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  1. Thanks...not a fan of the distressed look or I'd be all over it.
  2. Looking for one official Jaguar baseball cap in good condition.
  3. Thank you for that stunning display of knowledge.
  4. I need to sell my 2600 stuff. It's a nice condition woodgrain with composite a/v mod, 2 rebuilt joysticks, 2 nice aftermarket joysticks, 2 sets of rebuilt paddle controllers, and the following CIB games: Adventure, Air Sea Battle, ASteroids, Berzerk, Breakout, Chopper Command, Combat, Dark Cavern, Defender, GI Joe Cobra Strike, Kaboom, Maze Craze, Missile Command, Mouse Trap, Night Driver, Pitfall, Space Attack, Space Invaders, Starmaster, Vanguard, Video Pinball, Warlords, Yars Revenge What should I charge for this as one lot? Or system/games lots?
  5. Why wasn't T-Mek released for Jaguar? Could it handle 4 player split screen? Or two linked 2 player split screen?
  6. I love Hoverstrike: UL, but the one change I wish they'd left out is the option to turn off the hovecraft steering effect - that's the whole point!
  7. I'm looking for three controllers: 1. A nib ps1 original grey controller, not dual analog 2. A nib MadCatz Dual Force black ps1 controller 3. A nib ps2 original dualshock 2 black controller from the early runs - the packaging will look the same except there will be no white box on the front corner with the color (Black/Noir) listed Thanks!
  8. Sorry, that doesn't hold water. The 2600 could save a freakin stick outline auto map. We aren't talking skyrim here.
  9. The main problem/fix with AvP isn't remembering the enemies killed, it's REMEMBERING THE AUTO MAP! That's the whole point of an auto map! Having the map start over between saves, between levels, and between air ducts is a huge deterrent to the gameplay. It basically breaks the game when it comes to the air ducts. Atari was so backwards, they thought it was 1988 and people wanted to break out graph paper in the middle of their immersive first person 3D shooter. AvP was so good because it was about mood, exploration, and immersion over mindless run and gun. The auto map not saving completely destroys all of that.
  10. And it still wouldn't be anywhere near as cool as what's being sold here. Batteries or a charger in 2013 lol...
  11. Highlander is my favorite Jag game and that's pretty cool...but it's not a great time for to be buying stuff like that right now unfortunately
  12. Yes...I've been playing Kaboom & GI Joe for weeks because I don't want to swap controllers
  13. Oh, in that case if you know how much it's worth and you want the high end of how much it's worth then why not just say how much you want for it?
  14. no one knows what the hell you're bumping. I'm assuming Snatcher sold to Jason months ago?
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