a dedicated gamer, collecting and enjoying all forms of gaming goodness. My collection, however, 38 strong now, needs an Atari Pong machine, heck Super Pong would do just fine. Unfortunately, here in Ireland, the retro scene is a bit limited, with most folk not having played much before the Megadrive! So a local seller of an Atari Pong console is hard to come by, not even on the UK eBay pages are they turning up. Please, is there someone out there with a nice working Pong machine to sell? I would be very grateful, looking forward to the right deal coming this way.
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