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  1. Note that Robotron existed on the Graduate.
  2. Cops are blue. So, for number three. And perhaps for number seven. And perhaps for number nine.
  3. "SunFight" "Munchy" "Mead" "Spice Cactus Canyon" "Space Bottle" "Melbourne Tasty" "Stella's Shocking" "Go Fist!" Oops. "Darble Craze" Oops. "Space Treet Deluxe". "Space Dame" "Melbourne Tarty"
  4. "Muck Attack". "This Planet Socks". "Juno Thirst".
  5. It's not "Jungle Hut", I know, but it could. Perhaps "a Coach in Space" ?? Let's say "Junk First". I think "Lady Pug". Maybe "Saloon Trip". Why not "Slip Football" ? ("Crazy Palet" could work in some countries, where "Puck" is not used) I drop "Contest of Mars".
  6. Note that these quite old apps can't run on modern iOS versions and/or on modern iDevices. (Even if someone still has the ".ipa" somewhere, it won't install at all or it just won't run; only a very old iDevice would work; what a pity indeed) Sorry.
  7. The information is written here too: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-2600-vcs-burgertime_7241.html << Two different versions of this game exist. Later production runs added a choice of difficulty levels using the TV Type switch and fixed a bug that was in the first version. >>
  8. I can remember something about Activision's Bridge: the first batch of cartridges has a crashing bug, but only the new cartridge has been dumped. (The old one is very very rare and impossible to guess from the new one). (I'll check this rumor again; I'm sure I've read it in a programmer's interview).
  9. I read that also in an interview with the main programmer (so the source is quite good) a few years ago. The new cartridge has an "easy/hard" switch. (ie: hard is like the old version, easy is the fixed game). They sold the new cartridge as an "enhanced" one, not as a "fixed" one, because they feared of a costly legal recall of all the old ones. By not saying "fixed", they don't recognize that the old one was buggy. (That's what I can remember of the interview).
  10. Last 2600_Juniors in France have a péritel/scart output. They are very rare (I never found one) but are very valuable because of this "modern" output. Also, they are PAL (not rotten SECAM). If you spot one, get it!
  11. I have the "SECAM poker hand": the five French SECAM Activision games. (SECAM games are so rare that they stayed undumped for years)
  12. Also, the inferior PAL version needs to be updated to match the NTSC one.
  13. Vanguard's final boss is lame: one hit and he's dead. It would have been far better to have a longer and more challeging boss battle, wiith multiple hits needed, while dodging his attacks.
  14. The Football inside the 32-in-1 cartridge is PAL; so, yes, it's official.
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