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  1. Thanks for the clarification. I thought this was a homebrew release of a prototype - couldn't find any info about a RC with 3D in the title. Lliterally bought it and put it in a closet around a decade ago.
  2. How the heck do I upload images. When I cut and paste they cover the whole screen.
  3. Title says it all. Just shoot me an offer. Edit: Loads of pictures uploaded. Still asking for offers.
  4. That is an awesome controller. My fav NES one without a doubt.
  5. I am selling my 5k+ game collection box by box over the next year or so. See below for a list of what is for sale right now. In my previous postings on here I've posted what is in my entire collection (although it has grown since then). There was no interest in purchasing it as a group so I'm selling it indvidually. I have set up an email address to handle these transactions: collectionforsale dot hotmail dot com. You may also PM me on here but I am more likely to respond promptly via that email address. Please read: 1. I can only sell what is listed. My collection is scattered across hundreds of boxes and 2 states, so it is impossible for me to find specific games. 2. Games will be sold individually at first, then bulked together around a week after originally being posted. Possibly sent to ebay in bulk. 3. I strongly prefer money orders and will give discounts for people paying by that method. I have done 20k+ in transactions with the owner of nintendoage.com who will vouch for me. I also have this sale posted on digitpress and nintendoage, where I have more credentials (as backguard). Also, my ebay profiled name is backguard (100% positive feedback, 4.9 to 5 stars on item as described). 4. I try to be as accurate as I can in the descriptions. Everyone has their own idea as to what is 10/10 or mint, but anything listed as such is of the highest quality. Everything is NTSC unless noted otherwise. 5. Prices do not include shipping. Shipping charged will be actual shipping or estimated shipping. Typically around $2 per game. I will ship internationally. 6. Please do not ask me for pictures unless you are really interested in a game. With the sheer size of this sale it would take me ages to take pictures of everything. Again, I try to make sure my descriptions are very accurate. I will provide pictures for people genuinely interested in getting a particular item. 7. Prices will be posted as I have time to post them. If an item does not have a price please just PM me with an offer. FOR SALE: Sealed Gamecube Games - I was working on a complete sealed GC collection. Made it about 2/3 of the way through including variants. American Chopper 2 - Mint 007 Everything or Nothing PC - Mint 2-Pack Sonic Mega Collection (PC) and Super Monkey Ball 2 (PC) - Mint - not sure if this was a retailer bundle or offical release Animal Crossing - Mint ATV Quad Power Racing 2 - Mint Baiten Kaitos w/ Soundtrack (Toys R Us Exclusive) - Mint Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance - Mint Barnyard PC - Mint Beyblade V Force - Mint Bratz Rock Angels - not Y fold, tear on side Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe - Mint Custom Robo - Mint Disney Sports Football - no Y fold, small tear at top. Bought new. Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (game only, not bongo bundle) - Mint Donkey Konga 2 (game only, not the bongo bundle) - Mint Ed Ed and Eddy - Mint Enter the Matrix PC - tear at top Evolution Worlds - Mint F Zero GX - Mint Fight Night Round 2 - no y fold (cool because it has Super Punch Out on the disc) Grooverider Slot Car Thunder - Mint Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Mint Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life PC - no y fold, front seems like it is a bit warped Harvest Moon Another Wonderful Life - Mint Ice Age 2: Meltdown - Mint Interactive Demo Disc 34 - Mint Lord of the Rings the Third Age - Mint Luigi's Mansion PC - Mint Madden 2004 - no y fod, small tear Metroid Prime PC - Mint Monsters Inc. - weird shrinkwrap, not Y Need For Speed Most Wanted - Mint NHL 2004 - Mint NHL Hitz 2002 One Peg - Mint Piglet's Big Game - Mint Pool Paradise - Mint Resident Evil 0 PC -Mint Resident Evil 4 PC - Mint Resident Evil Zero Demo - Mint Sphinx and Cursed Mummy - Mint Spirits and Spells - Mint Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom PC - tear on wrapping, seems like front of case is a little warped Spyro Hero's Tail PC - Mint Spyro Heroes Tail (Not PC) - Mint Star Fox Assault - Mint Starsky and Hutch - weird plastic wrap Tak - Mint Teen Titans - Mint Timesplitters Future Perfect - Mint TMNT Mutant Nightmare - Tiny tear at top Ty 2 - no y fold X-Men Legends II - Mint
  6. Time to start a new thread on the right foot this time. Answers to the most commonly asked questions: Q: Can I see pics? A: Pics are posted. These are from when it was still set up. I probably won't have pictures of the collection as boxed up for a while since it is in storage about 3 hours away from me. Q: Where is the collection located? A: The collection is about 3 hours from Milwaukee. I'm a bit nervous about giving too much information about its location just because it could get stolen. Q: Are you serious about selling this? A: Yes. This isn't a fire sale, but I would like to get rid of it in the next few months. Q: Can you break this up? A: With a few exceptions, I can't at this time. There are items that are easily located, like the Myriad and NWC, but most things would be very, very difficult to find. Breaking out complete systems would also be very difficult. If it comes to it, I may hire a third party to sell it individually. Q: What are you looking to get for this? A: Basically just the best offer. I think individually this is worth around 50k, so I am gauging the reasonableness of offers based on that figure. I am NOT saying that I'm asking 50k for this. Q: Come on, you aren't REALLY serious about selling this, are you? There is no way you can sell this at once! A: Believe it or not, there are people out there with enough money to buy it up at once. I've had several reasonable offers. Q: Why are you selling? What is this junk about your thread a few years back about selling it because of a lost job? Why didn't you keep your house? A: I don't want to get into my private life too much, but I lost a really high paying job completely unexpectedly (notified in Nov 2008, for context) and knew I wouldn't be able to get that sort of income again for quite awhile, if ever, given what happened to the market. Plus we had just found out that we had a kid on the way. We are financially OK now, but I don't have the time or disposable income to get back into collecting the way I did. Everything is just sitting there collecting dust, when that money could be growing (hopefully at least) in a college fund for my son. Q: Why aren't you responding to people's questions in the thread? A: Hopefully this thread preemptively answers most those questions. Going forward, but possibly with some exceptions, I will only be replying to PMs.
  7. I added pictures to the OP from when the collection was set up. Also put on some pictures of the higher end items. Everything is stored about 3 hours away, so I won't have pictures of the boxes for awhile. Best way to reach me is still by PM because I get email notifications.
  8. Wow. I don't pay attention to this thread for a week and all ___ breaks loose. This is a legit sale. Everything is located in the Midwest. I am considering breaking it up. I have most of the high end stuff in a place that can be easily accessed, so they may get sold separately. As far as individual games or games for individual systems, it would be pretty much impossible to break that stuff out given the way everything got boxed up. I receive emails when someone pms me on here, so that is the best way to get in touch with me. As you can tell I don't visit this site very often. For those making fun of me for selling, I just want to say that priorities shift and circumstances change. I lost a job and we had to sell our house, but we hung on to the collection. We are in better shape now, but this is just sitting in storage and I have barely been collecting over the last year. We had a son (who just turned one!) and I think now is a good time to get out of collecting and move on to something else.
  9. Pick up is greatly preferred. I think it would actually be cheaper for someone to come pick it up than to ship it. It is 5+ minivans full of boxes, so a u-haul would probably be in order.
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