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  1. À lire: https://www.jeuxvideo.com/news/1582697/la-mysterieuse-disparition-de-la-developpeuse-derriere-la-premiere-heroine-de-jeu-video.htm
  2. Note that the French SECAM 2600 has *hardware* B&W. All games can be put in B&W mode, even if game's code doesn't handle it. And the software can't read the real position of the switch (so you can't use it for something else: pause, etc).
  3. Also, stored flat boxes are immune to sunfading.
  4. Don't forget the exclusive French SECAM games. There are already rare in France! That's a real challenge for collectors. How many people have the "poker hand", aka the famous five French SECAM Activision games?
  5. I made "two rockets + their trails" with just one ball, in my prototype: It renders quite nicely. That does one "fake sprite" on each lane (plus six real ones). The shape of the rocket is tailored to the ball's characteristics/limits, but it looks like a "real sprite" to the player's eyes.
  6. This idea has been searched many times. Prototypes were made. (SuperCharger ones, etc). Searching here gives this topics: I think one from the times of the Stella Mailing List existed also...
  7. There are a few differences found in PAL countries (aka PAL-B/G/D/K/I). Example: PAL-UK doesn't encode sound like PAL-Belgium. A PAL-UK VCS on a PAL-Spanish TV (for example) will display the image just fine, but you must tweak to get the sound working (ie: one must go in the "advanced tuning" of the channel, and swap the subtype of the PAL setting with the correct one) ("I" for UK, I think). (I do have a 2600 UK sixer plugged in a French PAL/SECAM TV, and I had the sound subtype problem, and it's easy to get it right).
  8. I read that he did that to reduce the blink-fatigue. Because the game blinks so much, going 0%-100%-0%-100% was very tiring for the eyes. His choice was less headache prone. Hacking the rom with arcade colors is less ugly but less comfortable.
  9. Your tool is great, useful and... fun! Some minor points: - It doesn't play well with FireFox when "Find as you type" (aka "Search for text when you start typing") is enabled. - It's a bit difficult, out of the box, for keyboards like "azerty" or "qwertz". - You should map "stop all sounds" to the space key. - Is it possible to add a "directly click on the piano keys with mouse cursor" function? Thanks, and nice work!
  10. Rob Fulop had a bug during Missile Command creation. This bug is the basis of Cosmic Ark's starfield.
  11. Cops are blue. So, for number three. And perhaps for number seven. And perhaps for number nine.
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