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  1. This dude is like awsome. Shame he dissapeared ages ago. Nothing to see here folks.

  2. WWF Attitude for the Dreamcast is the only wrestling game I've ever enjoyed. I got this game from a friend, and am now out to get my own copy. I don't even like wrestling! AND I now enjoy playing my room-mate's X-Box... HAVE I GONE MAD?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  3. www.segamastersystem.com is the best sms site EVER! SMSPower is pretty good, but SMS.com reigns supreme. Check out the death-matches!!!
  4. My favorite Sega Genesis commercial ids definetley the kid chained to the Nes. My favorite Sega commerical of all time though is the one for Game Gear. A boy is playing his game boy, saying "Wheres the color"? He picks up a squirrel, bashes it against his head, and Mario turns into SOnic and he is playing GameGear. That one rocks!!!
  5. Neither do I. Weirdest thing I ever found was a porno pic. inside a Combat Cart.
  6. Nice try. Thats not a Genesis proto, thats simply a Gen. 1 that the person probably modified.
  7. I got mad at this stupid middle-school aged girl yesterday at a games store... I was making sure an Atari 2600 worked by plugging it into the TV and playing a little Pitfall. SHe said" What is that?!" I told her "Its Atari, and its cool, you should try it for a little while, the graphics may be bad, but it rocks!" SHe instantly replied "It sucks, no way". "What?! Look, you aught to try before you trash" She said" It still Sucks", I say "Why?", "Cause I said so."... GRRR!!!! GAMER KIDDIES DONT HAVE A CHANCE!!
  8. Yes, Super Monkey Ball was originally intended to come out on DC.
  9. I know yall might think Im crazy for this, but I just recently got Medal Of Honor for the PS1. I can't beat the first level of the "Impenetrable Fort Schmerzen" mission, can I get some help here?
  10. Will we ever live to see the day that all of the first video games are practically extinct, and people will be searcing for PS2s, X-boxes and GameCubes like we are for Atari now? Will we ever see the day that Halo is as rare as Crazy Climber is now??? Just a thought...
  11. I feel your pain, dude. http://www.atariage.com/forums/viewtopic.p...1448&highlight=
  12. I have one of the Sony brand LCD screens, and it is AWESOME! Much clearer than GBA, and the setup is NOT AWKWARD AT ALL! Definetley one of the best phrephirals I own. In other words... Shell out the extra money!!
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